Google Docs - thumbs down

Mon, 12/30/2013 - 14:10 -- BlueWinds

So, I have a lot of problems with Google docs on a philosophical level, but here's a practical one:

They do user-agent sniffing.

I use Firefox Nightly (cutting edge release), and Google Docs works fine... unless I block my user agent string (which I normally do for privacy reasons). Then it renders in compatibility mode and I can't edit anything. This is dumb.

Google, stop being dumb. I'm currently announcing to Google Docs that I'm running Firefox 4 on Windows NT, and that seems to make it happy.


pi (not verified) on

i wonder if any google execs browse here...

i can hardly imagine trying to present evidence from this site at a meeting.

BlueWinds on

I've had that problem, except for real, when applying for jobs. ^^;;

This game is my largest and most polished piece of software, but it's... difficult... to put it in a portfolio or resume. ><

Anonymous (not verified) on

Fun fact: If your first click in Minesweeper is a mine, the game moves that mine to the new spot and then proceeds as if you had clicked an empty spot. (In other words, those images are fake.)

BlueWinds on

I knew the images were fake, but I would guess that minsweeper doesn't generate the field until after you made your first click. That gives the same effect, but without having to generate two games on occasion.

Terryble on

That'd be the smart way to do it but this is Microsoft we're talking about. I kid, I kid but Anon is correct according to no less a source than Wikipedia. :)

hellifor on

I can confirm this as someone who has spent hour upon hours playing minesweeper.  The first click is never a mine.  The second click however is fair game.

Krystle (not verified) on

So Google just isn't content on messing up Youtube? Should have expected that, though.

The one (not verified) on

Just use a different type of doc; would likely work better.