How should I handle a female MC's pictures?

Sat, 08/03/2013 - 21:28 -- BlueWinds
Use pictures from a random girl each time
9% (100 votes)
Have player choose a girl whose pictures get used
65% (684 votes)
Create separate image set (PC has set physical description)
21% (217 votes)
Separate image set with face hidden
5% (54 votes)
Total votes: 1055

So, it's time to make a choice on how I handle the Main Character's images. This isn't an issue if the MC is male, since porn images almost always focus on the woman. The options are, in more detail:

  1. Use pictures from a random girl each time. So sometimes the image accmpanying the player giving a blowjob would be of Wend, sometimes of Antinua. The advantage is that this is super easy. The downside is a lack of consistency.

  2. Have player choose a girl whose pictures get used (at the same time as they choose their name). This is what I'm leaning towards, currently. The downside here, shared with the first option, is that when you've hired the girl, you'll start seeing that image set a whole lot.

  3. Create separate image set (PC has set physical description). That is, I'll decide what the player's character looks like, and match images to that description. The downside here is a lack of choice - you have to ignore the images to think of yourself as anything other than a cute freckled young brunette.

  4. Separate image set with face hidden. I can try to find images where the girl's face is hidden. This is a variant of the above.

Options three and four take work! Finding and modifying the full image set is the majority of work that goes into creating a character. So if I go with 3/4, there will be one fewer hireable girls. That's why I'm leaning towards #2 at the moment.

Please mention any alternatives I've missed. :)


pi (not verified) on

what bout male mc's pictures?

BlueWinds on

Those are significantly easier - think of ass the adult picutures you've seen, and consider how non-descript the males are, how easily you could crop away their faces, or how often they're off-screen / nothing more than floating hands/dicks.

In short, I've already decided on #4 for the male MC. So the character will be caucasian, young and not overweight (EI, 90% of all males in hentai), but otherwise undescribed.

Loeri (not verified) on

What about a mixture of 2 and 3? have a set of pictures not assigned to a girl, let the player pick a girl or that set, if they pick one of the girls replace their picture with the unassigned set?

BlueWinds on

That's a good suggestion - register your vote for #3, and consider it modified to include the idea.

Sin'Aria Shar (not verified) on

Have option 2 as the default, but allow users to specify a folder on their local machine to use images from. Of course, that could be a pain depending on how you are handling images.

BlueWinds on

As you guessed, that's not possible for several reasons - most obviously, the game needs a file to tell it which images to use for which events. There are other reasons it's not that simple as well.

I do indeed plan to allow players to add their own content - you'll be able to "upload" a zip file containing javascript and images to add custom content, but that feature is on the backburner until I have a more playable main game.

BlueWinds on

I didn't, thanks for linking! Now to go and take a look, since I've never heard of them before.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Probably a stupid question but will the random image option be totally random or say anal sex is the act it will use a picture involving anal? Because if not I'd go with random images but based on what act you're doing. So a folder of vaginal, anal, threesome etc.

BlueWinds on

The image would still match the scene appropriately - I just mean that it would select the girl to take the image from randomly.

Cupworth (not verified) on

Personally, since what I imagine what my characters look like are almost never an option (dark skin for example, is comparatively rare in CG sets), I'd be happier with random images. This means I'm not bombarded with "this is what you look like!", allowing me to keep my image of my character intact easier. Even if #1 isn't picked, I'd still love to see it as an option, though I admit I have no clue on how much extra effort that would require.

BlueWinds on

Not very much work to add on top of #2. Looks like we have a winner at this point - #1 + #2.

I know what you mean about slightly homogenous images. I'd like to have at least one dark-skinned girl, but I may not be able to find enough images to support it. :/ In my mind Hathawa is Native American, but the best I could do image wise was make her look slightly Asian.

Passerby666 (not verified) on

Have the player choose the girl whose pictures will be used. It will allow better connection with player and character.