Getting stuff done? Yes!

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 11:58 -- BlueWinds

Time for a status update!

While I haven't been focusing super heavily on working on the game, I have been making progress. I reached a big milestone about a week ago - when I click "Start", it puts stuff on the screen again. :D

Games also save and load properly, and this iteration colorizes images about a dozen times faster than the old one - no three second wait while the game starts up and puts together all the graphics.

I have a good bit of the intro written, even.

Next up on the list is adding a couple of screens - assigning jobs and hiring crew. Once those are ready I can do a whole lot more content, maybe even enough for a demo.

Anyway, for now just enjoy an image that I'll be using, from the amazing MitTeam. :)


BlueWinds on

To Andrew Smith, who seems to be missing the point of me repeatedly not publishing your comments:

I would understand if English is not your first language. But the fact that four times now you have misspelled a character's name has no excuse. If you will put in the effort to ask a proper question in intelligible language, I will not put in the effort of clicking "publish."

Krad (not verified) on

Glad your making progress Blue. Love playing your games and your personal life is interesting and funny. Sorry I'm a guy but if we ever meet if I don't impress, just hit me.

Other than that, slowly getting my Gf out of Disney only at the age of 19 and into fun novels you write into your games. With your progress I hope your next game will be just what she needs to open up.

P.S. She likes bondage yet hates pain, just liking the loss of control. Hope that interest you.

BlueWinds on

Nothing wrong with Disney at 19. Or 49. :)

Bondage without pain is a fun thing. One of the main characters in this game is going to bend in that direction - a rather traumatic past leaves her both terrified of and very much turned on by loosing control / being overpowered. It's up to you to help her come to terms with these conflicting impulses.

Krad (not verified) on

Thanks for the hidden info. Not going into details but its confusing if someone gets into something that has pain included yet not expecting pain. Wierd that I find it adorable that it's like teaching a child what's ok to play with and what she will regret playing with but I'm sure everyone has that side. Well enough kid talk, go have your fun.

Vin (not verified) on

i gonna love it ! 


-Canadian fan