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Thu, 04/10/2014 - 20:33 -- BlueWinds
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24% (97 votes)
Total votes: 411

Define "favorite" however you'd like.

I do not mean to be ignoring all the wonderful comments I've been getting - I will have a new bugfixed release for you all sometime this weekend, and will respond to people who need responses before then.

Now, curious as I am about this fact (and I'll be putting up more polls soon), it has a point. I was recently asked an interesting question:

What do women desire in hentai/porn? Generally, like the mainstream stuff. For example do they like the man being rough, gentle (but dominant and confident), that sort of thing. Since you seem to be a lesbian...

Anyways generally I find that a lot of hentai mainly doujins and movies, don't really have all that touchy feely stuff (which I actually kind of like) and most of it is just about mindless fucking. Anyways I would appreciate your views on this, and if you know any other females let me know so I can ask them :l

Do not be afraid to go into detail, if you wish to write an essay on this I will read it with vigor.

Very well, an essay it is. But an essay deconstructing the question, rather than answering it. ;)

What do women want in porn? Well, it's hard to say.

What do people want in porn? As far as I've been able to determine, they like it rough, gentle (both dominant and not so much), with ropes, whips and chains - on either the man or the woman - in groups, with pissing, with whipped cream, with lesbians...

That's probably not a very helpful answer. The only helpful answer I can think of to any of the questions - "what do people/men/women like in porn" - is a statistical one, and I'm not any better placed to answer any one variant of the question than the others.

I can articulate what I like in porn, but "women" is a really, really big group.


I'm not just being pedantic here - I think there's an important point to be made about how female sexuality and females in general are viewed. Everyone knows it's a silly question to ask "what do people like", because everyone knows that each person is different. And while you do get the question "what do men like" occasionally, it's usually only put out by people pushing gender essentialism.

The concept of "women liking sex" is still somewhat new to western culture (and the east too, though less thoroughly) - we're only now coming out of several thousand years of sexual repression, wherein all women are expected and forced to (dis)like the same thing.

So... the question is halfway there. It's got the "women can like sex too" part going for it, but it hasn't quite reached the point of "women are real people" yet.


So what do I like in my porn? Well, perhaps I'll answer that another time in a separate post. ;)


BlueWinds on

I cheated and gave myself two votes, so that I could vote for both Antinua and Hathawa.

If I were not cheating, it would have been just for Antinua. ;)

Anonymous (not verified) on

I have no account, but I'd vote Antinua, because I like PC-sub content.

BlueWinds on

Huh, I was wondering why there were so few votes. Proper permissions granted - vote away. ;)

The_Rippy_One (not verified) on

That was an interesting link, but it didn't give an actual definition of the basic term - what is essentialism?

I am going to guess it is the assumption that a general group share an essential trait or aspect beyond the basic definition of said group? Men like sports, IRS agents are anal retentive, Africans are better in bed, that sort of thing?

BlueWinds on

Gender essentialism is the belief that certain things are "natural" or "genetic" or "inherent." Most of what you listed are stereotypes - similar in some ways, but not quite the same.

Males are competitive by nature. Women are more emotional than men because . All men like sports unless they've been sissified.

The important bit is the assertion that these are inherent to gender rather than cultural constructs.

The_Rippy_One (not verified) on

so there is no essentialism other than gender essentialism? Fair enough. Thanks for explaining!

Frankieo on

I tend to like the Tsundere characters, and if i am not mistaken Alison would fit that category well, at least that's what i can sum up.

Hard, rude, demanding, confident, and controlling exterior. With a soft, loving, shy, frigthened, and cuddly interior.

In other words, it looks like Alison masks her soft, shy, frightened and loving side of her with a demanding, rude, confident, and controlling exterior. Due to being afraid of getting hurt for confessing her true feelings towards the player.

Feel free to spank my but if I'm wrong in my asumptions, i might be wrong, been a while since i played it now.

So, Alison is by far my favorite girl in the game :)


Also, I personally might first get slightly shocked if i find out a girl-friend - or a girl generally - confess that she likes porn. But after only few seconds, i get facinated and sort of intrigued, fancying the thought of maybe having a "porn buddy."

I mean, who the heck wouldnt dig to have someone to watch some porn movies while having some sweet hot sweating fun themselves in the meantime? :P

BlueWinds on

Would you have that same reaction if you learned that about a guy friend? Because if not, you might still have some hangups about female sexuality to think about. :P

(I mean only the inital shocked reaction, not the wanting to share movies bit - that's fine to desire with only one [or no] gender)


Alison is not actually all that cuddly and shy on the inside - she's more bratty than anything. Despite spending a great many years as a ghost, she never really grew up. There's a good person somewhere, but it would take a lot of digging to bring her out.

Alison might be fun, but she's also a bitch. ^^;; A relationship with her would be a mix of heaven when she's happy and hell the rest of time.

Frankieo on

Well, the shock isn't as much shock to have learned that even girls watch porn, but rather the shock that a girl would actually admit to someone else - especially a guy - that even she watches porn at least some times, and rather enjoys it.

It's something to do with my experience regarding the topic, I am open in conversations when it comes to sex, porn and the likes, but mostly whenever I've asked a girl what her view on porn is, she would almost alway say something in the lines of "I can't stand it, it's disrespectful and distasteful, and portraits both women and the act of sex wrong. And that's why I don't like porn, and never watch it." Hence the shock if a girl actually does admit to me she both watches, and likes porn.

Guys on the other hand, I'm used to hearing all sorts of guys who openly admits that they like porn, watch porn, and even recommending me some porn sites or videos.

The fact that girls seem to tend to secrative of their true feelings about porn, I think is largely due to the typical comments from large masses of people like "*name* has had sex with over 10 different guys, she's such a slut!", or probably even being told "girls aren't supposed to like watching porn." etc. Thus  making them afraid of admitting their feelings as openly as guys, cause if a guy had sex with over 10 different girls, he'd be seen as a "god" or something...

It's quite sad honestly, I wish that girls would be more open about it, and not being branded with such harsh words for admitting it. So, the shock is more of being amazed that the girl was couragous enough to be truthful enough to admit she likes watching porn, instead of masking it with the usual silly stuff.

Now that you mention it, i do remember Alison was quite the stubborn and childish girl, but i remember that she once showed that she did have at least a sensitive side to her as well. Am i wrong thinking so?

Also, a bitchy girl can be hot some times, being demanding too ^^

Frost (not verified) on

My first post here. I just like how Wend is so free spirited, but also have a mysterious vibe. I just ended up wanting to know more and more about her. Im also a sucker for the fact that she cries off by herself and wont talk to you about it. That really draws me in to want to interact with her. In my head shes a girl that knows how to smile. And the way she acts makes me smile. So I wanted to protect it. Im not sure if you made her characteristics like that. Or I just made that up along the line from the way I read/skim(sadly not too big of a fan of reading) through the story.

I'll also admit im a lolicon(gross right?) when it comes to anime base things.

Characters like her brightened up dark times. Im fond of that ever since i was young(blaming Rikku from FFX/X2). She hits me in too many personal spots to not have her as my "Favorite Woman".

I read around the other posts about your next project. Cant wait for the deeper storylines you're going to put in. Im really hopeing that you'll  have another character like her. Imma be looking ever so often for any update.

Hella random but Good Luck in real life and have fun making the next game. Your time and effort really showed. 

BlueWinds on

I'm glad someone liked what I was doing with Wend. Of all the women in the game, she's probably the one I'd get along with best in real life.

Interesting that you felt protective of her - she's not really someone who needs protecting in the same way Hathawa or Alison or Katri do, and she'd be angry if you tried. If the game were a visual novel, she'd be the heroine where you have to let her face her own issues, without pushing her to share more than she's ready to.

Frost (not verified) on

Im not sure if I fineshed getting all the story involving her yet. I just happend to see her cry every few weeks. Not sure if shes just venting about her life or something. Kinda tear me up abit. If this was a NV I would kinda freak. From my experiance form those is that her type tend to be the most interestingly delicate to save. Put too little effort leads nowhere. Too much can destroy her or turn off her so much she might even leave. The fact that so far I cant seem to find a way to help her makes me want to do something more.

Hathawa has Antinua, if you mess with Hathawa, your going to have a bad day.... So shes fine and dandy. Alison kinda disappeared into the background... Katri was too late in the game for my taste. I think Hilde/Wend event should have been last (not sure if all events for collecting girls are in a specific order). My attachedment for Wend seem to stem from her being basicly your longest friend aside form Hilde. And the need to help her like some VN protagonist. Once again, cant wait for deeper story or relationship. 

wind (not verified) on

I would vote for tencles but they aren't included ;p

As for what women look in pron? Have you ever considered why vampire fantasies are so common around female erotica? I would recomend you to read one of those it will be realy educational read. Pay attention how authors of thous describe genitalies and hwo often they reffer to "blood" (no, not because it is about vampires :P)

The_Rippy_One (not verified) on

Maybe, but it's just as likely that we are seeing what the erotica industry believes women want (Or, possibly, what they should want), or represents the predilictions of a certain editor who proved to be a successful driving force on the topic.

The view might also be a biased one based on various factors - for example, it may be that a lot of vampire erotica is printed, and is thus visible, but it's actual success is proportional to its production (ie, not a break out demographic), or is limited to selected works, and the rest are copycat works that don't do very well, even though the "sector" is strong. 

Or it could be that the vampire erotica is given a strong media presence for a number of reasons (like Twilight's success, for example), but the media presence does not translate into extensive sales or interest. To put it another way, if media covers a fetish story, most of the time it will be in a paricular way, even if this is not representational of the actual culture, because the standard depiction "sells" better and fits with "what everybody knows" is true - or, to translate, Twilight is a well known piece of Vampire "romance," but that doesn't mean that another form of romance was not equally popular, only that the media attention on the other was less dominant for some reason.

A third option is that you are sensitived to such stories, either in a positive or negative way, and this leads to an observational error because you are attuned to notice them more strongly. The same way a depressed person has difficulty remembering good times - the brain re-enforces certain thoughts or behaviours based on current or expected criteria. This in no way is a detraction of you, nor am I calling you a liar, or that what you are saying is nesassarily incorrect, merely noting that you are human, and such biases are common to humans.

If you have data to the effect that you are saying, I would love to peruse it, though I don't know if I'd derive the same conclusion - if nothing else, I have a different set of biases.