Favorite worker poll (also release plans)

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 16:07 -- BlueWinds
8% (3 votes)
11% (4 votes)
27% (10 votes)
27% (10 votes)
27% (10 votes)
Total votes: 37

Who's your favorite character so far? It's not an entirely fair question, since Alison shows up only briefly while I've written about Hathawa way too much, but cast your vote anyway. This poll won't influence anything, I'm just sort of curious and thought others might be as well.


On another subject, here are my current plans for holiday presents for you all:

  • The Internet: I'm going to give you an update to the demo. It'll be the current version of the game with most of the content stripped out, to give you a better idea of how it actually plays.
  • Supporters: I'm going to give you a release with both Hilde and Alison hireable. Alison will still be short a bunch of images, but whatever.
  • $35+ supporters: I'll be putting out the backer-exclusive story for download as a PDF and .odt (I stick my tongue out at .doc).

Speaking of which, I am not very good at organization, and I didn't always keep the best track of things. If you expect to be getting the backer exclusive story (that is, you donated $35 or more) and can't see a text file attached here, please comment here and include your Offbeatr username. I've marked about... 2/3rds of you, those I could track down. Heh. ^^;;

The text file is empty, nothing interesting inside, but let me know now if you can't see it so you won't have to wait when I put the actual story up. Anyone interested in a 5000+ word piece of fiction, there's still time. You'll get to see how I write when I'm not limited to a serial panel format. ;)


After consulting the previous poll and the comments below, I've decided not to release the full game at the end of the year - it will be a couple of months later than that. Before release, I'm going to finish the backer rewards - which, conveniently, also cover almost all the content I promised in the Offbeatr campaign. Not all of it though - expect 4-6 months of storyline, rather than a full 12 (it takes a lot of stuff to keep someone entertained with novel events for 365 days * 3 turns per day!).



dragaroo on

Hey Blue Winds, did you get my email from this morning?  Sorry to pester you; I just wanted to make sure I hadn't caused anything silly like 2 sets of payments.  My schedule is all kinds of fucked up because my feverish ass slept about 20 hrs straight and just like that I'm almost nocturnal. Best.

BlueWinds on

Yep, got your email and everything's good as is. I'll be sending you bitcoins in a bit here.

froggalpha on

My OffBeatr name is Raion, and I don't appear to be able to see the attachment. Should I be able to?

BlueWinds on

I have you listed as a $15 supporter - the backer story is at the $35 level. I'll edit the opening post to make that clearer.

froggalpha on

Excellent, I figured as such but I wanted to verify :)

Vestrina on

My Offbeatr username is ShinyVess.  Not currently seeing an attachment.

BlueWinds on

Should be fixed now.

Vestrina on

Yep, thanks!

Khettien on

I appear to be unable to see the text file.

BlueWinds on

You've got the first half done, but what about the second? ;)

"...please comment here and include your Offbeatr username."

Khettien on

Whoops! Haimond.

BlueWinds on

I am unable to find you on the list of supporters. How much money did you donate?

Leefizzy on

Offbeatr username is Leefizzy

BlueWinds on

Hm, you can't see the text file? I already have you marked down, so it should be showing up...

I just realized that it's easy to miss, and rearranged the page a bit. Hopefully this new layout is better.