0.65 Release (Important update - 0.66)

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 19:16 -- BlueWinds

Update: 0.66 is here. This has lots of bugfixes - Baths work again, the Pit and Antinua's hire events are no longer broken, and I found the missing "/ 100" line that was making whoring absurdly profitable.

Many of Hilde's images have been edited (and she has 6 new ones), now that I've decided on her "real" appearance.

In short, it's actually playable. ^^;; Saves from 0.65 will continue to work.

Also, the second loan payment now triggers (it's about 1000 words of content), and Hathawa has one new Talk event.


So, I was planning to do some more work on things tonight, but... well, here you go.

Known bugs:

  • The option for a futa character is gone. This is a bug, and will be fixed.
  • This version is completely unbalanced! You can very easily make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. 0.66 fixes
  • Badger badger badger.
  • I forget, but I know there are some more.
  • The text for some events fails to render. 0.66 fixes
  • Other things are broken. 0.66 fixes most of these
  • Badger badger badger? 0.66 has only two badgers.

Hehe. Hit-and-run. I'll try to fix things up more (especially based on bug reports here) and do a better release this weekend.

You'll notice a new option for player images, Hilde. She only has a very tiny image set so far (I'll be expanding it soon, and writing the events that let you hire her), so select it only if you want to see the same image hundreds of times. She's a reward for one of the Offbeatr backers - I haven't forgotten about you all, just been slow.

Badger badger weasel-toad.


Konjou on

there seems to be a bug with the game over script, where it'll just loop until your funds go above -5000

BlueWinds on

Righto. Fixed in 0.66.

terumokou on

Not getting anything when I choose to run the baths as opposed to Whore/Clean/etc.

terumokou on

Nothing with the Cave either.

BlueWinds on

This was one of the known bugs (though I didn't list it) - I figured after a month of nothing, it was better to get a version, any version, out the door.

Fixed in 0.66.

cobraw on

hey. maby a stupit qeustjen but for witch of the 2 game is this update?

beucas in brothelsims 2 i can not get an adder girl then wend and she only works in the bad.

please help


Ps. my mothertongeu is not english sorry

BlueWinds on

A spellchecker can help improve English writing a bit - it's a horribly non-phonetic language, I know. Firefox and Chrome should have one builtin, or at least the option to turn one on. :)

Anyway, to answer the question: This is for Version 2.

You can always tell if an event will show you something new by the "*" next to the name - explore a bit!

If you haven't managed to hire Hathawa yet, try visiting the Library a couple of times alone (without taking Wend along). Once you do that a couple of times, you'll eventually get to introduce yourself, and a while after that, she'll start visiting you at the Onsen.

Not sure what you mean about "she'll only work in the bath" - any woman you assign to a Bedroom should be able to Whore. You'll also need to do that a few times (to meet Antinua) before you can hire Hathawa.

BlueWinds on

Or, here's the real reply: this is an update for the development version, rather than the demo. Which is only visible to supporters.

I'll be releasing the full game for free at the end of the year.

cobraw on

thanks for the quick response. I only have a couple of questions left:I play version 2 (demo) for a while and it seems that the rest of the locations are not available or does it take a while? or am I doing something wrong, and when i put wende in the bedroom, I only get the same three events: the old man in the bath, the group of children and the couple nothing else


BlueWinds on

You've seen all there is to see in the demo. There isn't a whole lot of stuff there.

cobraw on

yes sorry didnt read your last post right about the development version

HypnoKitten on

Hi hi!  So I haven't kept up very well (mostly because I forgot I had to be logged on to see updates >< ) but just went to try running it... Unzipped the zip file, opened the index.html (Chrome and iExplorer), clicked new and got: "Script error.Line 0Attach an export of your current game when reporting bugs"

I went into the errors and it is having trouble loading a file:jquery.min.map from librariesChecked the libraries folder and it is not there

Did it again, nothing clicked, and saw the error still there.  Checked the zip file, not in there.Thoughts?


(also, where are you all finding the bug reports file?)

BlueWinds on

You downloaded BrothelS.im-0.66.zip, attached to this post, and got that error?

This version of the game doesn't contain the text "Attach an export". That is only present in the old, V1 game. I suspect you downloaded the wrong file, or were opening index.html from the wrong folder.

The base folder should contain the folders "content", "engine" and "game". You should not see anything named Mongoose.

HypnoKitten on

Ahh! Much better - I had downloaded it, but still had the old zip file in my downloads folder, unpacked the wrong one.  Yay, love what you're doing with the story in this one!

Of course there is more to do there, and there is a semi-bug (when you first talk with Wendy a whole lot of money dissapears, then later on when visting the moneychanger about the 10K no money is added or removed - though it is initially implied you will lose that much, then in the conversation that she is giving you that much money, so that could be clearer), and I am not seeing a cave or any of the other characters... But still early version.  Can't wait to see more :)

BlueWinds on

During the first day, the money changer gives you $48-50k. Then Wend takes most of it to handle licensing with the Guild. (there's no "y" on her name :P)

When you visit Hilde (the money changer) on day ~30, you should loose $4800-5000. If this didn't happen, could you attach an exported save?

The second payment (day ~60) should be for $9600-10k. Again if that didn't get subtracted for you, an export of the save would be helpful.

HypnoKitten on

Eeep - I didn't save and had closed that browser window.  First payment sounds about right, the second one did take the 5000 (put me in the negatives), third one I didn't have enough (had around 3K I think) and nothing got taken out.  I'll try and re-create that as soon as I get a chance, if I can :)

BlueWinds on

Generally the game saves after every turn - if you open it again, it should pop back to the exact same gamestate as when you closed it. :)

BlueWinds on

Hah, whoops. I was so busy writing the event that I completely forgot to tell it to take your money.

Will be fixed in the next version. It won't retroactively take your money though.

EDrake7 on

My save doesn't seem to work... :C

BlueWinds on

You'll need to give me a bit more detail than that before I can help.

What save? (A file you're trying to import? From an old version? Can you attach it here?)

"Doesn't work"? (The game hangs while loading? It hangs when you click "Load"? Does it give any error messages?)

EDrake7 on

Well, the save file I used in previous version (before .65). I downloaded .66 version on a separate folder, and tried using import, only it to say *file incompatible*.

BlueWinds on

Can you attach the file here please? I can't fix a problem if I can't reproduce it.

BlueWinds on

This save file is from version 0.604, and it is incompatible.

Basically, I did a complete re-write of the game engine, the save format, and moved a ton of content around for 0.65. It would have been too much work to also write a save-converter.

EDrake7 on


So, what, I need to start all over? For the third time?

Vestrina on

Typo?  loan.js, section 'secondPlaymentMale3', "Finally with a grunt you loan in and explode,"Loan in?  I looked up alternate uses of the word and didn't find any.  Lean in maybe?

General feedback on v0.66:

  • I seem to be having trouble making money in the current version.  Granted this is also the first time I've tried a male character, which apparently can't whore out(?).  With just Wend whoring herself out I'm usually making $100 or less. I can usually make more by just running the bathhouse full time (which I pretty much have to do on my character just to stay out of the red).  Raising Wend's stamina or cleaning the Onsen didn't seem to help much, so I'm not sure if the economy is unbalanced the other way now or if I'm doing something wrong. 
  • The game is also really tame if you have the main character run the bathhouse, as 90% of the time when working the Onsen I get either the picture of the old man getting a massage or the fat girl in a bathing suit. >_<  It'd be nice if it picked (or even prioritized) the whoring actions a bit more.  I'm not sure how the images are selected currently. 
  • During the day there's not much to do (I realize content is still in the early stage), so I just keep using the Go Running option, and maxed the physical stat pretty quickly. I think in earlier versions you could choose to clean the Onsen, though that option appears to have been removed.  The only other useful option at the moment is to study, and I haven't used it much since it costs money I don't have.

Not trying to complain, just giving some feedback on how it plays at the moment.  Thanks for keeping at it, the game is looking good!

BlueWinds on

Feedback is good! How am I supposed to know what people think if they don't tell me? When people are nice about it, as you are, I always like suggestions and comments.

  • The economy is a bit unbalanced. The biggest way to improve profits would be to improve your reputation - except that the reputation system is buggered, and there's no way to increase it intentionally. ^^;;
  • The game currently processes your job first, then appends messages for other people working. I am going to change this in the next version so that it randomly selects who goes first. I'm also adding several more Bath events.
  • There should be enough novel content currently to get you through a month, perhaps a month and a half without getting too repetitive. I'm aiming in the next release to bring that to two months of content total.

It hasn't been made explicit in-game yet (I really need to redo the in-game help... it's on the list...), but any action marked with a * is one you haven't seen yet. Explore them! Especially if you haven't hired both Hathawa and Antinua yet. There's a lot more content that either involves them or opens up once you hire more people.