Backer scenes

Mon, 03/10/2014 - 09:39 -- BlueWinds

So, my goal right now is to run through all the backer scenes I haven't gotten to yet, at least one per day. The remaining ones are:

  • A woman offering bondage training (for the sub).

  • Claus, a very well hung young man who has some difficulty because the woman can't fit him.
  • A customer who uses your employee's pussy for perfume (a little weird, but I can write it...)
  • A male PC helping a woman through her first time.
  • A male customer getting a blowjob while the woman plays with him anally.
  • Tom Makhura, scene/event 1

  • Tom Makhura, scene/event 2

  • Tom Makhura, scene/event 3

If you expected me to be writing a scene for you, and it's neither on this list nor in the game already, please let me know.


Anonymous (not verified) on

Oooh, they all sound exciting, looking forward to it.

Jethro Makari on

I kind of wonder if there are backers that forgot about their rewards, and will come back to it months or years later and realize their dream scene came to be. Probably not but it's kind of a tickling thought.

Did you get the folder, Blue?

BlueWinds on

I did get it.

There are still people who show up, perhaps twice a month, to claim their backer rewards (development access or short story), and someone sent in their scene request just the other day. So the answer is "probably."

Coga on


Hah, I'm one of those people (kinda)- I sent in some info and details about my own tier donation stuff a long while back, forgot about it for a while, then suddenly remembered. Worse, it's a $100-tier donation, so hurrah for financial prudence, eh?



Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the only $100 backer out there- could we have some details on how those bits are going? Just a little something to know we haven't been forgotten?

BlueWinds on

Oh, thanks for reminding me! I will add you to the list above - all the other $100 supporters are already covered (anyone else who I've forgotten about please post here as well!).

Coga on

No sweat, my fault for not communicating more, blegh. Do you need anything from me? Not sure how much help I'd be, though.

BlueWinds on

Nothing else at the moment. I'm just going to be writing a bunch of scenes involving Tom (three more of decent length, though none of them will be sexy things) for the next release.

joseph33759 (not verified) on

Not really a comment about the game, but I like the picture you chose for this post >.>