Computer Problems

Sat, 02/16/2013 - 02:28 -- BlueWinds

So you know what sucks? Having your computer explode into a steaming pile of junk.

Well, at least I imagine that would suck. It's not exactly what happened to me - my computer and I have had a couple of serious issues, but we're working through them, and with the help of a good therapist...

Wait, nope, that's not what's happening either. Corrupted filesystem, no lost data but a couple of days working off a LiveCD rather than my normal laptop verion of Linux, so I'm not being very productive at all.

Version 5.1 will be delayed a bit, given these issues. Still in the works though - special thanks to Arcess for being helpful in finding images for me.


Some dude (not verified) on

That sucks man. Keep up the good work, excellent game!

pi (not verified) on

corrupted? that sucks... good luck fixing your hard drive

J (not verified) on

sorry about your troubles i hope you can fix your computer problems

Martos (not verified) on

I found this message: Error too much recursion Line 107

BlueWinds on

Hm, the dreaded too much recursion error. It pops up intermittently for a lot of people, but never for me no matter what browser I use. I'm unable to cause it myself, and it doesn't seem to have any noticable effect on save files that would tell me what caused it. Grrr.

Thanks for reporting, but I've basically given up on firguring this one out.


anon (not verified) on

I'm really enjoying this game!

My wishlist:

- More variation in the Orgasm Denial messages, as this is the kind of training that is in high demand.

- An introductory box for each girl when they're hired, even if it's just the bio they already have. A couple of them don't feel like they much individuality right now, and this could help.

- Group sex as a fifth and final category for libido and experience. With the existing four categories, I can totally imagine a girl would be fine with any three of them and uncomfortable with the other. And, with that, I can totally imagine a girl being okay with all of the one-on-one stuff but needing to be introduced to the idea of multiple simultaneous partners. This could be functionally identical to the other categories and use the existing images.

BlueWinds on

If you want more variation in the messages, write it! Post it here! I'll put it in! ;) I tend to work on things as the mood strikes me - so 0.5.1 is going to have a big tentacle event tree, some more text about the city in general, and some content for Saber.

An introductory message for each girl is an excellent idea. I'll add it to the list of potential features.

I already have images set up for group sex for each girl, but wasn't planning to add it as just another sex type. It would play weird in Streewalk and Whore - I'd have to rework a bunch of the code to treat it special (using up more than one customer slot, generating multiple customers, etc). On the other hand, that part of the code really does need a lookover anyway...

Basically, I was thinking I'd save group sex for more "special" situations - special planned-in-advance orgies, as events that interrupt her normal sex work, etc.

Arcess (not verified) on

Out of interest, is there any way of determining via image hits which girls are the most popular besides Kirino? I understand that the site doesn't load images more than once per game, but I'm curious to know which of the girls get more hits on any one of their images (except the base one on the Hire Girl selection).

BlueWinds on

Not really. I could count hits in the apache log, but that would mean just about nothing for several reasons. First, caching - a user should theoretically only hit my server the first time they see an image. Second, I don't track IP addresses, so there's no way to tell the difference between one really active player and bunch of different ones. Third, a lot of players play offline.

I'm going to hold a poll with the next release to see which girl I should add content for next - that might give some indication of which girls people like best, though it won't include Sakuya.