Back from Vacation

Fri, 10/03/2014 - 16:05 -- BlueWinds

I have just spent a week away, visiting my mother and grandfather. My grandfather passed away the day after I left - not unexpected, given it was the reason I visited now rather than later.

We weren't real close. He was an old man, 93, not quite bed-bound, but pretty close to it. He had two sons and a daughter, outlived his wife and married again. He was in the navy during WWII, and I used to like listening to his stories about that, until he forgot them all. I feel like I should be sad, but I'm not. I find it hard to care, actually, except in so much as my mother is sad.

But anyway, that's enough of that. I actually just wanted to share some thoughts I've had about dirty, kinky relationships and what I want out of one, and a very small update on game development.



I am not interested in having a "master." Though I know several people who are happy with one, and several more searching, that's just not my interest. I want a partner - someone I can respect and who respects me - who just happens to like tying me up and hitting me.

This is not actually an unusual desire - despite what you may read in stories or see in porn, 24/7 D/s relationships are rather rare. Most BDSM relationships are "bedroom only" (for certain expansive definitions of bedroom).

That's... that's it. That's all I have to say right now. I promised some thoughts, not a lot of thoughts - stop judging, little mind-phantoms, insisting that every post be lonng and thought provoking and meaningful.



As far as game development goes, I've been a bit slow this past month or so. I did get the "Market" screen, and related interfaces, mostly working - still a bit more to do there, but the next focus is on the "Sailing" interface, to select destinations and whatnot. The above picture is another game asset that I thought I'd share, a tidbit to keep people interested. :)


terumokou on

Condolences, I guess? I'm getting the feeling that it's one of those "even if you don't mourn for them, at least show your respects" kind of thing.

And hey, at least we're getting somewhere. Progress is still progress.

Dartinin (not verified) on

I can agree with wanting that ... someone strong when in public someone i can stand toe to toe with. In the bedroom i want someone i can dominate who enjoys giving up and into me.  who will share all the little things they want then let me pleasure them as my pace... a sort of dom-esk relationship.

Thanks for Sharing .. i can understand how you feel .. my mother lost her brother and sister in one year ... she only has one living family member and as much as i want to feel bad about that ... i just ... i feel bad for her .. hell i lost a cat i had 13 years a dog for 15 and my father all in 2 years ... i felt sad of course ...  so i can understand how she feels .. some peaple just greve different .. some peaple just dont show it so openly .. hell with my father what i feared most was losing respect for him .. bed ridden needing to be changed ... that cant help but alter how you see someone ... Well thanks for sharing ^^

KradWolfe22 (not verified) on

Hey again. Won't bother you with "sorry for your loss" noone enjoys those kinds of talks. Not gonna judge but you made me curious on the "bedroom only" part. True it can be done around the house but sadly can't help you when it comes to public. Maybe if you were looking for a torture such as hiding toys under your close while your other holds the controller to the toys then I understand. Other than that, hope you enjoyed your vacation.