0.41 - Bugfixes (updated to 0.415)

Fri, 08/16/2013 - 16:06 -- BlueWinds

So, fixes for lots of issues here, too numerous to mention indvidually. A couple of highlights:

  • The early missions should no longer repeat.
  • The game will now load properly in Internet Explorer.
  • The job UI works a little better in general.

No new content, just... working a bit better.

Edit: 0.412 adds the ability to dismiss errors by clicking on them, and doesn't crash Internet Explorer (though it does have reduced functionality).

0.413 fixes a bug where resting without being assigned to a building caused an error (introduced in 0.411).

0.414 fixes a couple of typos and a hopefully an error in firefox (chrome failed silently).

0.415 fixes more typos and a load-game bug that pops up when updating versions. It will be the last update this weekend (I got other things to do new, yo).


hellifor on

Two things this time around.  I'm getting two different errors.  The first is that it says that it can't find the favicon.ico file.  It is in the folder where everything else is located but for some reason it doesn't see them when I click on the index file.


The second error that pops up is:

BlueWinds on

I'd be much obliged if you could re-download the attached file (now .411, instead of .41). It won't solve your issue, but it should give me a slightly more informative error message as to what's going wrong.

arcess on

(And could you edit this user's comment so that his Windows name isn't displayed in the file path?)

BlueWinds on

Actually, I found the problem. Internet Explorer has "undocumented behavior in violation of the specification" - eg, a bug.

The solution is not going to make some people happy, but it's rather simple - you'll have to manage your save games yourself, by hand, if you want to keep using a buggy browser.

See the new 0.412 attachment.

hellifor on

Thanks Bluewind.  The only other question I have then is where is the default save spot?  When I export the save, it doesn't give me an option to pick a place.  But when I try to import the save, it opens a window to select a folder or file.

BlueWinds on

That's between you and your browser. ;)

It's not something I have any influence over - it'll end up wherever downloads usually go. Probably in My Documents somewhere, maybe a Downloads folder?

Shethian on

I just tried the new version 0412 and got the following errors:

In Firefox:

Script Error.



When I tried Chrome I received a similar error but it did not give and file, just this:

Script Error.


 The BS2 file is from Firefox and the Game file is from Chrome.

BlueWinds on

Should be fixed in 0.413 in just a second here. I think they're the some bug, just Chrome being less helpful about where it occurred.

topace on

Putting 0.413 on localhost and running the start page in iceweasel 17.0.8 (Debian rebranded firefox) gives me the following:


SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character
Chrome doesn't give this error.
BlueWinds on

Yay, Iceweasel. I switched away from it for Firefox nightly, but the name remains just about the coolest thing ever.

Try 0.414. I'm not sure this fixed the problem, but it might have.

topace on

Ah. Good to know you're a proper nerd ;-)


Sadly, the error remains in 0.4.15. Except that the number at the end changed to 80.


Clicking "new game" lets me play, and everything seems to work from there, except that the error is displayed to the left of the page.

topace on

It seems I can't reproduce the error anymore, so I guess it got fixed but I had some form of caching.


Keep up the good work!

Devron on

Couple things - not sure if you want minor spelling errors included (as they are certainly less important than coding), but have included one as you have done a nice job with the narration/dialogue thus far. Additionally, have included a bug I encountered on Day 15.

In the picture selection on day zero per discussion with Wend, the hover over the greyed out picture states, "Images mill be drawn from all female characters." Should be "will," instead.

On Firefox 23, version .413 playing from zip file. Day 15:"You return to the function building() { "use strict"; if (this.room) { return this.room.building(); } } to pick up some documentation you need to present to the city concerning your business when you notice a note slipped under the door."

Have an exported save file available just after this message was encountered, if desired.


BlueWinds on

Yes please on the spelling and grammar errors - I'm really bad at proofreading. I do read over what I write carefully, but my eyes just sort of slide over those issues. ^^;; mill -> will in the next version.

Will fix the day 15 bug as well (it was a missing parenthesis).

The_Ripped on

Got this one as well, in the same way.

EDIT: Oops, sorry, just saw your reply, nvm.

Shethian on

Just tried to load a saved game in Firefox and got this error:

Script error.
BlueWinds on

Try 0.415.

Devron on

A few more spelling errors I came across, and one bug or game issue:

One of the descriptions for Wend's whore action: "Wend is a little surprised when her customer doesn't want to head back to her room - instead they sit in the lobby, talking and slowly shedding clothing. They end up in something of a competition for attention, but eventually Wend has to concede - she'- not quite that flexible. The real winners are of course the other customers gathered around to watch the free show." Should be "she's," instead.

Talk with Wend option: "In an effort to capture Wend's attention for more serious matters, you arrange the meet her in the market - full of distractions, to be sure, but also full of vendors selling tasty snacks. [...]" Should be either "to meet" or "the meet(or meeting) with"

Wend with 50 dominance: "Wend is normal, treating she partners as equals." Should be "her," I assume.


Also, when the moneychanger event came up to reimburse her for the loan, she took the full $4,500 - could've swore that the prior notification event indicated she would be taking 10%. Not sure if this was intended.

Edit: This was all on version .413 still. Thanks again!

BlueWinds on

I realize it's easy to miss, and I'll change the opening sequence a bit to be more clear. She actually loaned you $45000. She gave you 10% of it in cash up front (that would be the $4500 you saw), the other 90% as a check.

Then Wend took that other 90% - still in the form of a check - to pay the Guild for your business license. She covered the rest of the fee (still a rather substantial amount) with her own, undisclosed sources.

The $4500 is 10%. You'll have to come up with the other 90% over the course of several months, once I write those events. :) In the next version you'll see the $45000 appear then disappear on screen.

Typos fixed.

Devron on

Ah, reading fail on my part. Thanks.

The_Ripped on

Okay - I'm getting an error when "I'm" whoring - doesn't cause a fatal error, and doesn't happen every time, but it's often enough that a few days of whoring means I have to f5 to get the left side of the screencleared of messages.

Relavent error log included (there was one from the first time it happened that I also grabbed, but it turned out a nin-standard file, and I can't upload it).

As an aside - how buggered is my game, having played passed the next month's repayment?

Also, I don't seem to have payed rent on the onsen that I'm renting. At least, I didn't notice $3000 suddenly leaving...


EDIT: Sorry - I selected "Antinua" for an image, it's only "my" whoring that seems to error out - Wend is just fine, and I'm playing on firefox.

BlueWinds on

Rent isn't currently collected. Just don't mention it to Mr. Zetang. He's good natured enough, but I doubt he'd be pleased by my forgetting to code that. ^^;;

When I get around to adding more story or payments, they'll just pick up wherever you happen to be. I can't promise the amounts will be meaningfully large if you've stockpiled a horie of cash, but there it won't cause any problems code-wise.

The error you're seeing is caused by hitting a worker-customer combination that isn't covered. Guess I missed some corner cases. I'll have it fixed by next release.

You can dismiss an error is newer versions by clicking on its red text.

Cupworth on

(I posted this in the 0.4 releases comments by mistake, so I edited there and reposted here. )

Not really bugs, more observations/suggestions. (I do realise this is still early in development).

 When chosing "random" for player images, your player icon is also randomised (the one you drag around between rooms in the "manage onsen" screen. This can cause a small bit of confusion when the player image keeps changing. Keeping the player icon as the default generic silhouette (when picking random) would alleviate this. This would also allow people to manually replace the player icon if they use the download version.

It would be nice if futa could also get the female versions of the brothel visits (f/f and f/m, in addition to the male versions), so their vaginas can get some love too.

Admittedly I don't really play male characters, but I was a little bit sadface when I noticed you can't be a manwhore.  Even if it's not enabled, or rather limited, it might be an idea to keep it in mind for later expansion or future proofing (especially if community added content will be a thing). If I learned one thing from female player visits to the brothel, it's that you can't rely on randy sailors on shore leave if you want a good lay. I'm sure both visiting and local ladies (and men for that matter) would appreciate a professional touch.

BlueWinds on

Good point about the dragging icon. I will change that for the next release.

Manwhores are coming! There will also be at least one hireable man other than the PC. It's not at the top of the list, but it definitely will be in the final game.

Futa in general won't get very much support beyond the scenes and characters requested by supporters. It's something I can write, but am not personally interested in.

On the other hand, if anyone wanted to contribute some text, I'd be happy to include it. The same with male-male content - not my interest, but I would include it if someone else wants to write it.

Shethian on

Noticed in the hover notes, when you chose "Sounds Good" when talking to Wend in the beginning, the stat change shows -5 but the note says that the character is MORE sensual instead of less.

Noticed that there are 2 different rest commands, black and pink.  Black (voluntary) is 8 hours while pink (mandatory) is only 6 hours. Not sure if this is a bug but it would make more sense to have the voluntary be 6 hours  or variable (up to 8 hours) while the mandatory is 8 hours since it is when your character is required to rest.


BlueWinds on

Yes, -5 is more sensual, while +5 is more slutty. The two personality measurements go from 0 (sensual) to 100 (slut), and 0 (submissive) to 100 (dominant).

Oops, those rest commands are both supposed to be 6 hours. Forgot to change the voluntary one. Thanks for pointing it out.

nagatos on

hi there..  i get this error message when going to univ with wend..