December 2013

Google Docs - thumbs down

Mon, 12/30/2013 - 14:10 -- BlueWinds

So, I have a lot of problems with Google docs on a philosophical level, but here's a practical one:

They do user-agent sniffing.

I use Firefox Nightly (cutting edge release), and Google Docs works fine... unless I block my user agent string (which I normally do for privacy reasons). Then it renders in compatibility mode and I can't edit anything. This is dumb.

Google, stop being dumb. I'm currently announcing to Google Docs that I'm running Firefox 4 on Windows NT, and that seems to make it happy.

Dune and progress

Sat, 12/28/2013 - 00:04 -- BlueWinds

So, minor change of policy here: I'm going to keep the front page vaguely worksafe as far as images are concerned from now on. There will still be adult text, and images in the posts themeselves, but they won't be visible unless you click on an a post.

Why? To make the front page a little less visually shocking, mostly for my own benefit. I kept getting... startled? Caught off guard? Something like that anyway, by the tentacle image when it was up here as the first post.



I had a good day yesterday. I bought chocolate icecream, chips and salasa and then settled down to read. And read. And read. And get more icecream. And read.

Dune, dune, dune-de-dune dune dune... I re-read the entire 500 page book yesterday, cover to cover, nonstop except for a single break to get more icecream. It's my favorite piece of literature of all time - both as Fiction and as Philosophy. Frank Herbert reaches depths of profundity that most philosophers can only dream of - and with a degree in Philosophy, I don't make that claim lightly.

I am currently resisting the urge to pick up the rest of the series and spend the entire weekend rereading them as well. If the Jan 1st release is late, you'll know what to blame. ^^;;

What should I write about?

Mon, 12/23/2013 - 15:40 -- BlueWinds

I'm curious what people care about. Which things should I put here in the coming year, and which stay silent on?

The Game: Everyone who votes check this. That way everyone can easily see how many votes have been cast.
91% (558 votes)
Anime / Manga / Computer games: What I'm watching, what I like and what annoys me.
46% (283 votes)
Programming: Various interesting tidbits I come across related to computers, Javascript and generally being a nerd.
38% (236 votes)
Explicit: I met a nice man the other week. I'm not into men, but he gave me a butt plug because he thought I was pretty. *^^*
38% (235 votes)
Feminism: Links to articles and my take on them. How to write and enjoy dirty kinky porn and still respect yourself.
30% (184 votes)
My life (non-sexual): My other job? That I live is Seattle? That I enjoy west-coast swing, but am out of practice?
25% (158 votes)
Random stuff: Hehe, moonwalk ( Bouncy Animals (
24% (150 votes)
Cooking: I make delicious homemade meals pretty often. Do you want pictures and descriptions and stuff?
23% (142 votes)
Total votes: 611

Alison Image Contest (Finished)

Sat, 12/21/2013 - 00:21 -- BlueWinds

Update: See this comment for details on the winners.

Update: See this comment for a current tally of what images I've liked and what I'm still looking for. Thanks for the help so far!

So, here's something awesome you all can help me with, whether you're a supporter or not: find images of Alison! You can find a gallery of her current images here. I need to add about two dozen more - many of them of her having sex in various ways (oral, voginal, anal, bdsm, tentacles, etc.) but also in various non-erotic situations/moods (surprised, sad, running, cleaning, smirking).

Please comment here with links to images you think fit her here - links to the page you found it on, not direct to the image itself.

On Dec 31st I'll be giving out those prizes to the best helpers. That's not based on quantity of submissions, but quality - four chosen people who "get" Alison and can help me fill out her image gallery will get one of:

  • Development Access (if you're not a backer already)
  • The backer exclusive story (if you're a backer without access)
  • Custom sex scene of ~150 words (if you already have both of the above)

Alison is: short, aggressive, horny, thin, young, energetic, grins a lot, excitable, angry, confident, small-breasted, long haired in a twin-tail, will fuck anyone anytime, no sense of modesty, is sexy and she knows it and she wants everyone else to know it too.

Images you submit do *not* need to have black hair or yellow/red eyes - I can change that. Images you submit *must* have the proper personality and attitude. Alison might blush, but she's never shy.

I look forward to hearing from you. (^^)

Favorite worker poll (also release plans)

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 16:07 -- BlueWinds
8% (3 votes)
11% (4 votes)
27% (10 votes)
27% (10 votes)
27% (10 votes)
Total votes: 37

Who's your favorite character so far? It's not an entirely fair question, since Alison shows up only briefly while I've written about Hathawa way too much, but cast your vote anyway. This poll won't influence anything, I'm just sort of curious and thought others might be as well.


On another subject, here are my current plans for holiday presents for you all:

  • The Internet: I'm going to give you an update to the demo. It'll be the current version of the game with most of the content stripped out, to give you a better idea of how it actually plays.
  • Supporters: I'm going to give you a release with both Hilde and Alison hireable. Alison will still be short a bunch of images, but whatever.
  • $35+ supporters: I'll be putting out the backer-exclusive story for download as a PDF and .odt (I stick my tongue out at .doc).

Speaking of which, I am not very good at organization, and I didn't always keep the best track of things. If you expect to be getting the backer exclusive story (that is, you donated $35 or more) and can't see a text file attached here, please comment here and include your Offbeatr username. I've marked about... 2/3rds of you, those I could track down. Heh. ^^;;

The text file is empty, nothing interesting inside, but let me know now if you can't see it so you won't have to wait when I put the actual story up. Anyone interested in a 5000+ word piece of fiction, there's still time. You'll get to see how I write when I'm not limited to a serial panel format. ;)


After consulting the previous poll and the comments below, I've decided not to release the full game at the end of the year - it will be a couple of months later than that. Before release, I'm going to finish the backer rewards - which, conveniently, also cover almost all the content I promised in the Offbeatr campaign. Not all of it though - expect 4-6 months of storyline, rather than a full 12 (it takes a lot of stuff to keep someone entertained with novel events for 365 days * 3 turns per day!).


No progress made

Sat, 12/14/2013 - 13:50 -- BlueWinds

Well, almost no progress. I did start writing some new stuff related to moving the plot forward and hiring Hilde - she'll be hireable at the third loan payment, which will be easier to meet than the second one.

I also am in contact with an artist who's doing some drawings for Hilde. So there's that too.

Otherwise I've been mostly slacking off. Eh, it happens. Let me fiil the void by linking to another excellent article on being a feminist and writing dirty, kinky porn. I really like Gretta Christina's writing (at least her writing about writing - I haven’t read any of her fiction).

It’s not as if coming out about being kinky, or even having kinky fantasies, is totally accepted and mainstream. Sure, it’s slightly more so now since 50 Shades came out. But still. Whenever I hear this line about how female masochism is just giving our sexist culture what it wants from women, I always want to ask, “What on earth makes you think that society is applauding women for being sexual masochists? What planet are you living on? And can I live there, please?”

Later, she speaks pretty directly to my own experience. This is, in a nutshell, why I write smut, and why I scrapped version one of the game and started over. It's also a challenge to other adult game developers:

I agree that a huge amount of porn is unbelievably sexist. Absolutely. No argument. But I’ve never thought that the answer to this was to continue demonizing porn and shaming the people who enjoy it. I’ve always thought that the answer to this was to demand better porn.

I am demanding better porn. I am demanding porn that isn’t just an inventory of body parts and physical acts. I am demanding porn that conveys the emotions of sex, the sensations, the meaning. I am demanding porn that gets you inside the characters: porn that gets you feeling what they’re feeling, thinking what they’re thinking, wanting what they’re wanting... I am demanding porn with a plot that doesn’t disrupt the sex: porn that isn’t just “plot, sex, plot, sex...” I am demanding porn that the creators give a damn about. I am demanding porn that presents women as subjects of the story, and that gives a damn about what they want.

And I hope that I’m providing it.

Version 0.693 (now 0.694)

Sun, 12/08/2013 - 12:59 -- BlueWinds

Update: 0.694 fixes a bunch of typos and a bug causing games to load in worksafe mode.

Tada! Not a ton of new content here, but since the last release had a couple of serious issues, I just wanted to get this out for you all.

  • Images now display properly! Large swaths of events were displaying the wrong image.

  • A pair of new Dominance Training events, one for very high and the other for very low dom characters.
  • Several other buxfixes (whore no-customers, baths are no longer haunted continually, I forget exactly what)
  • I think I wrote a new backer event since the last release? Don't remember exactly what it was or how it triggers though. ^^;;

Known issues:

  • There may still some stuff going on with Hathawa's hire events - someone reported that you got text a bit out of order sometimes (it would say you've already met Antinua during your first encounter), but I haven't investigated it yet.

Non-release Update

Wed, 12/04/2013 - 00:03 -- BlueWinds

A bit of a status report. I've fixed a bunch of bugs (some major, most minor) since the last release, and added a little bit of content, including a new way to make money available only when your balance in negative. Should help people get past the second month's payment without a game-over. It's a sexy-action, available to both men and women. :)

I've also been working on the backer story. It's currently at 4816 words, and stalled a little bit - I keep reworking this one super-important bit. Once that's over with, there's only some wrap-up to cover, and a final edit. I'm aiming for Jan 1st, 'cause, why not?

Look for a new release sometime this weekend, maybe. Not sure yet.


So, I just finished watching Strike Witches, both seasons.