February 2013

Version 0.5.1 Released

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 12:03 -- BlueWinds
Dark Magician Girl
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12% (56 votes)
20% (93 votes)
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9% (41 votes)
11% (53 votes)
Total votes: 469

Which girl should get more content next?

Well, it's that time of month again! What time of month, you ask? The time of month where I break everything with a new release, of course! This is a code-light, feature-heavy release, so it's less likely than usual (though certainly not impossible) that I've introduced bugs into existing content.


  • New Explore action - mostly empty at the moment, but it will serve as a framework for various events around the city. Gives a better idea of the areas in which the game takes place, though.
  • There is a new set of tentacle events. Go ahead and Explore the University until you meet a suspicious doctor to get them started...
  • Saber now has personalized Talk results. She also gains and looses happiness slower than other girls - stoicism is her defining trait.
  • The Clean action now has a second variant.
  • Yuna has an additional Talk and Summon variant.
  • Jill now looses endurance slower (as she was supposed to), rather than faster. Oops.
  • Sakuya now gains happiness when her obedience increases. Um, yeah, no comment on the character trait that leads her to do so...
  • Gaining and loosing stats is easier/harder depending on the existing value. Going from 99 -> 100 requires about +3. Going from 0 -> 1 requires about +2/3. The same is true of loosing stats: 1 -> 0 requires -3. This change does not apply to Happiness or Endurance.
  • Numerous grammatical and spelling corrections throughout the game, as well as a great many minor bugfixes.


Computer Problems

Sat, 02/16/2013 - 02:28 -- BlueWinds

So you know what sucks? Having your computer explode into a steaming pile of junk.

Well, at least I imagine that would suck. It's not exactly what happened to me - my computer and I have had a couple of serious issues, but we're working through them, and with the help of a good therapist...

Wait, nope, that's not what's happening either. Corrupted filesystem, no lost data but a couple of days working off a LiveCD rather than my normal laptop verion of Linux, so I'm not being very productive at all.

Version 5.1 will be delayed a bit, given these issues. Still in the works though - special thanks to Arcess for being helpful in finding images for me.

Verision 0.5.0 Released

Fri, 02/08/2013 - 19:53 -- BlueWinds

Tada! Version 0.5.0 isn't a rewrite like 0.4 was, but I still think it's a large enough improvement to warrant its own version number. It has been far more thoroughly tested than its predisessor, so I hope to avoid a repear of the completely-uplayable mess that I released last time.

The newest release includes the following features:

  • A new girl, Saber. She has one custom action for the moment.
  • A new building, unlocked later in the game, and two new room types.
  • Various noblement will occasionally offer to hire away your girls for substantial sums of money (so that you can hire a new girl and explore her content as well).
  • You can now purchase a second building, once a certain quest has been fulfilled...
  • Keyboard shortcuts for some of the more common actions.
  • Many, many tweaks to game ballance.
  • Innumerable bugfixes and minor improvements to many facets of the game.

Image Requests

Fri, 02/08/2013 - 15:19 -- BlueWinds

So, I have a request to make to all of you fine players. I need images! Not just any images, but some specific ones.

Anime-style / hand-drawn only - no photos or realistic oil paintings, though line-drawings might work. No computer-generated images or screenshots - they don't fit with the mood of the game. Post your suggestions here, links or attachments, and thanks!

Not dead here... (0.4.01 release)

Fri, 02/01/2013 - 21:53 -- BlueWinds

So, I haven't disappeared, just slowed down the pace a bit - I always knew that I wouldn't be able to keep the stream of instant responses and weekly updates going, so it's not unexpected.

With that said, I am still making progress on stabilizing the 0.4 branch. I've spent the past week or so writing schemas and validators. Said testing framework has helped to identify a great many problems (many of which were so far unreported becuase they were too small to notice). Oh god, it's a developing an integration testing suite. Run for your lives! >:D