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Mon, 01/20/2014 - 01:51 -- BlueWinds

Woot, I'm writing again. I finished about 2900 words today, covering the third loan payment, the first third of Hilde's hiring event, and the introduction of another (eventually) hireable character. I'm aiming to finish Hilde's hire stuff for the next release (I know, I keep saying that, but this time for real!).

Remember, way back when, I promised that some characters remember your choices and change how they react to you? That's why Hilde's hire event is taking so long - Hilde and Wend have long memories, so there are several branching paths that each get their own events.

Not all choices can be unmade. Even in this fantasy world there are consequences. :)


Because I haven't poked the hornets nest enough recently, I leave you with an amusing link.


Zaphyel on

Thanks for the link, made my day. :)

Dasanko on
That link presents...
    a sad truth.
Zaphyel on

Yes, but thats human nature coming from one extreme into the different, human history is full of examples. The big irony in it is, they damage the life of womens much more than that of men. Personally i believe the main problem is that the press loves crazy extremistic people, so every attention focuses on them. Like with religions, the idea isn't bad but people love it to overdo stuff. Humans are a funny race. ^^

AColonyOfAnts on

What I actually find disturbing about today's trends is that the news press, at least that on US TV (I find newspapers and international news services to be generally more moderate), is more focused on generating entertainment via shock value than actually attempting to inform the general public.  And unfortunately, those shock values that are being covered just so happen to be the extremists doing negative things.  That's why most of the general public have skewed, biased views against groups of people.  It's a sad world when our "news" is a brainwashing outlet rather than an enlightening one.


Just as how Bluewinds demands better porn, I demand better news. XP

Zaphyel on

In vienna i work as some kind of puplic official (there is no real translation for it) for the state, in my job i have the opportunity to read court logs and compare them with news. Not a single newspaper is close to what really happened because they just interview random people, never proof anything and never write objective. News is for entertainment, nothing more, nothing less and it seems to me that people like it that way.

But whats the real information anyway, even if you were there and saw everything you would never see the whole picture from every possible angle. If you ask 5 people for the description of someone you get 5 different descriptions because your brain tend to fill out unknown details from different memorys. I dont think that news are able to be accurate so they choose at least to be entertaining.

I demand better porn too, like it was in the 70s...(did someone see the alice in wonderland porn-musical from that time?) that was porn. :D

Terryble on

Despite the seeming stupidity of using a Will Ferrell movie as a reference in a serious discussion Anchorman 2 is actually all about changing news from, in the words of the main character: "What people need to hear" to "What people want to hear". At some point I stopped paying attention to any commercial news sources, I only pay any heed to the public news organsation in my country and independent news groups that actually give a crap about informing instead of pushing an agenda.

*Something about Rupert Murdoch goes here.*

Espera on

I'm really looking forward to Hilde. I think she'll be my favorite.

BlueWinds on

Sad admission - Hilde is my least favorite. We'd probably get along fine if we met IRL, but "getting along fine" is not the same as "want to shower with love-snuggles" (Hathawa, Wend) or "hope she thinks I'm good enough to notice" (Antinua) or even "be friends with" (Alison)

TK on

Well then! Its been a while since I had time to check into the game and all, but its great that the ball is finally moving again. I'll probably get around to playing the 0.72 verion of the game today and then maybe come back to rant about it tomorrow.

In other news, BlueWinds is a female! Yay! Whoops, I guess there was no point to me saying that. Anyway, I just want to say something; this may sound rude (and I'm sorry if it does, I don't mean it that way), but I honestly don't care one way or another. You could be a guy, girl, or even a futa (yes, I went there), and it wouldn't matter to me! I care only about who you are and what you do. Who you are; BlueWinds! What you do; create an amazing game that I love and support through and through!

I'm terribly sorry that someone had the nerve and audacity to threaten our always awesome creator of BrothelSi.m, but trolls are just troll. They come and they go like blue winds (see the pun there?). They're mean and they say terrible things, but I hope all of this won't effect you or the game in any way!

On another note, that little comic strip was pretty hilarious! If I could add a gif in here then I would, but it would just add insult to injury (and make the ending infinitely funnier), and so , I'll leave my twisted humor to myself.

*rant over*

Jyeti on

Straw feminist characters make me roll my eyes in annoyance.  Too often in my experience people who aren't feminists themselves respond to the subject of feminism as if it were straw feminism.  The most common comments I've heard, imply or outright say in some way or another that the person believes being a feminist means disliking men.  The fact that so many people I've met believe that, confounds and frustrates me....

On a less serious note, I took that Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test linked from OkCupid.  INFP - the Healer  (You scored 36% I to E, 21% N to S, 33% F to T, and 79% J to P!)My guess had been INP with a F/T blend.

Oh, and I am from the United States, but never had a psychology class.  I don't know where else a test like this may have come up, but it was new to me.

Some questions were tough choices but one very much wanted me to say "I notice both!"  The question being. "Do you tend to notice: A) Disorderliness B) Opportunities for change"  though I don't act on either as much as I notice them.  Is noticing both odd, I wonder?

I should add, I enjoyed the link on this page, though the serious message subdued the humor a bit for me.  Belief in straw feminism vs real feminism just is one of my peeves though; so that may be partially why I felt it less humorous than some.

BlueWinds on

MBTI is definitely more of an interesting conversation starter/thought tool than some deep truth. I'm not sure where I first heard about it - probably from my mother when I was quiet young. "INTP" and other variations have just been a part of my vocabulary as long as I can remember.

This being part of the "darker side of the internet" (by subject matter, if not community) and me posting on feminism, my posts here tend to attract a lot of argument. Some of it is visible, some of it happens via the "Contact Me" link or comments that I find more inflammatory/anger-inducing than constructive/conversational and thus never approve. For some reason, those people never register...

Jyeti on

Though sometimes the subject matters can be serious, I have trouble imagining this as the 'darker side'.  A hate group website, a religious intolerance site, or serial killer's murder blog would be the 'dark side.'  This isn't even a dark and depressing game world.

I must concede that you may be receiving messages from the darker side because of the game, comments on feminism, and who you are, but that doesn't make this site part of the dark.  If anything, it is part of the light.  It promotes not being ashamed of sex, sexuality, or fetishes and supports equal treatment of women... something sadly far from being achieved in this world. 

Personally, I never understood why depicting or writing about sex, which is a common enough and natural act for many is more objectionable than terrifying people with psychological horror or graphic depictions of violence.  Bloody beheading in as much graphic detail as is desired is more acceptable than anything beyond the broad strokes of indicating people had or are having sex.  ...  In a world where sex is natural and deadly violence to others outside of survival and war is not, it seems all backwards. 

And making people more terrified of birds, spiders, snakes, mirrors, death, the dark, empty buildings, old houses, clowns, carnivals, and 'different' people does not sound like something that should be so easily accessible.  I mean, you can even accidentally happen upon a horror story on regular TV without realizing what it is until it is too late when flipping channels.  It has happened to me a couple of times.  Took me years not to be totally creeped out being alone in front of a mirror after one of them.

Well, enough ranting. Thank you for your site and game, and for your endurance under the inflammatory/anger-inducing parts that the rest of us never have to see.

AColonyOfAnts on

The sad thing is that the ability to stay anonymous on the internet brings out the worst of people.  I know a friend who filters out a lot of hate on his tumblr blog by simply removing the anonymous ask function.  One of my favorite quotes about internet anonymity is "When you can choose to be anything on the internet, it's a wonder why so many choose to be assholes"

As for the general intolerance about sex, unfortunately it seems like there is a policy in the US of enforcing sexual purity while sexualizing female anatomy (a strange dichotomy).  It's the main reason why we have awful sex ed and the general public goes "ewww" at the sight of public breastfeeding.

BlueWinds on

I do indeed find that strange. I'm much politer online than I am in person - when I notice I'm upset or otherwise caught up in the moment, I can take as much time as I need to compose a response I can be proud of. In face-to-face interactions, I'm required to respond immediately.

As you say, it's a chance to practice being the person I want to be.

BlueWinds on

By "darker side", I meant, on reflection, "more closely associated with 4chan than Facebook."

You're right to point out that that's an odd thought - why did I think that to be the case, when it's pretty clearly not true? My writing / game is reasonably "literary," even if graphically explicit, and respectful to everyone involved (or I at least try to be). So... point taken.

I disagree that violence isn't "natural" - it's entirely natural. "Natural," however, is a terrible measure of "good" or "necessary." The fact that something is natural - like violence or racism or not wearing clothes - doesn't mean it's good or that it can't be changed. I'm an intelligent being, not a purely natural one. I wear clothes so I can play in the snow, and I disapprove of racism and violence because I have morality and like the fruits of cooperation.

Jyeti on

Yes, you are right.  Violence is natural.  In a world where cooperation is a positive, deadly force and strong violence should be a last resort though, and I don't think it should be particularly glorified or encouraged.  I know people shoot others for no good reason, gang violence exists, wars are fought, regimes oppress, law enforcement can kill.... I guess I worded what I was thinking very poorly. 

Natural is neither a good or bad trait.  Hemlock is a natural herb.  Reminds me of arguements that say, "You shouldn't do that because it is unnatural and not found anywhere in nature." and then when people find out that it does happen in nature, "You shouldn't do that because we aren't beasts; we are above the base instincts of animals."  Both are poor reasons for doing or not doing anything.  I should have been more aware of my words and not fallen into that trap.  I was thinking more about 'good for society' when saying natural, I think.  Sex leads to happier people and also can lead to continuation of the species, while deadly violence within a society leads to lack of cooperation, worry, and reduced population.

If society wasn't so hung up on nudity and especially sex as something that had to be hidden, we could treat it more as just a part of people's lives and have it as an acceptable part of a story and not something that needed to be tiptoed around.  A change like that would likely be gradual though.  Bloody and fatal violence exists, but unless it is trying to depict the bad... graphic depictions of it are for the 'cool' factor and that just seems wrong.  I'm sorry if I'm not explaining myself very well.

Jyeti on

Sorry about the copy posts.  I messed it up using the back button.