0.3.2 available again

Fri, 01/25/2013 - 16:03 -- BlueWinds

This is embarrasing.

0.4.0 apparently wasn't nearly as stable and tested as I thought - I did a full playthrough last night and found at least a dozen bugs, many of them relatively serious. As a stopgap measure until I get it fixed up to an acceptable level again, I've added a link above to the previous version, 0.3.2.

Note that mixing versions will cause problems - attempting to load a game saved in 0.4 will cause errors, including when the game attempts to automatically load last save you played with. If this happens, just click New or Load and load/start a new game, then save and refresh the page.


Anonymous (not verified) on

I keep trying to 0.3.2 with my old save game but I keep getting an error:


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Line 24
I was previously playing from the http://sim-brothel-v2.bigforumpro.com/t610-brothelsim-040-jan-24th post that is up and it I could load/save and import/export. But if I go to http://site.brothels.im/ and press Play 0.3.2 and I get that error. I really like this game and I can say it could even turn out better than Sim Brothel 2 so please try to figure this out.
BlueWinds on

That's the error you get if you try and load a 0.4.0 save-game using 0.3.2. You'll need to load a version that has *never been saved* in 0.4.0 for it to work.

I'm not going to spend time writing a downgrade script - that time could be better spent fixing up 0.4.0. Hopefully it won't take too long to fix things up in the newest version, but until then, putting 0.3 back up is just a quick-fix.