I am fed up.

Wed, 06/04/2014 - 10:10 -- BlueWinds

Well, it took a couple of tries, but the TSA has finally convinced me to never fly again. I will get on one more airplane - the one that finally takes me out of this fucking country forever.

In addition to the usual indignities of taking off your shoes, emptying your pockets and having your body photographed and stored in a database, they're also now swabbing palms at the security gate. I mean, what the actual fuck? Oh, and of course you can pay $26 to skip the line - that's an add-on offered at the checkin counter now.

That's leaving aside the asshole employee who groped me on my way past. Not the "enhanced pat-down" thing, but actual honest sexual harrassment. On the way out of the scanner, I felt a hand on my ass, feeling me up.

In case you can't tell, I'm rather upset. Congrats, TSA - you've just cost the airlines another $1000 / year in business from me. Want to know why airlines are having trouble staying in business? Find a mirror.


lolalovelyass on

I wasn't quite sure where to upload this, but I found a bug. When trying to talk to Katri to join the brothel and I click "talk", nothing happens and the game asks me if I would like to report the bug. I love the game and really appreciate all the time and effort you have put into this game.

Anonymous (not verified) on

   No, that was "actual, honest sexual" ASSAULT. Outside an agreed-to pat-down search, you should not have been touched by a TSA agent.

   Please do not let this go unreported to the TSA, the airport police and the airline (you were their customer and they are the ones losing your business.) Maybe you cannot put a name or face to the assault, but you can tell them where and when it happened and a pattern of behavior might emerge.

BlueWinds on

I have indeed reported it. They may or may not take "customer service" action - money or a voucher or an appology or whatever - but it is *extremely* unlikely that the agent will be punished with anything more than a wrist-slap, if they even bother trying to identify him.


That's a very good visualization for the UK, but similar data is true is for the US (it's a bit worse here).

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Hi, question, how do I hire Katri?

I've seen 78% percent of my game but I can't seem to find Katri after she runs out.

Arith (not verified) on

If you are playing the game online here, keep in mind that there's a newer version which fix this up.

Arith on

Are you playing it online at this site?

If yes, there's a newer version available, which has fixed this problem already.

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Steven (not verified) on

If you were flying out of SEATAC (I think I remember reading you live in the Pacific Northwest) then I agree with your sentiment about the TSA there.  Poorly designed and poorly run. 

Alexander (not verified) on

God ... Every day my Country Keeps disappointing me. Its really hard to be patriotic when your sailing on a sinking ship and the captain and crew are all drunk and stupid. Taking that metaphor into consideration sometimes i pray we just hit a dame iceberg. Now outside of my pessimistic View and lack of hope I really do hope someone gets something like that on tape so we can shame the bastard out of a job. I know that does nothing to give you justice and will change nothing at all but at least for a few weeks we can redirect some of the hate we give stupid things to someone who has actually earned it. I would like the internet trolls to be calling this guys home phone and telling him he is a piece of shit.

Fohn (not verified) on

That horrible, it must feels disgusting and enraging. It sucks that the ass will continue to do his crap at the airport until some calls him out on it right there. If he is doing in it public then that means he has done it enough times and knows he won't get chaught doing it again. Going by that chart 7 out of 10 people are just going to let it happen and it pass, but a better way of thinking rather then just "It happened to me, It's over" is thinking once he's done with one he'll go on to the next one, so when this happens they should try to keep it from happening to future victims. God damnit, makes good money and still does this crap.

Terryble on

Swabbing palms seems like it's actually far more reasonable than any of the other bullshit the TSA make you go through. As an Australian I was really surprised by how terrible going through an American airport really is. (I was at LAX and SFO)

As for the sexual assualt that's fucking disgusting, I hope they find whoever is responsible but at the same time I have exactly zero faith in any government or corporation to investigate one of their own. The police for instance are one of the absolute worst organisations at investigating their own, I can only imagine that the NSA are no better.

Sorry you had to go through all that.

myxo (not verified) on

Oh boy. My girlfriend actually always chooses the pat-down instead of the scanner. Her reasoning is that even that small amount of freedom of choice would be taken away if nobody exercises it. Don't know if I fully agree with her method, but her sentiment is rock-solid.

I've seen my share of shit go down at the security gate, and I've been needlessly yelled at quite often, although luckily it never quite got to groping. One of the most disgusting things I've seen, however, was a TSA agent yelling very loudly and in an entitled manned to someone with a  foreign passport, telling them they need to show her their visa and paperwork. TSA is *not* immigrations, and they have no training or authority to inspect immigration documents of any kind. This was straight up an abuse of power and bullying. Thinking back, I should have intervened and said something like "you can't talk to her like that!". Unfortunately, I was afraid that would simply land me in the same suspicious pot as the lady getting yelled at, and have my own documents checked over and possibly denied entry to the airport by someone with absolutely no qualifications to do so... The power imbalance in this situation is absolutely gross.

benryher (not verified) on

This is technically minor -- of the typo variety -- but in the invitation to the guild meeting it says "5 Descending Wood" when it actually happens on 12 Descending Wood.  It's a bit jarring given that the letter didn't arrive until the 5th and I thought maybe I had to do one of the side missions in order for it to actually work, so I kept reloading an old save and trying over and over to do different combinations of things in order to get it to trigger... only to give up and find that it just happens a week later.Also, that's horrible what happened to you :(I really hate the security theater in general, but I especially hate that they've made it institutionally so that there's absolutely nothing individuals can do to protect themselves from abusive employees, which are impossible to avoid with 100% certainty even from just a hiring standpoint (especially when they're trying to do it on the cheap like they are).

Frankieo on

When you go through the airport security, it usually never happnes that they need to pat you down, at least not that i am aware of having only been patted down once of 8 times travelling by plane.

However, if the need to do a pat down on a customer, the customer has the right (or should at least by law i think) to choose from having a pat down in the line, by which gender of security personell, or having a pat down in the security room for customer's privacy if the customer doesn't feel like being patted down in public.

At least that's what i think is correct, allthough the worse thing that has happened to me during security checks has been being suspected of carrying drugs, or something else illigal stuff in my luggage, which only took some extra time, and i still got the choise of having my luggage checked there, or not having it checked. And the whole thing wasn't really that bad either, so it wasn't a problem anyways.


So, i guess it's really just a case of a personal view point on the subject, as some don't think too much about it, others do have something against it. But one thing is for sure though, it's better to be patted down in the security line, then being forced to strip off all your clothes down to only your underwear (woman + mom) in the security line AND infront of your family. That happened to a mom who was travelling from Norway with her family, i think she had 2 young kids under 12 years or something, and she had to strip down to her underwear. It got a lot of media coverage in Norway when it happened, but i don't know what happened with the case though.

Coga on

Are you telling me that an average Al-Qaeda agent can just skip all that bullshit just by paying $26? Is this airport security or a protection racket?And yes, pursue them mercilessly regarding the sexual assault. Hell, talk to the media if need be- this isn't something that you should let those fascist bastards get away with.

BlueWinds on

Well, they can skip the line by paying $26. And they can skip some of the security by wearing a military uniform (I saw that happen ahead of me, a soldier was just waved through part of the procedure).

Yes, the security is a joke and always has been - that's pretty well known. There are several ways to smuggle bad stuff through the checkpoint, even if you go through everything normally.

super on

Prosthetic penises come to mind.

Axel on

does anyone can help me with the game? i have downloaded it and dont know wht to do next, besides i have played the game online and i get stuck in the same part everytime, can anyone give me some advices or guide please

Arith on

It's just nothing more than double-click "index.html" and open it in your web-browser. That's it.

Plus, if you got stuck again. Keep in mind to report the bug using the link in top-left corner.

Edit: And do NEVER use IE to play, Try Firefox or Chrome.

qwer (not verified) on

Sorry for your trouble, maybe this will give you a chuckle:


BlueWinds on

Not really - mostly it made me annoyed that someone thought that script either wasn't sexist or decided to produce it anyway. Sorry, not in the mood (nor will I be any time soon) for rape jokes.

Rufei on

There is the TSA pre-approval line, which exists for people who are verifiable and do a lot of traveling (largely US gov't employees). There's some process to get onto that list, but my mother hasn't told me anything about harassment in that line... and I am her only real outlet for personal information.

Bottom line is, you might find more luck using that process.

AColonyOfAnts on

I suppose the last thing Blue wants to do with her life is work for the US government.

Anon_dess (not verified) on


That'sabsolutely horrible that someone would abuse their power like that.


Do you, perchance, ever plan on adding gay male content to the game? or letting males actually whore themselves out at their brothels, rather than playing dice trying to sell themselves on the street, which, for some reason, female players can't do? Cause uh, it would be really great to see at least one of those things added to the game.

BlueWinds on

I don't plan to add gay male content. I'm not interested in guys myself. I can handle writing straight sex by mostly focusing on the woman, but gay is too far outside my interests. Nothing wrong with it - just not a thing I can write.

Frankieo on

You are such a homophobe! xDOh, the sweet irony in that sentence :P

If you don't want to write something, cause it doesn't interest you. Then it's best that you don't write it after all.

Cause if you do try to write it, it'll just turn out horrible, and soon you would get tired of the project for some time.

So just do whatever you like instead ^^And hey, if people really want some male on male stuff added, then maybe you'll get some scenes sent in by fans that might turn out good enough for your game :)

Konjou on

I recall that Blue has said that if someone else is willing to write the guy/guy scenes and nice quality, she'll add it in, but like she said, she has no interest in writing it, so if she did try, the quality of it will not be great.

Frankieo on

Then i guess i pretty much just told her the same thing as well xD

Mr. Sato (not verified) on

Thats why I don't fly if I can't get there by land I won't go the only plane I will ever take is the one that takes me to my final resting place.  and even then I might take a boat instead.