Alison Image Contest (Finished)

Sat, 12/21/2013 - 00:21 -- BlueWinds

Update: See this comment for details on the winners.

Update: See this comment for a current tally of what images I've liked and what I'm still looking for. Thanks for the help so far!

So, here's something awesome you all can help me with, whether you're a supporter or not: find images of Alison! You can find a gallery of her current images here. I need to add about two dozen more - many of them of her having sex in various ways (oral, voginal, anal, bdsm, tentacles, etc.) but also in various non-erotic situations/moods (surprised, sad, running, cleaning, smirking).

Please comment here with links to images you think fit her here - links to the page you found it on, not direct to the image itself.

On Dec 31st I'll be giving out those prizes to the best helpers. That's not based on quantity of submissions, but quality - four chosen people who "get" Alison and can help me fill out her image gallery will get one of:

  • Development Access (if you're not a backer already)
  • The backer exclusive story (if you're a backer without access)
  • Custom sex scene of ~150 words (if you already have both of the above)

Alison is: short, aggressive, horny, thin, young, energetic, grins a lot, excitable, angry, confident, small-breasted, long haired in a twin-tail, will fuck anyone anytime, no sense of modesty, is sexy and she knows it and she wants everyone else to know it too.

Images you submit do *not* need to have black hair or yellow/red eyes - I can change that. Images you submit *must* have the proper personality and attitude. Alison might blush, but she's never shy.

I look forward to hearing from you. (^^)


AColonyOfAnts on

Your best bet  would probably be Tohsaka Rin.  Alison's description pretty much fits her, and I'm pretty sure there's a lot of material out there you could work with. =P

BlueWinds on

I try not to use too much material from any single pre-existing character, especially not one so instantly recognizable. So yes, I'll use a couple of images from Tohsaka, but not too many - Alison is her own unique person, similar in some ways but different in others.

ThatGuy on


These are all the links to the one site I found some possibly useful pictures. All but the last are galleries of specific characters, but that's because I think a few from each character could be of some use perhaps, and I didn't want to flood the post with 20+ links.

terumokou on

Threw in several in a .RAR

Redrell on
BlueWinds on

Yes, these are exactly the sorts of things I'm looking for. Clean, well done anime-esque images that I can use directly in the game. Thanks! :)

Do you have an "original source" for these? Did they come from a game, a booru, a forum? That's what I meant by "links to the page you found it on, not direct to the image itself." If not, I'll have reverse-image-search any that I end up using and trying to guess at how to attribute them.

Your post was all showing up on a single line, so I edited it into multiples - no idea why that was happening.

Kriegexx on
Jyeti on

Well, I'm not sure how well I'm going to do at this....

Confidence Clothed:


Sticky Fingers:


Dominant Lovemaking:

More Sexual Ones:

No Modesty (may be too much):


Without some back and forth I can only hope I didn't stray too far afield. 

BlueWinds on

Thank you everyone for the great suggestions so far. I've been too busy to look through everything, but what I have glanced at seems like you guys get Alison pretty well.

The purpose of this contest was to get people A) a little excited and B) to narrow down the search for me, so links to galleries aren't that helpful. Direct images ahoy! :)


Yesterday I was on a roll and wrote about 4000 words involving Hilde, the Guild and Wend. There are exclusive paths in this bit of the game - you can't see everything on a single play through. And your choices may have consequences.


Today I've been working on the backer story. One of my beta readers pointed out a crucial addition today, and now have to rework some stuff in addition to finishing writing it.


Redrell on

I'm defintly excited. Searching for images was a lot of fun. Reminded me of a project I tried awhile back that never got off the ground. Spent hours searching for the right images needed. People, landscapes, cityscapes, scenes, creatures. Had a lot of fun with it. If you ever need more help searching for images, I'm glad to help. 

BlueWinds on

I have a crazy specific request, if you (or anyone else) are up for it:

A trail of candy wrappers or shredded paper or shed clothes (any of those will work) leading up to a closed door.

If you can find that you will be my hero forever. Wend is currently locking herself in her room and gorging on chocolate and crying, and I need an image to represent that.

Actually, I'd like a bunch of images of closed doors in general. Inside doors, outside doors, night, day, fancy, plain... just pictures of doors with no one in the frame. They're really hard to find, and really useful. I have spent way too much time searching the internet for drawings of... doors. I'm weird. Link any of those you happen to come across.

Anonymous (not verified) on
BlueWinds on

Thanks. Do you have a trick for getting drawings instead of photos out of google? The "animated" image type filter helps a little bit, but not very much.

In the future, I prefer links to the original pages containing the images, rather than straight to the jpgs. I try to give credit to the original source when I can. Reverse image search usually works, but takes an extra minute for each image.

Redrell on

Anohter good tag, when searching booru's and whatnot, it "no_humans". Its good for searching scenery or animal/creatures. 

BlueWinds on

I tend to get a lot of pokemon when I use that tag, pokemon and giant robots. ^^;; They just aren't good places to search for scenery - I've had better luck on DeviantArt, though still not great (since images there aren't really tagged, just titled).

Redrell on

Ah, yeah. Thats why I usully have to double tag search. Like""no_human door" or "no_human hallway" or "no-human room". Or "seascape", "Cityscape" "landscape" "scenery" work well too. 

Anonymous (not verified) on

I usually just type 'anime' or 'cartoon' etc. with the search term. You can try typing 'CG'/'computer-generated' as well.
Hope this helps!

Redrell on

Some of these may need editing to work. Also, not sure if you want any specific angles so I threw in a bunch or different angles on doors. I just looked for an hour or so. I can continue looking tomorrow or something. But no candy wrapper doors, sadly.


Fantasy like doors-



Redrell on

Well this one will probably need some editing. Like the girly pic on the wall. It's also a 3d rendering image but if some of the 3d objects can be cropped out, it might look anime-enough. But it does have clothes and food on the floor leading to it.

Redrell on
BlueWinds on

So many doors! Wah! Doors everywhere!


I've been writing too much Wend recently.


I think that's enough doors for now, thanks. :P

Redrell on

Haha. No problem. Again, if you need any more images searchers I'd be glad to help. 

Jethro Makari on

I'm completely okay with that. Wend is a babe.

BlueWinds on

As of this moment, I'd like to thank Redrell, Kriegexx, Jyetiand Lumia. I've used images the four of you have linked to.

Images I've added so far:

  • Clean: Found myself since none matched well
  • Sad: Again had to search since none of the submitted images looked depressed
  • +Oral1: Jyeti. Yay.
  • +Oral2: Kreigexx
  • +Fingering: Had to search for.
  • Undressing: Redrell. Huzzah.
  • -Vaginal1: Redrell again.
  • -Vaginal2: Redrell and Kriegexx
  • Nude: Redrell
  • Surprised: Redrell
  • Underwear: Kriegexx (replacing a previous image I wasn't happy with)
  • Present: Kriegexx
  • Tentacles1 (Lumia's archive): This one replaced one of Hilde's images.
  • Tentacles1 (Lumia's archive): For Alison too
  • Tentacles2: Redrell
  • Masturbating: Kriegexx
  • +Fisting: Redrell
  • +Oral3: Redrell
  • Kiss: Redrell
  • -Anal: Redrell
  • Exercise: Redrell - turned out I already had an exercise image, but this one was much nicer.
  • -Gangbang1: Redrell
  • -Gangbang2: Redrell
  • Catgirl: Redrell
  • Rain: Kriegexx
  • 69: Kriegexx
  • Pony: Kriegexx - I think this will look a bit nicer once the background / extra stuff is cropped out.
  • Creampie: Redrell. Kriegexx linked to this as well, but about 10 minutes later. ;)
  • Threesome: Redrell
  • -Oral: Redrell
  • Smirk: Decided to just use Alison's base image.

Honorable mentions:

  • BathSex1 and BathSex2: Redrell. Not right this moment (too much to do), but am writing a scene specifically to have an excuse to use these two pictures in the game.
  • CumCovered1 and CumCovered2: Kriegexx and Redrell. Alison will have access to a Job that no one else can do, and it will involve these images. This was already planned, but I'm saving these links for later use.

Images I'm still looking for:

  • Antinua reaching out to touch Hathawa's face (tenderly). Both should be dressed. I don't like the image I'm currently using for this scene.
Redrell on

Spent a little bit of time searching tonight before bed.


Fisting – It was hard for me to find a girl fisting that had twintails since most I found had the girl WITH twintials getting fisted. But there was this.

and there is this one which is anal fisting



he's got a hold of her head on this one so thought it might work


girl kiss-

(^ I really liked this one for some reason. thought this one was cute and sexy at the same time)

BlueWinds on

Nifty. I picked one of each and updated the above post.

Kriegexx on

Was searching a bit more for the categories/scenes you still need





Pony (don´t really like the pics I found):

Creampie (hardest part was finding them clothed):





Redrell on

I can look for some tomorrow or even later tonight maybe. I dont have the full game unlocked. What do Antinua and Hathawa look like exactly? 

BlueWinds on

Good question.

 This is Antinua. She's grim, strong, dangerous, occasionally violent, small breasted, short haired, blonde, fair skinned, carries a sword everywhere, and might be cute if she weren't so dour.

This is Hathawa. She's shy, skinny, bookish, small-breasted, kind, quiet, easily embarrassed, blushes a lot, smart, doesn't make eye contact, scared of the world, has an innocent air about her, long haired and brunette.

BlueWinds on

Thanks! I just spent an hour or so heavily tweaking one of these. I think it came out pretty good. Still not 100% satisfied with Antinua's expression, but it's at least a huge improvement over the image I was originally using for the scene.

Redrell on
Redrell on
BlueWinds on

I've updated the post of things I'm looking for to cover the latest batches by Redrell and Kriegexx. Almost there!

Now I just have to edit all the images, changing hair and eye color and often removing backgrounds. 18 images * 15-30min each...

super on

Those must take me 1-3 hours each.

Redrell on

Any update on the giveaway? ; )

BlueWinds on

Right, sorry! I meant to include that in this post, but it got pressed out by other things. I'll do that right now, in a big comment on the original post (so that I don't bump this down from the top spot).

Redrell on

Woot! \O/

BlueWinds on

Thank you everyone!

There were a grand total of six people who contributed in this thread. The competition wasn't all that fierce, which is good, since I'm not really a fan of competition in the first place. (^.-)

The top four:

  • Redrell - I've marked you as a supporter, so you can now download development releases.
  • Kriegexx - Thanks! As above
  • Lumiya - Marked you as a supporter as well. Tentacles everywhere...
  • Jyeti - You are already both a supporter and have access to the story, so contact me with a description of the scene you'd like and I'll get on writing it.

Honorable mentions to ThatGuy and terumokou. Also to Anonymous, who googled "Hallway" and "Corridor" for me. ;)

Lumiya on

Thank you! I have updated my previous post with the links.

Kriegexx on

Nice, thank you very much for making me a supporter .

Redrell on

Awesome! Thank you :D Erm, noob question. Where exactly do I dowload releases?

BlueWinds on

At the bottom of posts with "Release 0.x" in the title, like this one.

Normally the files are visible from the front page to logged in supporters (beneath the body of the post), but there was a bug with this one and you had to click on the actual article.