Sun, 08/11/2013 - 10:52 -- BlueWinds

So, the campaign ended. And it suceeded. Just barely, but it happened. Yay.

What now? Well, there are a couple of things.

  1. Over the next couple of days, each supporter will recieve an email with details about how to access the development version. You will need to create an account on this site, if you haven't already.
  2. If your support was at $20 or higher, the email will also contain information about getting the other part of your reward (the custom content bit).
  3. Over the next 4-6 weeks Offbeatr will collect the money from people. Yes, this is a rediculously long time for digital payments. Ugh.

I would not use Offbeatr again - their fees are way too high - go look them up if you're curious - and now the super-slow processing...

In short, please be patient while I sort through everything here.

P.S. If there are any developers interested in access to the git repository (so you can send pull requests), let me know and I'll see about adding you. If you don't know what git is or why you'd want to send a pull request, please ignore this addendum. (^^)


Krystle (not verified) on

Is there a way to support you later? I'll have money later, so I can actually give you some, but will there be benefits to giving you some later, or do only the 'pre-ordered', so to speak, get to get special bonuses?

BlueWinds on

Yes, there will be a way - look forward to in the next week or so, or perhaps a liitle longer depending on how long it takes me to get everything else sorted. The bonus tiers will be a little higher, as a thanks to those who chipped in early, but they will still be available.

The_Ripped (not verified) on

Holy- You made it! Congrats! Looking forward to what comes next - sorry that they aren't all that responsive, and that the experience was bad.

Daedilus on

Congrats on making it.Saw you were at 90% this morning, with 4 hours left, so i went in 20 bucks :P 

Dorllanen on

My heartfelt congratulations!

I'm really happy you managed to pull through! CELEBRATION TIME~! *hops around*


Once more, congratulations!

Anonymous (not verified) on

Glad to hear it succeeded. I enjoyed the older Sim Brothel games, yours looks very good, even in it's alpha stage.

ptwist on

 congratulations! Awesome, I was getting worried there for a sec.


Just read your interview with offbeatr the other night....And I'm very glad you've had success, I think it will mean something for non furry free adult games in general!


HypnoKitten on

Congratulations!!  And no worries on the 'just barely' amount.  It got you visibility, so you can always do what Fen did with CoC and post donation requests along the way, no one will blame you given how much you raised.  (And Fen build up that fan base over the course of years, so for a very new product you did very well!)  I can't wait to see where you take this!

Ov3rr1d3 on

Congrats!  I was worried about it for a while there.

I would be interested in poking around in the git repository just seeing how things work, but I'm not a developer by any stretch of the imagination.  More just a random vaguely computer-savvy bystander who likes seeing how things work.  So if you don't mind, that'd be cool, but if you'd rather not have some strange guy looking at your stuff, that's fine too.  :P

BlueWinds on

So, I think you should have gotten an invitation to the repository? Let me know if it didn't work.

I'm using bitbucket because they offer free private repositories. The code is GPL licensed, but I'm exercising the difference between "gratis" and "libre" to pass out the development version only to backers for the moment. ;)


Ov3rr1d3 on

I got it!  Will poke around in it tomorrow or something.  It's been a while since I fiddled with Java last, so that'll be fun.

BlueWinds on

Javascript.That "script" bit is important - Java is an outdated, unproductive monstrosity of a language, while javascript is young and strong and ready to take on the world. (^^)

Psychorug on

congrats, it was close but you made it

Coga on

Congratulations, man! To be honest, when I saw you at 10 grand with 2 days to go, I was a little worried. Thank goodness there's a lot of perverts out there on the net, eh :D ?

Paugs on

So, so, SO glad that you slid over the mark. I was worried for a while! I hope the amount you asked for initially will keep you up for a while, and best of luck on creating Brothel Sim 2. I look forward to it!

J (not verified) on

congratulation on your successful offbeat and i wish you the best of luck with this game