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Fri, 08/09/2013 - 19:56 -- BlueWinds

Well, there's been a lot of support coming on for the Offbeatr campaign at the last moment here - two days to go, and only ~10% left. Whee...

So, here's an update on my progress since the last release, so that supporters know what to expect:

  • I've added over 40 new images, including a large number of sex ones.
  • Antunua and Hathawa aren't hireable yet, but they will be before the next release. Getting them to work for you is silghtly more involved than just bumping into them...
  • The oracle gives more helpful information.
  • I'm in the process of reworking the Job system to be less complex and more interesting.
  • Save games won't be compatible, unfortunately. I found some very serious problems with the old format. Fortunately, the new save format is smaller. :)
  • You will finally be able to bring in costomers to fuck your girls (and yourself, if you're female).
  • The very first development release will probably be a little buggy. I try to catch everything, but considering almost half of the game's code has been modified since the last release... ^^;;


TK (not verified) on

I was playing the new Alpha version and I keep getting a bug which pretty much breaks the game:
Uncaught Error: No job found for the player.

When I tried to work at the onsen after buying it I got that error but, after talking to wend it allowed me to work. It only gave that error for work and nothing else. Maybe adding some sort of upgrade function instead of sell and then buy again might help smooth that out.

BlueWinds on

Yeah, the code related to jobs is a bit rough in that release. I'm hesitant to spend time tracking down the exact problem because I already re-wrote the work-related code, but thanks for reporting the problem anyway. Make sure you haven't disabled either of the pools - I know that caused a similar bug for one person.

Krystle (not verified) on

I have a question. Is there anything else to do with the Money Changer, either in this release or the next? Since right now, if you go to her house, she just says 'There's nothing for you right now.' And then you can't go there again.

BlueWinds on

In the vext release you'll have to make the first loan payment to her, but that's it. In the future there will be a little more interaction, but not a huge amount.

Krystle (not verified) on

I only ask because I submitted to her. ^_^ Does that change how she interacts with you at all later?

BlueWinds on

It does! If you don't do that, you never get a second visit at all (and you get $500 less), and it will continue to color your relationship (when I get around to writing more of it).

Mostly though, it says what type of person you want to play - the three options give +25, +1 and -25 dominance. Think of it as part of character creation. ;)

Krystle (not verified) on

I know it is. ^_^


I'm just trying to create a really submissive character. :P Right now, that doesn't seem to affect much, though. Hopefully it will in the future. ^_^

Dorllanen (not verified) on

C'mon BlueWinds, only 1.8k $ to go! You can do it <:V

*Takes out pom-pons*

Gooooo~ Blueeees~!

Anonymous (not verified) on

This is going to be very critical, but here are my two cents. From reading your blog and the offbeatr page, I get the impression that you're spending a good deal of your time compiling and editing images without permission from the artists. This is a bit of a problem since you're asking for $12,000 in order to do this. Even if you're using images that the artists have posted for free on pixiv, that doesn't mean it's OK to use them to make money.

To me, it seems extremely rude, and I doubt you'd ever get away with something like that if you were using artwork from Western artists. Call me a weeaboo, but I find it irksome when people take advantage of Japanese artists just because they'll never notice or otherwise won't be able to do much about it. It's a common thing to do. For example, there was a taiyaki shop in Seattle using art from Rustle. Hopefully this comment will encourage you to consider the perspective of the artists instead of thoughtlessly exploiting them.

This isn't a threat. I'm not going to rat you out or try to cause any trouble. If you don't care, I won't bother you about it again. If you do care about the artists, though, I hope that if your offbeatr campaign succeeds, you either only use art you have the rights to use or leave the art for other people to contribute and don't work on it yourself. Thanks.

BlueWinds on

I get this occasionally, and thank you for not posting a particlarly aggressive version of it. But I do think there are three fundimental problems here:

1. "Artists own their works." Disagree. "Intellectual Property" is theft. All my work is creative commons (including the writing in here) or Open Source (including the code here, and the code I write for a living).

2. "Making money with other people's work is wrng." Disagree. I write using a computer. I wearing clothes made of cloth. I think using a language. All of these were created by people I haven't met and who didn't benefit from my use of their work.

Why are we so hung up on money? Why does accepting money suddenly turn something from OK to not-OK?

3. There is no exploitation here. Who is being harmed? How are they being harmed? Not in general, but in specific. The images are already available for free on the net. Seriously, who's getting hurt here?

Anonymous (not verified) on

A bit of a strange response, particularly your analogies to computers and clothes. You did pay for those, after all, or I assume you did. The people who made them got some recompense (although given the nature of global capitalism, likely not as much as they should have). The artists whose work you're using here have not. Likewise, it's a bit...hypocritical, I guess, to ask why we're so hung up on money when you're asking people for money in order to produce this project. If you believe it's reasonable for other people to pay you for the work you're doing here, why is it not reasonable for the artists whose work you're using to be reimbursed as well?

You say your own work here is creative commons. Fair enough - but a creative commons license requires that proper attribution to the author be given by anyone who makes use of something produced under that license. That is, someone else making use of your work under said license would have to at least give you credit for what you did. Are you providing such attribution to the artists?

BlueWinds on

I am indeed providing such attribution! Check the alt tags for every image I've used - it provides a link to the original source (not the title tag / hover text - I mean the actual alt tag).

Are the artists asking to get paid? Am I taking anything away from them? That's why I don't understand the hangup on money. I'm not charging for my game. It's... free, and always will be. I'm redistributing already free artwork without charging. The money I'm getting is to help pay for the time I've spent.

As I asked above: who is being harmed? How are they being harmed?

I'm something of an anarcho-socialist - appeals to capitalism, currently in the process of destroying the world, are unlikely to move me. The analogy was poorly explained - I meant to point out that I feel obligated to society as a whole (for inventing clothing to wear and computers to draw with), rather than any particular member of it (who made a particular shirt or drew a particular image), but since I didn't provide any context, it makes sense that I didn't get my point across. ^^;;

Anonymous (not verified) on

Hi, I'm the first guy (second  anon is someone else). I would like to point out that whatever your views on intellectual property may be, it's exploitation to ask to be paid for someone else's work. If anyone deserves to be paid for those pictures, don't you think it's the people who drew them? That's sort of the whole point of socialism, to prevent exploitation of the working classes by capitalists.

And if you really think it's a non-issue, then why not get permission to use the images? Why not ask the artists whether or not they feel like they're being cheated?

BlueWinds on

Anyway, I'm tapping out, so you'll got no more replies from me on the subject. My stance is a carefully considered one, the end result of a philosophy degree and years of work as both a professional writer and developer.

I have, in fact, considered the "perspective of the artists" as you put it, and I am not "thoughtlessly exploiting them." Whether you agree with it or not, it's unlikely to change based on some blog comments.

cynical (not verified) on

"...professional writter." I lost my shit. (Just wanted to pedantically point at the irony) Otherwise i have no problem with your view, and also wanted to encourage you for making this game. It looks very solid. omg i'm still snickering, i should stop.

BlueWinds on

Hahaha. I am also a terrible proofreader. Thanks for making my morning better (serious, not sarcastic - a laugh at my own expense is good every once in a while).