0.67 Release (now 0.681)

Tue, 11/19/2013 - 17:44 -- BlueWinds

Update: You can start new games in .681. ^^;;

Update: 0.68 prevents a bug when Antinua cleans, and another where she becomes unhired after being punished in the market. If you've run into either of these bugs, downloading the new version then re-loading the same save will also fix them.


So, I spent all day finding and editing images. I edited about a dozen images myself - some were simple crops, others recoloring, and a couple complete overhauls. One image had rediculous breasts, so I shrunk them. And you'd hardly even recognize the original of the image in this post.

This version has lots of new content - more than the 5000 words I mentioned in my last post, even. A bunch of the new content is also reward-stuff. I've sent people emails.

Some of the images are still uncolored or need fixing in various ways - pop on over to the Image Cleaning Thread if you're interested in helping out. I give out supporter status to people who do good work. ;)


Let's talk about why it's so hard to find pictures of Hilde.

Hilde is, in my mind, in her late thirties, has large breasts, and is a little pudgy around the middle. Soft, curvatious, experienced. Bit it's really, really hard to find images that aren't A) young and B) thin. A lot of hetai girls are... shall we say... really young. Artists can say "highschool student" all they want, but those girls look like kids, not women. Giving them big breasts doesn't change that.

Why are they all so young?

More importantly, why did half of you immediately want jump in and start defending the practice? Sure, it's artist's choice. Sure, young hot bodies are nice to look at. Sure, all those nice, reassuring reasons you came up with explaining why this character looks young and that character isn't really a littly girl...

Daibancho is a good (bad) example - the main character is in highschool, and for ...reasons... his fiance (who is the same mental age) is trapped in the body of an 11 year old. At one point, she briefly regains her full-grown body. She's really pretty, and they have sex. But then she reverts back to a little girl at the end of the scene, any you spend the rest of the game fucking her.

Now, I'm going to voice an unpopular opinion on why this is: Volition. Women have opinions, issues, and are complex. Girls are sweet little things - occasionally demanding, but ultimatly compliant. Girls have personality quirks - women have personalties. We're too complicated to be placed on a pedestal. We tend to get up and walk away.

The popularity of the Manic Pixie Dream-Girl (hyperactive tween) and the Moe (ouchie, I stubbed my toe, come protect me) is no cooincidence. Nor is the fact that the "ideal pussy" (smooth, small, innie) looks more like a child's than a woman's. The sad fact is...

The ideal woman is an obedient little girl. And she doesn't need libido, only a cunt. Even notice how all the hentai girls keep repeating "no, no, no! Not there! Don't look at me! Stop!"


Liking that sort of thing is not wrong. I certainly do - Hathawa is, IMO, the sexiest character in the game. I want to take her home and hug her all night and kiss her hair as she cries into my shoulder. I am not judging anyone or calling them a bad person. I'm pointing out a societal wrong - pressing all women into a single mold of - which harms men as much as women.

Liking other things / pointing out specific examples that don't fit also doesn't invalidate my point - the plural of "annecdote" is not "data." Please, don't make that argument - it pops up every time, and all it does is make you look dumb. "Some of my best friends are black" doesn't work any better for feminism than it does for racism.

In my mind, Hilde will always be 39, overweight and have a bush, even when I can't find pictures to fit. And she's seen too much to put up with that shit anymore.


terumokou on

Always pictured Hilde as a Wife of Bath type. She knows everything because she has done everything. Knows the dynamics of a relationship and what makes an ideal marriage (in the Wife of bath case, it's the woman who holds the power and man who is submissive to her achieves happiness). Wants some form of autonomy in a relationship.

Charming, insightful, and possibly deaf in one ear. The kind of woman you find in a bar with a rum cola.

edit: And yeah, it's kind of tough to find the plump middle-aged woman pic that fits Hilde when a good chunk of the milf on Danbooru is the absurdly youthful and skinny type.

Cupworth on

I was going to say that I actually find it kind of suprising (not untrue, just suprising) that it's tough to find pictures of mature, curvy women since the milf genre was somewhat popular. A quick gelbooru search gets ~12k hits for milf and curvy each and 10k hits for plump.  Obviously less when you search for mutiple terms at once. 

A quick browse then made me realise that finding something that doesn't include shota (or even has men that look 20+) and/or doesn't have gigantic tits and arse is somewhat more of a challenge.That said if you havn't already, try throwing milf into the search and see what pops out. 

Also wow! I thought 12k hits for milf was doing well, but then I typed in loli and got ~92k O_O. Then again hat gets 300k, highres gets 550k and blush comes in at 600k. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. Maybe make a highres game about blushing hats?  

BlueWinds on

Yep. MILF is less common than:

All_fours (16k)

Demon_girl (15k)

Tentacles (14k)

Bukkake (13k)

None of those are bad things! They just seem like they should be slightly more niche than, say, "a person who looks over 20."

Curvey and plump are good synonyms, thanks. Hadn't thought of those.

The_Ripped on

I don't think anything you said was out of line.

Would it be useful if other people also went looking?

BlueWinds on

I've tried outsourcing that before and generally been unsatisfied by the results. Two main reasons:

I tend to want pictures that match a specific scene I already have in mind. And just listing tags isn't enough - it's not just "Antinua doing anal on all fours," her expression, the lighting, etc. all have to "feel right." It's not a thing I can describe in advance - and it gets even harder, given that many things can be adjusted significantly to make them work right.

The other, more important reason is that each woman not only has a physical description, but also an attitude, a way of holding themselves that's hard to describe. I reject a lot of images that look like Wend, but happen to be too self-concious or withdrawn. Antinua never smiles - but she does sometimes smirk, and it's hard to explain the difference.

I'm unhappy with some images already in the game, and I'm constantly searching for better versions of them, even if, taken on their own, they look perfectly fine. When I can explain exactly what I'm looking for to someone, I'll have them just do the writing too. ;)

terumokou on

Can't progress after placing Natalie and Wend on bath duty and Hathawa and Antinua on cleaning.

BlueWinds on

Very helpful! This pointed out a problem in the validator I use to make sure events are formatted correctly, and fixing that pointed a whole slew of other bugs that no one else has run into yet...

Correction: One person has hit one of them now.

Allithus on

Fantasy is fantasy, what you want in a girlfriend is not the same as what you want in a wife. 

Regarding the images, there's always customizable character creators like 3D cystom girl, Love Death Final's character creator, Artificial Acedemy's character creater. If you want 2D graphics there's Custom Reid 4 and xxna kanojo no tsukurikata (××な彼女のつくりかた). I'm actually surprise that most people don't seem to be using these.


Also it seems Antinua can come as a customer after she's punished?

BlueWinds on

"Fantasy is fantasy" is going to be the subject of my next post, but... no, not really. We are creatures of habit, not of rigid divides between realms. When you get into the habit of expecting certain things, of hearing certain representations, you start to internalize them.

We are human - barely sane, irrational, emotional animals.

Allithus on

By the way it seems Antinua becomes unhired after the market punishment event.

BlueWinds on

Not a fan of 3D graphics at all. I think they look butt ugly.

It looks like kanojo no tsukurikata is a graphic novel. I can't find anything called "Custom Reid 4" - there's Custom Reido 4, which again looks like a graphic novel.

Are you saying that the images in them are good? It sounded like you were talking about character creators, rather than just a set of good images to look through.

I also try and avoid taking too many images from any source, and also too much based on any single character. Each women in my game is her own, unique person - she shouldn't be confused with someone from another universe. ;)

Allithus on

You can customize the main heroine, and the games allow you to put her in a variety of positions. They are like the 3D customization games except they are 2D. You can customize height, size, skin and hair color, hair style etc.

I actually ment Xxna kanojo no tsukuri kata 2 and Custom Reido 4.

Here's some screen shot showing the customization.



Xxna kanojo no tsukuri kata 2 is a Dating sim where you customize your girlfreind take her out to various places. Custom Reido 4 is a dating Sim and a tower defense.You customize the main heroine,fight monsters and do other things. Both games allow you to arrange a series of sex scene with the heroine. Because the way these two games work you can use a lot of the graphics.


"I also try and avoid taking too many images from any source, and also too much based on any single character. Each women in my game is her own, unique person - she shouldn't be confused with someone from another universe. ;)"

I respect your intentions. I would like to point out there are short cuts if you don't have enough time.


Espera on

Is there enough money in the budget for commissiinoning artwork for characters who can't be easily represented otherwise?

BlueWinds on

I will be comissioning 10 images of Hilde (that was part of the backer reward), but otherwise no.

I'm open to suggestions for artists who take commissions to consider. People whose work fits with the general tone of the art in the game so far - there are plenty of very good artists with styles that just wouldn't fit.

Andrew5073 on

Trying out 0.68 now, hit the following error:


Firefox 22.0

Windows 7 64-bit

Error occurs when selecting Continue on startup, no other actions taken prior.

Aside from that, you made a good point with regards to girls-as-opposed-to-women. I know it made me reflect somewhat on my own preferences (mostly on the girl end of the scale, I must admit). Hmm.

Vestrina on

Same error in Firefox 25.0.1.  New bug in 0.68, I assume.

BlueWinds on

Whoops, yep, introduced this in 0.68. Fixed in the new version.

Terryble on

Game version 0.68

Chrome 31.0.1650.57 m

Windows 7 64-bit

As above, error occurs on clicking Continue on startup, with all 4 boxes checked.

Zetz on

I get the same error:

Cannot read property 'antinuaMarketEnd1' of undefined

BlueWinds on

Fixed in 0.681. A simple change - something was outside a set of an IF statement it should have been inside of.

endings on

Had no idea you were having issues finding Hilde art. I myself prefer the dark-haired MILF-type (and she even has glasses to boot, nice), so I shall browse my sources and see what I can come up with.

With all these working girls, I was a little disappointed the main character (so far) doesn't sample their merchandise. Sure you're taking a hit on profits, but your persona's skillset starts off woefully prepared for such a provacative world.

BlueWinds on

Hilde isn't supposed to have glasses - any images in which she does are places I just haven't fixed yet. The lack of glasses-wearing characters is purely a meta concern. It's easy te remove glasses from images, but hard to add them, and since they come in many styles... it would severely limit the pool of pictures I could draw from.

The lack of merchandise sampling is more a function of chance than intention. I'm rushing through all the backer-requested content right now, and no one has asked for a scene with any of the existing characters.

I have one encounter with Wend in progress, another with Hilde in the latest release. Your introduction to Alison (the next girl - and in her case I use girl rather than woman intentionally - you can hire) will be rather sexually explicit.

endings on

I had been searching mature types with glasses, thats a shame. So I guess an image like this for the secret school wouldn't work then? Needs to be re-sized and such.

BlueWinds on

The woman on the left could be Hilde, but I'd have to remove the glasses (easy) and shorten her hair (harder, but doable). I generally write my own scenes first, then search for pictures, so I have no immediate use for it, but...

If you wanted to write a scene, I would put it in the game. No one's taken the offer yet (well, sort of one person has), but I'm always open to submissions.

Vestrina on

Game is looking pretty good, though I did find myself tweaking the amount of money I get from running the Onsen.  I couldn't get past the second payment otherwise.

Found some more typos:



id: 'hathawaVisitDiscourage

"Antinua is so dominating she might get swallowed up and loose herself."  Should be "lose", with one 'o'.



id: 'gambleFirst2'

"Normally we don't allow anyone without a special referral, but you don't look like city guard, and I just happen to have an extra one that the owned won't be coming back to collect,"  Should be "owner."



id: 'hathawaSearchFinal2'

"Take race of her."  Should be "care."

BlueWinds on

Hah, thanks. Typos fixed.

If you're having troubles with money, I suggest cleaning more. Customers pay 100% more for a building with 100 clean than one with 0. You should also expect to be working more or less every evening, seven days per week for the first month or two, at least until you've hired some help.

I'll be redoing all the help sometime soon, which will contain these sorts of hints.