Describe your character

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 22:21 -- BlueWinds
Female / Dom
13% (123 votes)
Female / Neither or Switch
15% (141 votes)
Female / Sub
23% (226 votes)
Male / Dom
28% (274 votes)
Male / Neither or Switch
16% (151 votes)
Male / Sub
5% (49 votes)
Total votes: 964

Continuing our long line of polls, what did you play?


I should probably eat something today other than the single doughnut I had for breakfast. Let me share a recipe.

  • 1 Large Onion.
  • Several (3-6) cloves Garlic

Saute them in olive oil or butter.

  • 1 lb dried pinto beans
  • 1 tbs Red Chili Powder (hot or mild as you prefer)

Put everything in a big pot. Fill it all the way with water. Boil it (gently, covered) for 3 hours. Longer is better - you could leave it on all day if you like, as long as it doesn't get dry.

  • 2 Corn Tortillas per person
  • 1 Egg per person
  • Cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, monterrey jack, whatever)

Fry the eggs over easy.

On each plate, lay a tortilla. Cover it with beans. Shred some (not a lot) cheese over the top. Put another tortilla over it. More beans. A little more cheese. Add an egg to top it off.

Done. Meal costs ~$1 per person, very little prep time, and is ungodly delicious. I like to add a vinegary hot sauce over the top, but it's fine with just salt and pepper instead.


j on

thanks for the recipe blue i have to try it out sometime

Sei (not verified) on

You could add a couple of diced bell peppers, some corn and or peas and a handfull of diced portobello's for a minimal increase in cost while getting a major boost in both look and taste.

Also if you're using olive oil and garlic you could try adding some crushed pinoles and dried basil or coriander.


PS: May I also suggest serving eggs scrambled with fried rice on side rather then straight up on top? I know they taste great but this way you can save on both money and cholesterol. :)

BlueWinds on

I think your tastes are very different than mine - none of those changes sound appetizing at all. :P

Also, why would scrambling eggs save on cholesterol compared to frying them? Same ingredients, just cooked slightly differently.

Rice is good with beans, true. It makes a complete protein. So does corn + beans (thus the corn tortillas).

Sei (not verified) on

Well peppers and the rest will add a bit of colour and texture and they're fairly mild compared to onion saute so the taste should be simillar, and basil or cilantro are a cheap spin for an italian or mexican feel.

The eggs: first of all you don't fry them on oil, you just break one or more into steamed rice and stir. And secondly you can reduce the number of eggs used to one per (say) three persons rather 1/1.

Sure tortillas are awesome, but even if you make your own they're mostly starch so it's fairer to compare them to bread then boiled corn, or just about any veg. side dish to be honest.


But obviously whatever works for you and sorry if I came off as a smartass.  :)

BlueWinds on

You didn't come across as smart ass, you just want to turn my delicious New Mexican home cooking into something entirely different. ;) If you want to add peppers, at least add chilli peppers instead of bell. Green chillis can be added to almost anything.

Humans can't digest corn very well - even corn-on-the-cob is (nutritionally) more closely related to white rice than it is to other vegetables. Corn hunks aren't any better than corn tortillas in that regard.

If you want to get nutrients other than starch out of corn, one of the best solutions is to soak it in lime... which, surprise surprise, makes another delicious Mexican dish. ;)

Taikdarys (not verified) on

"Done. Meal costs ~$1 per person, very little prep time, and is ungodly delicious."


"Boil it (gently, covered) for 3 hours. Longer is better - you could leave it on all day if you like, as long as it doesn't get dry."


Hey. Hey. Winds. Buddy. Between you and me, I think we have some... different considerations on what is "very little time".

BlueWinds on

Prep time -> standing in the kitchen working. 10-15 minutes.

Cooking time -> go and do something else. Seriously, this doesn't even need to be stirred.

Frankieo on

Bah, i cant stand how spicy any type of chilli is, and i usually let any hot/warm food or drink to cool down till its about lukewarm before i can eat or drink. Also, beans make me gassy, and i don't really like the taste of them anyways. And i don't really care too much for tortillas or the taco shells either.

However, my brother - who practically eats Jalapeños like it's candy - would probably like this dish ^^Did i mention that my brother happens to be married with a mexican also? By now, he has to like spicy food :P


Btw, question regarding the poll, "Describe your character", "Character" as in my character in the game, or "Character" as in, which of the chategories best describes my personality?

BlueWinds on

I am firmly on the "can eat fire" end of the spectrum. Jalapenos are tasty. I recently bought this bottle of hot sauce - a couple drops (that's all you need for an entire meal) can make my roommate's eyes water from across the room. I'd be happier with it if it weren't so sweet, but it sure is hot enough.

This poll is about your character in the game.

Frankieo on

Haha, it would've been funny to see who of you and my brother would win a spicy eating contest :P

I'd probably want to have an onion goggles or something on while watching, i bet that the hot sauce would make my eyes react just by watching xD


Alright, if its a poll about our characters in the game, then i think it's a bit wrong when you compare it with the other poll about which gender the player was, and which gender the players character was in the game :P