Another non-release post

Sat, 09/07/2013 - 00:47 -- BlueWinds

So, you know what's really satisfying? Deleting code. Seriously, it's like chocolate icecream.

I've been working on 0.6, which is a ~2/3rds re-write of the game engine, and it's about 100 lines shorter - even after adding a bunch of new features. :)

Saves are about 1/3rd smaller, the game runs faster, and it's more fun to play - less repetitive, faster-paced. Rather than click-click-click until something interesting happens, you may actually have choices on what aspect of the game to pursue at any given time.

In short, I'm taking a break from writing content to work on the gameplay for a while. It's been pretty neglected until now.


I really need the money from opening the baths to make the upcoming loan payment, but there's also a tasty blue action over in the docks that only shows up in the evenings, and I'd have to take Hathawa away from her job to explore it...

Damn it Wend, you're supposed to take that man's money, not buy him ice cream using business funds!


The_Ripped on

That so sounds like Wend :D Thanks for the update - glad you are enjoying this, too!

Shan on

Nice, the foundation is the most important part. Take all the time you need to really make the mechanics click.

Espera on

I like the general idea, and I look foward to 0.6, though the idea of our employees screwing us over does not appeal to me.

Krystle (not verified) on

And this question is probably me being selfish, but how much have you focused on the female aspect of the game? I know for a lot of people it's not important, and if it wasn't very fleshed out in the 1.0 release, I'd play as the guy, too, but I just prefer playing as a female, especially in scenarios like these. xD

That being said, is it possible to become enslaved yourself (whether for only a certain length of time or forever [kind of like a game over])? Because if not, I'd still like some really low dominance situations come up, if you know what I mean. I've played Slave Maker 3, and so far, it seems the Dominance of the Slave Maker doesn't really play into anything, except in an add-on that's no longer even worked on. x_x

Anyway, I'm just curious, so you don't even have to answer if you don't want to.

BlueWinds on

It's almost the opposite problem, in fact... there's fewer events for male players than female ones. ^^;;

I do have in mind a couple of "loosing control" scenarios, but they'll be short-term situations to escape from, rather than an ongoing thing. You can meet some very dominant people who will try to order you around... but it's still a choice on the player's part.

Vailia's anti-slavery laws are quite well enforced, and rather broad in their interpretation. The PC will not get raped. NPCs will do so only very rarely, and their agressors will almost universally face harsh consequences (Antinua's sword isn't just for decoration).

Krystle (not verified) on

Well, I suppose 'slavery' isn't the best term. 'Forced Servitude' for working in their brothel? Or working for them for a short time?


And, well, the no rape thing is a bit sad, but hey, it's a great game, so I can deal with it. :P I got a lot of other games that have that, so I won't be short on rape if I want it. xD

BlueWinds on

Vailia is more than a little utopian - no STDs, no unwanted pregnancy, an extremely sex-positive culture that protects women's rights (you'll learn more about how it became this way as the main plot progresses). People don't always make good choices - Antinua x Hathawa is borderline abusive - but it does tend to work out for them in the end. Way too many crapsack distopian worlds out there.

In short, I'm something of an incurable optimist, and it comes out in my world building. *^^*

user (not verified) on

You are still charged an Inn fee even when you are staying in one of the Onsen bedrooms and you get an error on loading:
TypeError: sly.items[sly.rel.centerItem] is undefined

BlueWinds on

There will be no more buxfixes for the demo - it's way out of date.

The development version will be released freely once it reaches a point I'm happy with - hopefully sometime before the end of the year. Until then, enjoy some of the fine links on the right side of the page - Donate (this gets you access to the development version), Ashford Academy, SlaveMaker 3, Cursed.


j (not verified) on

hey blue if you dont mind me asking what made you want to do a brothel game in the frist place

BlueWinds on

Hm... hard to say. I played SIBR1x and liked it, but thought the interface was terrible. Then I played SlaveMaker and thought the writing was good, but the interface again terrible (and I liked it better when I mentally removed the word "slave" from the equation). Then I found Cursed, and thought the writing was fine... but RAGs was an abomination.

So I thought "hey, I can do better." So I'm trying. It's the open-source motto: Scratch your own itch. I'm writing the game I want to play. Or at least I think I am - I've recently started to become quite self-concious of a number of design decisions (thus why v0.6 is going to be such a big change).