0.69 Release (now 0.692)

Sat, 11/23/2013 - 23:13 -- BlueWinds

Update: Wow, can't believe no one reported this bug yet - there's a huge problem with the imag selection algorithm which, ever since 0.65, has resulted in completely wrong images being selected for many scenes. Not sure I can get a fix out before thanksgiving, but... wow, can't believe I missed it until just now. Ouch.

Update: .692 now ends Alison's events properly. 0.69 repeated them indefinitely (blocking everything else) and 0.691 cut them off early.

I went for a run today. No, this is not a post about my personal fitness. This is a release post!

In this release, you can find the following:

  • The Onsen is haunted, remember? Now there's an actual ghost.
  • Meet Alison. She swears a lot, has an affinity for making really big messes, and is a total nympho. She'll soon be hireable (her events currently cut off abruptly after you have sex with her once).
  • Another event exploring Antinua and Hathawa's relationship.
  • Antinua has a third talk event related to the above, in which she is stoic as usual.
  • More new events, though I forget exactly what.

There are about 6100 words of new content in this release, for a running total of 47000. In print, that would be a small sized novel. Getting up there. :)

Why do I mention I went for a run? No particular reason.

* I shoved a potato up my ass before leaving. That was way cold at first, but otherwise not too uncomfortable. Nuh uh, you're the pervert! Stop looking at me. :smack: Perv.


Malpha on

Once you get Allison, her final event keeps looping, giving you the money and repeating the choices of sex or punishment without options for anything else. Went through every choice and it always goes back to that scene. On the plus side, I got a lot of money now!

BlueWinds on

Whoops. Fixed in 0.691. I tested the event, but didn't go past it. Fixed in just a second here in a new version.

AColonyOfAnts on

A gameplay suggestion:  It would be nice if we could be given the option of Park -> Onsen -> Cleaning for all three timeslots, rather than having it be a job under Park -> Onsen -> Manage.  It seems a bit tedious to spend a timeslot to switch out your workers to Cleaning, then using the next evening's timeslot (the only one which you can work) to just clean, then spend another timeslot switching your workers back out to... working. 

I just seem baffled that in order to get full money, you have to spend an average of 14-15 days cleaning the Onsen; by which that time you only have 2-3 weeks to turn in the first loan payment + rent, which is extremely difficult, not to mention the Onsen gets progressively dirtier.  Additionally, paying to clean up an extra room/outfit it with a bedroom to get another girl to work hurts your finances like no other; I don't know if I just happen to suck at this game or if other poeple are having problems getting a start up as well.  It just seems that you simply don't have enough workdays to make your payments back.  So yeah, either please change cleaning to a general task that won't take up your evening, or make it so you can work evenings AND nights (which brings me to my next point). 

As far as I can tell, the current stamina/intelligence stat does nothing, which is a shame, because I happen to have nothing to do on the mornings/nights other than go out for a run or study.  If you do implement a workslot in the night timeslot, perhaps if the girl's stamina isn't high enough she can only work in the evenings and not both evening and nights? 


I feel like the game is blocking me from progressing past the first month because 1)cleaning takes up your work time and 2) there isn't enough work time.  I can't exactly help you find bugs when I'm systematically 5k in debt some 35 days into the game.

Edit: Scraped by my first set of payments by working in the baths instead of the bedroom, but the second set killed me.

Vestrina on

I've been having similar money troubles (haven't tried 0.69 yet).  I know the cleanliness directly influences the money gained, so as soon as I get the Onsen I've been installing a second bedroom and a closet.  The closet appears to double the amount benefit you get from cleaning.

Even when maintaining a  > 90 cleanliness rating, I still frequently only pull in ~$50 by whoring.  Working the baths instead gets me ~$150.  So I end up having Wend and my character work the baths almost exclusively.  Even then I still have a ton of trouble making the second month of payments.  I try to get Hathawa as soon as possible for another worker, but still end up in the red at the end of the second month.

Part of what might be hurting me is I only seem to get 1 or 2 out of 5 customers served by whoring.  Not sure if it's because it's currently impractical to raise reputation?  I've tried doing various sex training, but I don't understand if/how that influences the money you get.

BlueWinds on

Whoring only ever serves a maximum of two customers per evening. Raising the reputation improves the number of customers who arrive, which means you get to be more selective, choosing richer people and those who "fit" better (similar levels of slut, opposite levels of dom).

Getting sent into the negative is OK, and even expected. As long as you avoid a Game Over, you're doing fine. What business doesn't run in the red a couple of times when it's just starting up?

This stuff would normally be clarified in the some popup help, but I haven't rewritten that yet. Definitely for the next release. :)

Vestrina on

I'm still trying to find a good balance, but in my last 6 plays I've gotten game over for 3 of them.  The only time I've finished out the second month with a positive cashflow I didn't have Hathawa because I never whored out to trigger the events (oops). ^_^

BlueWinds on

Yes, baths are the big money maker to begin with. Whoring will eventually surpass it, once you've getten skilled at sex and finished cleaning out the trashed upper levels of the Onsen. I'll reemphasize how wrecked they are initially a couple of new events.

Stamina + Education do currently do almost nothing, it's true. I'm going to add Stamina to the calculation for how many customers you can service in an evening for the next release (it will be 2-4, instead of a flat 2). I only just now realized I hadn't done so already, thanks for pointing that out. ^^;;

Education will be more useful in other ways, more subtle ones, mostly by providing extra options in some events. It's not needed to sell sex effecitvely and never will be - teaching Wend history, law and how to read is an unnecessary expense, but you may or may not feel you owe it to her. ;)

The_Ripped on

You know? Nailed it on the head right there, about teaching Wend. No girl of mine is going to go through life not being able to read! (I also take Hawatha in to the Library, because I want her to finish her degree in high standings...and if her parents cause trouble, H is So going to qualify for a scholarship, and the entire Onsen can join me in flipping those jerks the bird! Mess with my ladies will they! RUE THE DAY, THEY SHALL! XD I'm a good Brothel Mother X-) Now, if I only I could get into Court, and start playing politics...really make that priggishness hurt them...BWAHAHAHAHAH!)

BlueWinds on

Good to hear that I'm doing my job, getting people invested in the characters.

Her parents will indeed make trouble eventually, but probably only in the supporter exclusive story. In-game just isn't a good format for events that take place outside of the city and the player's direct influence - remember that she's a foreigner, not native, so local politics won't affect them too much.

The_Ripped on

Well then, I am really pleased to be a supporter :D I knew they weren't local, but I was hopeful that I could send ambassadorial letters containing a finely painted image of my well toned double moon and a suitably insulting expression. Or something. Hawatha is a great young lady, and is growing up to be a fine woman. Harumph at the prigs, harumph I say! XD


And if there was any doubt about it, I want to say that you have never once dissappointed me so far, and I think that most of us would agree. You are doing right by us, and I appreciate your hard work, and I'd guess many others would agree. That may not be enough - many great artists and writers are rarely satisfied with their own work, no matter what others think - but I hope it helps.

Dorllanen on

As a side note - Education might be useful if one would like to make a refined courtesan. Either as a requirement or a stat in "High-Class escort service". You know, for these nobles that like to have a proper conversation and companion for a night, not an ordinary cum dumpster.

Or maybe courtesan "events" that take education into consideration?

Roleplaying is one thing, but a stat that's somewhat meaningless sound just like bad design choice (i.e. "unnecessary expense").

alrick on

well i gave my first try to this brosim2, and i have detected what seem to be a bug:

if you choose a women as your charachter, you can't train in dominance, or in submission :/ the two other go well...

antother thing, i miss that old fashioned recap menu of the girls stat :/ i've seen it was asked in the forum already, but hell it would be usefull to have acess to those damn stat on other time than just when you talk with wend.. moreover, i didn't found the charachter'stat (natalie or the man) ...

anyway, it aleready looks really good ^^

BlueWinds on

Can you attach a save where you can't select dominance / sumbission? Hit Save, then Export. That really helps me when I'm trying to figure out what's wrong.

Nope, no stat screen, and I'm not going to make one. :) If you want to see how people are doing, you have to talk to them (you can see your own stats with Manage Finances). You can see a person's stat whenever it changes - it's in parenthesis at the end of the description if you hover over a number.

Allithus on

I think submission screen just gets skipped if dominance is too high.

BlueWinds on

Ok, then can you send an export before you visit? I can't start looking for the problem until I have something to work from.

BlueWinds on

Oops. ^^;

Seems I forgot to write a dom training event for characters with low dominance (>35). Also one for characters with high dominance (>85). Will be fixed in the next release - since it involves writing, not something I can hot-patch.

AColonyOfAnts on

There is also currently no submission training event for characters with high dom.

thesleep on

I cannot seem to get any customers for sex, at all, and the reputation is steadily dropping. Is this a new game mechanic that I missed?


Edit: I attached a save file. The next four or five days pass without a customer for Wend (I haven't tried more than that).

The_Ripped on

Have you gone into the Manage Onsen menu and assigned girls to do certain work? (you need a woman in a Bedroom, and you need to set her to Whore, in order to start getting customers for sex. Also, your Onsen needs to be clean enough, or no one will come. Most people agree that Setting both of you to Bath duty, with you cleaning non-stop the first week or two, is a better initial move.)

thesleep on

Yep, did all those things. This is what I get, every single time:

"Wend did her best to attract attention, but no one was interested in her this evening. She left rather dejected - even though she wasn't really in the mood, the lack of interest was still a blow. "

BlueWinds on

There should be the occasional "no customer" evening, but not repeatedly like you're describing.

It really helps when, along with a message you attach an export of your save. Not just for me, checking to see if it's a bug, but also for anyone else trying to help (they can poke their head into the save and see if there's an easy solution).

Vestrina on

I started a new game with 0.692 and ran into the same issue.  Every time I have someone whore it comes up with the whoreNoCustomers event.

I noticed that the file content\buildings\rooms\whore\whore.js was tweaked in the latest code.  On line 32, it used to just say "customers: 2,", but was updated with a new function:

customers: function (context) {      return Math.floor(1.8 + context.people[0].stamina / 35);    },

I don't quite get what this function is supposed to be doing (I'm not sure what 'context' references), but I assume it has something to do with the new behavior.  If I change the value back to 2 it works normally.

hornguy6 on

I've been having the same problem you've been having. I just thought that the Onsen didn't have high enough reputation or cleanliness or something and I wasn't doing it right. lol. Attaching save file just in case.

The_Ripped on

If you are in the middle of the haunting event, people stop coming, mostly, I've found - of course, given that some are reporting that the haunting doesn't end properly, I'm not sure if that effect ends either...

The_Ripped on

sorry, bad reply.

Vestrina on

I really like Alison's character so far, she should be a fun employee to have ^_^

While her hire event seems to end correctly now, the bath event still plays out the haunted version, even though Alison is no longer roaming freely as a spirit.  Save export attached for reference.

Not as a big a deal, but worth mentioning, I had Antinua's Monbach event running at the same time as the ghost event.  Not sure if the two clashed or what, but shortly after Monbach's event started for some reason I was asked if I wanted to hire Antinua a second time.  It may also have been a result of my not having enough money to hire her the very first time (so technically I got her hire event 3 times total).

BlueWinds on

Ah, it's a bug with the hire-retry event. It sees Antinua as "not currently hired" while she's with Monbach and triggers again. Fixed in the next release, thanks for reporting.

AColonyOfAnts on

Typo, I think?

A pair of young men enter, kicking off their shoes and revealing muscular bodies by taking off their loose shirts even as they pay Alexis at the door. They immediately break the first rule of public baths by sliding directly into the pool without washing first, despite the sign telling them not to do exactly that. Then one of them breaks a rule not written down anywhere but which should have been obvious by tweaking another customer's nipple - she shrieks, and Alexis roughly drags them from the pool, shoving their clothes into their hands hand and kicking them out the front door without even a chance to dry off.

Also when finding room and board for the first night:

That's a pretty generous offer for just serving drinks and cleaning floors, and it should still leave you plenty of time to find bettor better place during the day. You agree.

When dealing with the vandal's second event:

Noises. Again. Middle of the night. Not stopping to you dress, you run out of your room still groggy but intent on catching the culprit this time. Down the stairs, you nearly collide with Wend - looks like she had the same idea. You're too late - though the towel racks are again in complete disarray, no sign of the cause. The doors are still locked. You have a hard time imagining they could have done all this without waking you, and escaped in the time it took you to run downstairs.

That's it. =P

AColonyOfAnts on

When initiating Redlight->Visit A Brothel->Find a Man (as a female)

Also, the text gets a bit wonky, attached is an export file


He's a skinny fellow, lounging on the bed shirtless off when you enter. He looks up with a smile and sits up, extending a hand.

Hey, I'm...

Fuck Toy.

Yes, mistress...

He answers after a moment's hesitation when you cut him off. Hesitation - so he's not a perfect little slave. Interesting. Well, that would be a bit boring anyway, wouldn't it?

So, Fuck Toy. Do you like it up the ass?

He hesitates again, considering which answer is more likely to end with him not walking funny tomorrow. He settles on honesty.

No, mistress.

That's fine, not really what you were in the mood for anyway. You gesture to his shirt in the corner - while you loosen a couple of buttons on your shirt, he adds his pants and underwear to the pile.

I'm going to tie you to the bed, and then sit on your face. I'll tease you, but you're not allowed to cum. In fact, you're not allowed to speak either. Does that sound like fun, Fuck Toy?

You can see the words "yes mistress" starting to form before he suppresses then them and simply nods.

BlueWinds on

Yay, typos! Fixed for the next release.

I wonder if you're the first person to play through as a dominant woman, or if other people doing so just didn't bother to report the issue? :P Either way, fixed that one too (it was a missing "/").

Vestrina on

LOL, admittedly for all my testing I've never tried being a dominant woman. ^_^

AColonyOfAnts on

Docks at night ->Gambling Hall

The gambling hall is relatively busy tonight, filled with visitors from other parts of the world and locals trying to impress each other with skill or money. You know better than to do the latter - more convincing displays of wealth can be made without loosing losing it in the process. You present your wooden token to the doorman, and he winks and lets you into the smoky building.

Another (two actually) typo when visiting the Docks at night ->Gambling Hall ->Drink:

A boisterous crowd of sailors arrive in the gambling hall - how they managed to scrape up $500 a piece apiece is a mystery, or perhaps they were let in to lend a bit of authenticity to the shady, underground air the place cultivates. They look around, decide that the mostly empty table where you're seated is a good spot, and fill all the vacant chairs in the area without asking if you'd like company or not. You have some experience with sailors (you were a ship's captain in your previous life) and you easily fall back into disused mannerisms. They sense it too - you're the sort of person they should be obeying. It's a subtle thing, but long habits are hard te to break for everyone involved.

When visiting the Docks at night ->Gambling Hall ->Gamble:

You do ok, loosing losing a little bit over the course of the night, but hardly your entire pool. Money well spent though - the dealer turns out to be a charming and witty fellow, and while loud, the one of the other players is amusing in his antics, gripes and, on one occasion, epic monologue about the unjust hand of cruel fate that has shipwrecked him on the jagged rocks of poverty, in response to loosing losing a single dollar he'd won ten minutes earlier.

ptwist on

A potato? !! You know, you're welcome to use some of that backer money to buy yourself a proper plug :p

Jethro Makari on

If you sell the Onsen you won't be able to re-rent it, and if you go back into buying properties, I got stuck. With no ability to 'nevermind' or effectively cancel to return to the game, I had to end the game there.

Also, despite playing on the .692 release, I'd still encountered the eternal haunt bug. As well as the bug where the girls can't attract anybody (even though I 'kitchen'd' my rep to 100).

I lost the save, but I'm retrying now.

BlueWinds on

Yes, eternal-haunt is a different bug than the one 0.692 fixed. It, along with the no-customers issue, will be fixed in the next release.

Selling the Onsen causeing a problem is a new one though, and I'd appreciate a save with the problem visible (get to the hanging screen, then export a save from there).

Jethro Makari on

If you scroll upwards a little, to the Hilde pay event, you can see that the amount paid is correct for someone who haggled. However, if you scroll a little further up to the closest prior Financial Management, the amount shown due is wrong.

Edit: Also, hovering your mouse over the anal stat will show an incorrectly displayed variable.


Is the player supposed to not be able to whore themselves out?

BlueWinds on

That's a strange one. Shouldn't have been displaying the payment in that list at all. Fixed, and the anal display bug.

There's no whore action for male characters - I should make that explicit in the help when I get around to re-writing it. This is a pargmatic choice on my part - I'd have to write a whole set of events for the PC, and it would be an annoying amount of work.

Jethro Makari on

The bug can be replicated at any point from what I've tested, by continuously revisting Zetang and pursuing the following options. (save for this bug is attached below)

Buy > Rent Onsen > Sell Onsen > Buy


Miscellaneous finds:

Edit: Not relevant to the prior bug, not even sure it is a bug, but I can't seem to get introduced to Antinua before she starts seducing Hathawa, but the words say that I'd recognize that voice anywhere. Thing is, I don't. That is the first time I've ever seen Antinua. =o (Edit: In hindsight, probably because of the 'Dejected Prostitute' bug.)

Edit: Small spelling error during the first Hathawa x Antinua dock event: "Or not te be here at all."

Edit: "Upward and in. A slimy sack descends from the ceiling as she's drown up," - Drawn...?

Edit: Training Hathawa in dominance doesn't do anything except pass the time. No money lost, no event; goes straight to the morning map. Wend will still perform her idle tasks, though, but I'm assuming that's on account of the time passing.

- If you want save files for any of these things, just ask. Didn't think they were necessary, but I don't know. -


AColonyOfAnts on

When you are given the option of talking to Hathawa and recieve the scene in which you tease her about wanting more cocks, it fails to display her stats.  Attached is an export.

BlueWinds on

Oh, thanks. Fixed in the next release.