0.52 release (now 0.53)

Mon, 09/02/2013 - 02:09 -- BlueWinds

Edit 2, 0.53: Typo fixes. Oracle doesn't choke anymore. Other minor bgufixes. New version number because of a syntax change in user-created .json files.

Edit 1, 0.521: Meeting Noboro in the university no longer crashes the game. Two new Training events (now there's really no placeholders there).

In this version:

  • Visit the Pit of Shambleau (only with tentacles enabled) - this is only the start of a much longer adventure. Not sure when I'll get around to continuing it, but eventually.
  • No more placeholders for sex training.
  • Oracle is improved. She gives much more helpful advice on how to find plot-related events. Try visiting her again, whether or not you thought her previous advice was helpful.
  • New scene when studying at the university with someone.
  • Hathawa now gets paid.
  • Another Antinua + Hathawa event when Hathawa works as a whore. Getting closer to being able to hire Antinua... yes, it's a rather long process. Most potential employees won't be this difficult to convince.

Of course that's in addition to the usual set of textual corrections and minor bugfixes. Thank you to everyone who submits those. :)


RocK_M on



Finally some tentacle scenes! :D

Devron on

Agreed, my favorite.

Frankieo on

Second that.

Devron on

Got an error, script prompted for the savefile - which had to be renamed to upload here. Early in university, study with wend. Option to watch - broke game, can't progress. On Firefox.

Edit* after further testing, the intervene option breaks the game also. Not really playable atm.


Cupworth on

This is in Event studyNoboroBathroom.  After removing the couple of extra {},  in the visitBrothel.js the event progressed. Wend (who I was studying with) was the one who got the +/- stats, while the text indicates that it's the player who's involved. 

Event pitFollowed1 - "per say" should be "per se" 

BlueWinds on

Something was missing, not extra - I didn't add 'You' to the context like I should have. Fixed in .521 (coming in just a minute here).

Cupworth on

That'd explain why Wend got the stat change.  I'm not a programmer at all, I just compared those entries to others and deleted what looked out of place as a result :). 

Devron on

Hmm another error that prevents moving forward - on firefox. This one I delayed getting the onsen until after speaking to Wend. File is attached.

BlueWinds on

I'm unable to reproduce any problem with this one. I load it up, click "Talx With Wend" in the market, get some help text, then click Done... no problems. Can you describe what's happening differently - what do you mean "getting the Onsen"?

Devron on

Hmm, sorry - may have been related to the previously posted error. I should have closed my browser out when I got that one. Thanks for taking a look.

Devron on

Track down rumors event - typo, or a phrase I've never heard. "Stop looking like I just drowned your kitten's favorite milkshake." Are you downing (drinking) the kitten's milkshake? Are you drowning the kitten in the milkshake? Or are you using a lesser used version of drown to douse the kitten with the milkshake?


Anyway, gave me a laugh. Thanks.

BlueWinds on

Not a typo, just Wend... being herself.

I'm not entirely sure what it means. She probably isn't either. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

topace on

Hmm... I get stuck on the event with Antinua and Hathawa. My character isn't able to confront her, and I only get that one impossible action to choose from.


Again iceweasel 17.0.8.


Keep up the good work!

BlueWinds on

Can you attach an export of the game at that point? It makes things much easier for me to figure out.

Just before works too, but when the error is actually on-screen is best - the Save dialog should always work, even when there's no way forward.

topace on

Like that? There's no error. The only choice is to confront Antinua about her behaviour and my character doesn't have the balls to do it. So... bad end?

BlueWinds on

Coding error, not bad end; ;) Will be fixed in .53 in a few minutes here.

Yes, just like that. It saves me the time of having to start a new game, navigate through to this specific plot point, and maybe still not be able to reproduce the problem if it required unusual circumstances that I didn't happen to trigger.

Instead I can just hit "load" and start debugging the problem right away.

topace on

OK. That fixed it. I did spot the text "...leaving marks is a much." in the same event screen, which should probably be "...leaving marks is a bit much." or some such.



The_Ripped on

Minor issue - I've been doing a couple different run throughs - I have my base game, with 4 saves, and then a number of branches that I've done to test new content, labeled a-f. there are also a number of autosave files relating to all these. problem - the save files are taking up more space than I have on the screen, and I can't get at the files at the top because scrolling up scrolls to the previous panel. Killing the autosaves doesn't actually help - the panel scrolls up, instead of reseting downward, even if you flip between panels.

My screen size is 1366 x 768 (weird, I know, but it's the biggest my laptop runs at) - obviously handing you a save file isn't going to demonstrate this problem, since the issue is with multiple saves specifically.


Another issue - Janosz's tooltip description cuts off:

" - he calls it


is the last line. Don't know if the tool tip window isn't sized right or what.

Konjou on

I had looked at the JS file related to the clients names, it seems to be a formatting error, cutting off the rest of the text

Dorllanen on

Unfff... Dat pic. Will it be in the game?

BlueWinds on

Already is. Once you've hired Hathawa, you can buy some cookies, which eventually lead you to a cave. If you go with Wend, you'll get that pic.

Magician (not verified) on

So... quick question on releases. Sorry if this sounds strange, but I see Release and I'm expecting to find either a link to download or a link to play online; and I see neither. Is there a pay to play link somewhere? Because all I'm finding is download original (BrothelS.im 1, I assume), and play demo (BrothelS.im 2 without the latest release stuff and most of the game - and major bugs if you do anything non-linear). Help?

BlueWinds on

All these new releases are for supporters only - they're in downloadable zip files, not the version on the site.

Everyone else will have to wait for the 1.0 release, which will be free. Probably around the end of the year.

Magician on

Aha! Yep, thanks for confirming. I did finally find the info I was looking for under Donations... so having it here too may help others understand what's up. 

Just waiting on bitcoin account verification now so I can contribute.