Dune and progress

Sat, 12/28/2013 - 00:04 -- BlueWinds

So, minor change of policy here: I'm going to keep the front page vaguely worksafe as far as images are concerned from now on. There will still be adult text, and images in the posts themeselves, but they won't be visible unless you click on an a post.

Why? To make the front page a little less visually shocking, mostly for my own benefit. I kept getting... startled? Caught off guard? Something like that anyway, by the tentacle image when it was up here as the first post.



I had a good day yesterday. I bought chocolate icecream, chips and salasa and then settled down to read. And read. And read. And get more icecream. And read.

Dune, dune, dune-de-dune dune dune... I re-read the entire 500 page book yesterday, cover to cover, nonstop except for a single break to get more icecream. It's my favorite piece of literature of all time - both as Fiction and as Philosophy. Frank Herbert reaches depths of profundity that most philosophers can only dream of - and with a degree in Philosophy, I don't make that claim lightly.

I am currently resisting the urge to pick up the rest of the series and spend the entire weekend rereading them as well. If the Jan 1st release is late, you'll know what to blame. ^^;;


Images, images, images. I've recolored / adjusted 29 this week, and 4 still remain to finish Alison.

Image editing can do wonders, eh? I think, besides matching Alison in hair color, that the one on the right is much more visually appealing in general. Took a while, but turned out well. b^^d

I was hoping the commisions for Hilde would be done for this release, but they're going to take a little longer for the artist to finish, and I want to release all ten of them as a batch. So you'll have to excuse some of Hilde's new events not 100% matching the images displayed for them.


Redrell on

Mmmm.. Ice cream...

Kriegexx on

Wow, that picture looks MUCH better after you edited it.

BlueWinds on

The worst is when I mis-estimate what something will look like, and spend 45 minutes just to end up with something still ugly. That doesn't happen often, but it's rather frustrating when it does.

Someday I'll have another image gathering competition to replace Antinua's pictures (they're a bit disjoined), but for now I'd be pleased to never see GIMP's Lasso tool again. ><

Dasanko on

Definitely good to see the "tail-branch" gone.

Redrell on

Absoutly. Really cleaned up well. 

Terryble on

The remaining white between her legs is killing me, god damn it BlueWinds! :D

BlueWinds on

Cannot... unsee...

Fixed (in the game, not here). I have no idea why there is white there in the original image. Looks like they just forgot to fill that area in in the first place...?

Terryble on

Certainly looks that way. It's understandable to miss that during editing like you did but while drawing it seems a little harder; you don't see that very often.

Espera on

I made it all the way up to Heritics of Dune, but for some reason, I couldn't finish it.  The whole situation just seemed so bizarre and detached by then.

BlueWinds on

Dune was by far the best, no doubt. I definitely see where you're coming from on the rest of it - things take a very strange, much more mystical turn after the first book.

Chapterhouse Dune (the very last one Herbert wrote) is my second favorite though - it returns a bit to the origins, focusing on the Bene Gesserit again, philosophy and gender relations.

Abe (not verified) on

I need to read that book. Everyone I know waxes poetic about it, it has to be at least better than average. Would you say Dune is a dense read?

BlueWinds on

Yes. Well, at least a little bit. It's not light, but it is still entertaining fiction - nothing like The Silmarillion or a philosophical treatise.