0.51 release (now .511)

Tue, 08/27/2013 - 21:33 -- BlueWinds

Edit 1: 0.511 - Fixed no-customer help so it doesn't block the screen.

So, a little bit of new content and a lot of bugfixes.

  • Talking with Hathawa no longer causes an error.
  • Chase down some rumors late at night to get access to a new action (still in progress - only +slut has text for now, -slut is a placeholder. +/- dom coming eventually.
  • The Onsen now charges rent monthly.
  • Lots of typo fixes.
  • userContent folder now in the zip file. Accidentally left in out before.
  • Speedup - disabled validation in this zip, since it's not necessary when playing (only when developing).


MasterM507 on

I hate to say it but I must be missing somthing, I have yet to be able to do anything other than work at the Onsen, Talk with Wend (about her hours and nothing else) and visit the same girl over and over in the red light. What have I done wrong with the game?


BlueWinds on

All these new releases are for supporters only - they're in downloadable zip files, not the version on the site.

Everyone else will have to wait for the 1.0 release, which will be free. Probably around the end of the year.

Martz (not verified) on

Then why are you even having it under the play tab?
I respect you rewarding your supporters, just label the limited public demo as such.

BlueWinds on

Good point, I will change the link label to mention that out.

eliwood509 on

Then I must be doing something wrong... I'm a supporter, and I've been downloading the links, but I've also only been able to work/manage the onsen, talk with Wend and the other stuff he mentioned. I've played up to about 70 in-game days a couple times before this last update, and only paid back a part of my debt once, and havent seen any other special event or plot events shown on the map. I'm using Chrome if that makes any difference, and I'm opening the Index file. 

Is there like a step I'm missing or something?

Cupworth on

Hathawa can be found in the University while Antinua will be triggered after visiting the University a couple of times.  There's not heaps of content yet, early versions are more for getting the framework up and running properly. 

BlueWinds on

There are currently more than 20,000 words of content - around 75 pages printed novel-size, or 25 letter-sized single spaced - and 113 images (not counting 73 boring sprites).

I'm updating the Oracle in the Slums in the next version here to be more useful - she'll only direct you to "interesting" events, rather than "any event you haven't seen" (such as all the brothel variations). But if you're having trouble finding content, do speak with her a couple of times. :)

eliwood509 on

Thats interesting, I've been visiting the University but only selecting to go with Wend(with the thought that taking her with me was how I would trigger meetings or something).

shadow1real on


BlueWinds on

You have not posted in http://site.brothels.im/content/supporters-and-development-access. Once you supply your Offbeatr username there, I will mark you as a supporter.

Cupworth on

The reputation tutorial popup greys the screen, but dosn't let you click the popup to continue the game. Save attached should show this after managing the onsen. 

BlueWinds on

Oh, oops. Try .511. I keep forgetting I can't put help pointing to things that already have hover text. My own fault - I could fix that, but it keeps being easier to just change what the help points to. ^^;;

Cupworth on

Event trainingSlut3Female2 displays no text, it's missing a >> on the first <<- people[0] >>

BlueWinds on

Ah, thanks. The validator (now that I added a feature to catch that sort of stuff) found two other similar errors. Guess no one noticed the "Game Over" text was broken, since it's pretty hard to reach accidentally at the moment.