BrothelS.im is a hentai/adult/pornographic game in the proud tradition of SimBrothel and SlaveMaker, mixing my favorite elements of each. It's still relatively new, but undergoing rapid development.

It's a browser-based game, but once loaded, the game doesn't contact the server except to download new images.

It will not run in older browsers. It's tested in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. IE9 has poor performance and graphics, but does function last I heard - I don't test in it, however.

The game will never include bestiality, incest, guro or loli. Other fetishes are fair game, but there will always be an easy way to disable them on the New Game screen.


You Can Help!

Bug reports, please! When something strange happens or otherwise doesn't work, please send me an export of the current game and a description of what went wrong! You can export the game by clicking "Save Game" in the top right, then Export.

Anyone interested in contributing is encouraged to post a comment on this blog, or use the Contact Me link in the right menu. Features you'd like to see! Quest ideas! Balance suggestions! More girls, buildings, rooms or anything else! I think you'll be surprised at how easy it is to create relatively complex interactive content.

I would also like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in authoring content for the game - if your English skills and sense of the erotic are well honed but you have no interest in touching even simple structured text files, leave a comment! I will be happy to add high quality textual content to the game and handle the formatting myself.


Some Technical Details

The game stores information in a set of global javascript variables, and loads most files via AJAX (thus the webserver required for local play). jQuery and jQueryUI handle much of the GUI, along with EJS for template rendering (again, static script tags inside index.html). Games are persisted using the browser's LocalStorage. It's mostly Object Oriented, though I got lazy in some places. http://BrothelS.im/ always mirrors the latest state of the Github repository - if anyone cares about such things, the code is GPL licensed. I own no rights to the images - they're mostly gathered from random places on the internet by helpful contributors.



  • Arcess - Holo, much proofreading, many bug reports
  • tempest - Image searching

  • ggyppt - Jill, Yuna and many other suggestion

  • naoSoul - Dark Magician Girl (now called Mana)
  • Voldemars - Lots of feedback and bug reports
  • Smartin - First version of Study action
  • BlackHoleEyes - Lost of testing