Demo release date

Thu, 12/11/2014 - 22:48 -- BlueWinds
Dec 18th
33% (191 votes)
Jan 16th
26% (151 votes)
Feb 1st
40% (232 votes)
Total votes: 574

It has come to my attention that December is not the best time to be running a kickstarter, and on further thought, I'm embarrassed I didn't consider this fact myself. ^^;;

Thus, dear readers, a poll. When do you think I should release the kickstarter, and along with it, the demo? I don't promise to go along with the results, but I will take them into consideration. How impatient are you? :D

Mid December is really creeping up on me, and I'm not 100% sure I could make it anyway. Mid-January is another time I've been considering, after the holidays a bit, but it's been suggested that mid-month is also not the best time, and I might do better waiting until the beginning of Febuary.

Here's a bit of candy: if I decide not to release on Dec 18th, as I'd originally promised, I will instead share with you all a short story set in the same world as the game, and containing one of the main characters. Said story will not make it into the demo, but would be integrated into the final game.



This site had some downtime earlier today - all the notices that the domain name was expiring were getting stuck in junkmail. (><) Thanks to the user who reported it to me.


AColonyOfAnts on

I'm not sure why, but what is it about mid-month periods that makes Kickstarters unappealing?

Frankieo on

If it's during December month, people won't have money left for Kickstarter donations, after buying christmas gifts etc.

And during mid January, people will most likely not have money left for Kickstarter donations, as they would have spent a lot of money on January sales.

Thus, Febuary will be the best for BlueWinds if she want's the most money out of her Kickstarter period.

BlueWinds on

Mhm, this. Basically end-of-year is the hardest bit on people's wallets, and giving them some time to recover isn't a bad thing. Not to mention giving myself some additional time to get everything ready. :)

anon (not verified) on

How are you handling the art? Stealing random crap from the internet means you can't sell the game in its current state.

BlueWinds on

As has been stated several times elsewhere, 100% of the art for the upcoming game is commissioned. All of the character art and some of the backgrounds are done by MitTeam, with the remainer of the backgrounds by OtaquID.

The image posted here was one of MitTeam's. I've shared some of Otaquid's in the past, but some older images on the blog seem to be missing at the moment. >.>

Arith on

Whew, glad to see it's just a short downtime.