Female main character only?

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 19:18 -- BlueWinds

Allow me to preface with the fact that this is already decided for my next game - the poll is merely to determine how people feel about it.

I've made this decision for a couple of reasons. First and foremost is that as I'm aiming for a more coherent storyline, having a protagonist with a defined gender makes that much, much easier.

Second, less variants to write of any given scene means I can write more scenes! Nothing is free, and having to remember to make every use of he/she, his/her, Natalie/David switchable is a lot to keep in mind.

Third, I'm a woman, and a lesbian, and I find it easier to write about women being attracted to women. Never fear - there will be plenty to straight sex if you want it. Wouldn't be a game of mine without the opportunity to act like a total slut.


This is all good news though, because it means that I'm actually doing work on the sequel again! At long last, some of my enthusiasm has returned. Partly this has to do with the fact that my boyfriend is a little jealous of the random people I play with on the internet, so I'm cutting way back on the erotic roleplay - which, in turn, means more creative / sexual energy to channel into this project. :3

Soon, very soon, I will show of some more game art. I have a shiny new logo as well that I'm just dieing to share. But not yet. :)


benryher (not verified) on

I prefer to play as a female attracted to females... but, then, that's essentially the only thing I'm interested in playing as at all if that's dwelled on at all.  I'll often stop playing games with a male protagonist or male interests if the fact that they are male starts to become relevant in a sexual way (which seems to be the only way in which gender is made to matter in the writing of most games, but I digress).

Which is to say that, this is preferable for me, but I can easily imagine the flip side of being completely put off a game by male-oriented content.

(Unrelatedly, for some reason pressing shift-enter appears to make line returns in this comment box that are subsequently deleted in the rendering of the comment once it's posted, which makes different lines and/or paragraphs run together, for example the double line return between these two asterisks: **... maybe worth looking into, as shift-enter appears to be the only way to make a single line return, though if this is meant to be disabled then it should probably just do the same thing as normally pressing enter.)

pi (not verified) on

if it's purely narrative as in a visual novel, then it's a bad idea to have gender selection unless you have like 2 main characters or something. a vague MC undermines character development for everyone around him/her, unless the character is intentionally mysterious.

if it's a sim, gameplay choices and dynamics should outweigh narrative detail.

Tina (not verified) on

Yes, a female as the main character would be great, but can I make a little request? Instead of the main character being the boss of a brothel, can we play as a prostitute or a slut instead? Like in some of the games by Lesson of Passion? Suggestion, something like Teikousuru Tifa and Motto Teikousuru Tifa 2 by Crimson Comic would be wonderful. With all their barameter and choices. And if you want to tease your boyfriend(s) a bit, put some NTR elements into the game. =P



BlueWinds on

The next game is going to be quite different - same world, but a new premise. Suffice it to say for now, you will not be running a brothel anymore.

You'll always have the option to be a slut. I would never take that away from you. :3

Tina (not verified) on

The game will be more focused too, if it is based on one main character. Plus many choices can be implemented with it too, since it is only one. Just remembered two more great games that have female as it main characher. Watashi by Pearl Soft and Kyohaku by AIL. Check it out. =>

Infernalistgamer (not verified) on

For my two cents, I'm a guy who plays guys about 95% of the time.  I've had zero issues with your writing in BrothelS.im as a 95% straight guy either.  (Would I like to be able to do more than jog or study with one of my girls at will?  Sure, going out for lunch or sexing one of the girls would be great...)  That being said, your skill at this game will make me at least try your next one, if it comes onto my radar (and since I now check this site regularly, I assume it will).  So, do I want a guy PC, sure.  Will it chase me off trying a sex game?  Nah.  Here's hoping that this game keeps getting better though!

JackBack (not verified) on

I like playing as a male character because it makes projecting onto it easier but I would still play as a female. Honestly Dom/Sub is a bigger thing for me as I find it slightly difficult to get into a game with a Sub protagonist (mostly because Humiliation stuff gets to me). But having a defined character makes for a better narrative and you are probably more confident writing from a female perspective.

AColonyOfAnts on

I'd say it's a step in the right direction; Brothels.im2 definitely had the feel like it was spread out too thin with not enough focus on the main character's choices.

Malpha on

Totally okay with a female main character. It's what I usually pick anyway. :3

Hiroko (not verified) on

Your reasons, even the the third "I'm a woman..." without further explaination, are completely valid. It absolutely astonds me how well you communicate with your fans. I wish the game companies I enjoy would be as open.

As per the subject, and maybe a 'little' off subject,I always prefer playing as a girl, whether its erotic or not, unless there is a VERY humorous reason to be a guy or it is strategicly/forcefully chosen. Why?

A) I am a guy, attracted to girls. I am going to see this character, hear this character for who knows how long. If I am going to at all be interested in how my character looks, whether its naked or far from it, it is going to be because that subconcious desire. And, actually, in some games where 'less' clothing is an option (or can be tricked to look like 'less'), I of course try it out... for a few minutes. Honestly, it gets boring fast, and I end up gearing up to a pleasing amount that hints at it but isn't really revealing. In the same manner, with sounds, or with texts or w/e... its about the story in the end, with just enough hints to 'let' you imagine what you want to.

B) Strategics. Yea, I said it may be strategic to be a male character given the choice, but that was ment by game constraints, or mechanics that are specifically tied to gender. IE Diablo2 Paladin is always male, sorceress always female. Paladin ultimately better. No, what I mean to say this is more to do with 2 things. Firstly and foremost, other players treat female characters (when gender choice is given) differently than that of males. They get many more handouts, make friends easier, etc etc. Secondly, because girls that DO play games (and guys for reason A) pay so much attention to outfits or other cute things (and pay real money for such things), there tends to be more female-related content.

C) Entertainment. In PvP, I am a female 100% of the time when given choice for the above reasons, and also because that extra zing of being beaten by a girl, and I mean stereotype super pink sparkles and the whole shibang - not like a real girl. Real girls don't do things 'like a girl.' Theres other ways to get the same zing, like wearing a fully body penguin suit or that kneel/stand thing people love to do over your corpse. This is just the easiest way to do it. But also, in more story oriented settings, females almost universally have stronger story lines or stronger personalities, which makes them much stronger choices. (I really hate saying things like 'by/like a girl.' It really needs to see connotation changes.)

D) Nastalgia. I hope I spelled that right. Amazing though it may be... I am often confused in real life as a gay just because of the way I act and talk with people. All people. I'm not a 'duuuuude' kind of person. Sex talk in a -just cuz i like sex- form really bugs me. I don't care for sports TV, cars, pop culture. I'm not 'normal.' Now, with my long hair, I get that 'oh' moment from people when I turn around (half the reason I keep part of my beard/stubble), but my emotional connections with people still trips them up for a while. Just as with real life, from my very first online game (probably my 3rd game ever) at a young age of maybe 8, people assumed OVERWHELMINGLY that I was a female in real life regardless of the gender of my playing character (many girls play as guys to avoid that kind of attention). So, at some point after I'd come to accept these incoming views, I decided to try just going with it. I 'chose' a female main. I no longer tell what I am real life, and it is hillarious sometimes what results. A friend of a few months asked me finally what I was in real life, and because I knew it played no part in our interections, I actually gave an answer. Well, another friend for over 2 years, and a better one at that, was there too and was completely blown away. He thought I was a girl for 2 years. I laughed hard enough to cry.

E) Back to specifally this erotica... also because you are a girl and can write from a girl's perspective better (storyline). And as a fellow programmer, I completely agree that 1 set of MC interection is supior to 2 in terms of quality/time/variance. The option would be nice, but imh I would always pick a female.

- Some Guy

Taikdarys (not verified) on

To say the truth? This kind of put's me less anxious for the game, Blue. Don't misunderstand me; you're great at writing and I really enjoy your two other games, but... hey, I'm a male, and surprise surprise, I'm a male straight guy who has little-to-no interest in lesbian sex.

The fact that it will have straight sex helps things out a bit, but it really isn't the same, y'know? I mean... it's like playing a game, but instead of beating the final boss, you watch a NPC beat him. I, personally, believe people play games like this to immerse themselves in their character, to pretend they're this character. When you say "you are a woman", you throw a big wrench at this machine. Many people simply don't have interest in playing as females - like me - just as some don't have interest in playing as males.

That said, will I check the game? Yes, because you've proven yourself to be good at you do. Will I be as anxious for the game as before? No, not likely. Will I be as satisfied as I would if the game gave me a choice? Hardly.

One of the great things this kind of games have going for me is interactivity, the ability to choose. When you remove part of that ability, you cut out part of the game fun, so to say. I mean, even if it is to allow you to focus better on the story and all, allow you to do a better job, at the end of things, people will still look at it and wonder "cool, but what if I could be a guy in this game?", you know what I mean?

I don't mean to discourage you or anything, just giving you a honest opinion. Overall, I would say I'm somewhere in the middle of the camp between "sad, but do it if you think it's the best" and "I'll play, but be a little dissapointed".

BlueWinds on

Interesting - I have no trouble identifying with a male character. It may be because "male" is oftern seen as default, while female is different.

Rather than write a whole long schpeel on the subject, I'll just leave you with a video on the subject, and the request that you think about why you feel the way you do.

Nycian (not verified) on

I don't mind playing as a girl, my only complaint with the first game was that It would glitch out at certain points randomly, and that you couldn't really own anything more than the Onsen. After getting curious And looking through the game files  I was really hoping you could somehow own the tentecle pit, that would've been interesting xD. Looking forward to the sequel =)

BlueWinds on

That was sort of a plan, eventually - or more like the tentacle pit could own you, and bad things would happen if you didn't lure in enough "customers" every week. :D

Never got around to that, but as always, if someone else wants to write / code stuff up, I'd be happy to include it.

Shawnsan on

I couldn't care less about the gender. I myself am a man but I would like to play this new game, there are not enough games with femal protaganists. As a fellow designer of games I competely agree that the set character gender is much easier to make. To me having a set gender will be great for your new game because that will allow you to spend much more time being creative in the story providing us all with even greater scenes. So for me I'm looking forward to playing the new one. 

Nyucian on

As a straight male, I would not mind playing as a female at all. I actually think it might be a lot more fun, simply due to the fact that playing as male character in these types of games is starting to bore me a bit. 

Volk (not verified) on

Honestly, as long as you finish -this one- I'm cool with male, female, or even a meat popsicle PC...

Also don't get me wrong, I don't mean to sound well... mean, it's just that while you have the know-how and the ambition to get started, your "stamina" could use some work. And yes, I know first-hand how difficult it is to keep motivated on a project when you feel that you just figured how to do it better next time, but if you keep restarting everytime you get a bit better I feel we're never going to see a proper, finished story from you.

Feel free to call me a sap, but that actually makes me feel a little sad.

Hiroko (not verified) on

Most of the time, you can reuse code you've written and just rewrite the parts you mean to, with a few changes to other parts to use the new coding. Sometimes, its not that simple. For example, when the error is in the progression of the game. You can't really do a minor change without it effecting everything else. And honestly, it may be that the format of the coding itself is hard to navigate or use well, such that changing it would require almost as much work. We coders never really like to redo a project if we can avoid it, but sometimes something just needs a full overhaul to work the way you intend. As for the past versions, consider them Alpha testing. Its what you get before a fully worked-out-and-ready-for-mainstream version comes out.

Volk (not verified) on

Dude; whether one is a "coder", comic book drawer or a bloody baker for that matter it's only natural that one refines their work process and do it "better/faster/stronger" each time around, it also makes sense to assume that one would miss out on opportunities to improve during a more "advanced" stage, rather then just scrapping and going back to their comfort zone. 

Besides your argument is based on assuming a drastic example that's just guesswork and not likely in these cases, neither of the previous iterations were flawed (to such an extent) that they had to be scrapped. I mean we're neither talking about an amateur programmer here OR that either one of those projects actually grew enough to be afflicted by "code creep", "content conflicts" etc...

What's more I'm not even going to dignify the whole "alpha thing" with an answer.

I guess you're looking out for BW, and that's perfectly fine. But I don't think we're doing her any favours by blind fan fervor. I mean surely there's nothing wrong with praising the good but also providing some respectful criticisam where it's warranted, is there? 

Hiroko (not verified) on

It was clearly a speculatory response. No need to get agressive.

Magician on

To be honest, Blue, I'm not thrilled with the choice. I understand it, and I'm thrilled you feel comfortable enough not only to write the way you do but also to communicate with your fanbase on a regular basis as you do... but while I'll definitely still check it out, I'm no longer nearly as keen.

Why? Simple - I don't enjoy the idea of being impregnable as a character I'm trying to identify with.

That may sound bizarre, but as a gamer I often play female characters as well as male characters in everything EXCEPT erotic games. There I prefer males only. I don't know if it's a metagaming thing, where I simply prefer to avoid what I consider a bad end, or a Dom thing where I know what I prefer and being impregnated or submissive just isn't it - but I do know it's a thing.

Maybe eventually, should you enjoy writing this one enough to continue adding to it for a while, there can be a funded gender option? :)