An IRC log

Fri, 06/20/2014 - 15:10 -- BlueWinds

Hello hello! Just thought I'd share a little something with you all. This is a bit cleaned up, but please forgive any mistakes or lack of flow - IRC chat tends to have its own rules for how and when people speak.

No, Switch is not the boyfriend I mentioned previously. Just some guy.

All names mentioned below are separate, real people. This started out in a public room. :3 The whole scene took about 6 hours.




Switch breaks out the rope. He idly uncoils it. Blue isn't looking. She's paying attention to something on her laptop.

Switch pouts and recoils. "I do miss playing with rope too though. So many fun angles and designs." He taps Blue on the shoulder and points to the coil of rope in his hands with a slight head cock. "Comfy harness?"

Blue blushes and mumbles something embarrassed, looking down at her hands. He giggles and dangles the coil in front of her face teasingly. Blue squirms a little in her seat and glances up at Switch, then down at the floor again.

Switch skips a step to slip a finger or two under Blue chin and gives a bubbly lipbite, nuzzling her nose with his.

"Bluewinds." Mistress Ysabel interjects from the corner. "Why so shy?~"

"Ms. Ysa," Blue's face lights up, and she runs over to hide behind Ysa. Ysabel grips Bluewinds's hand.. And proceeds to tug her over to Switch's side, patting her butt. "Now, now, he won't bite. Much."

Switch realizes Blue is adept at the way of ninja poofing. "Yes! I'm very sweet unless you aaaask. <3"

Coincidence hums lightly, slipping over just to block any exit

Blue looks a bit startled, standing up very straight at the butt touching. But she lets herself be led over. Switch softly pulls Blue by the fingers and dangles the rope invitingly. "Pleaaaase? It'll be super comfy at the least. You can even go back to your laptoppy stuff."

Blue mumbles something that might or might not have been a "yes, please." It's hard to hear her when she's talking into her own shoulder.

Thidran peeks in.

Ysabel places a hand atop Blue's head, making her look right at Switch. "Louder, sweetie."

Switch bounces slightly.

"Y...yes please?" Blue's cheeks are blushing, but underneath the shyness there's a hint of excitement.

"Good girl!" Ysabel kisses her cheek, then hands her off to Switch~ Switch giggles and gives Blue a cozy hug.

"Thank you! <3 I promise it'll be cozy." Switch silently mouths a "Thank you!" to Ysabel over Blue's shoulder. Stepping back, he excitedly unfurls the coil in a flourish.

Volpe rises from the pillow pile like a swamp monster. She tosses pillows around. "I AM THE PILLOW GOD."

Blue tentatively returns the hug. Her long skirt swishes around her as she twists her hips specifically to make it move like that. She butts her head against Switch's chest as an unexpected pillow to the back makes her stumble forward.

Switch giggles and squishes Blue into his chest with one hand. "Are pillow fights a room related hazard here?"

"Yes," Blue sticks her tongue out at Volpe, and burries her head in Switch's shoulder again.

"Clothes on or off? "

"Hm. They're on right now~"

Volpe brings out the PILLOW LAWNCHAIR. She launches pillows towards Switch. "FIIIREEE!"

Switch dodgerolls and chucks the first thrown pillow at Volpe

Elzi, sitting in the corner, interjects. "This chat omg <3 *melts from reading it*"

Switch scores a DIRECT HIT on Volpe. "THIS ISN'T MY FIRST RODEO"

"FIRST BLOOD" Another spectator announces as Volpe falls into the pile.


Switch giggles and blows smooches at Volpe.

Volpe catches it and returns to the depths of the pile from whence she came.

Fig grabs a pillow and hugs it to his chest, gladly watching the goings-on

Blue hides behind the table, head peeking over the top. The effect is ruined because her legs and body are still visible beneath it.

Switch smiles, picks up the rope by it's half-point marker and walks to Blue a little slinkily. He sneaks up behind the table and pulls it up in a flourish, "Haha! Found you." >:3

"Yip!" Blue leaps up and stands guiltily, having been discovered.

Switch pulls Blue gently into a soft hug, stroking her calves and ass lazily over her skirt. "Are you really that scared you little thing? <3" Switch giggles softly and teases her visible skin with the dangling rope end. "Now, clothes on? Or off?"

Blue relaxes into the hug, melting herself into Switch's arms. It doesn't take much touching to get her in the mood. Head buried in his chest, she mumbles something that sounds like "off."

"Oh? <3 See, that wasn't so hard, was it? It's so much easier for you to tell me exactly what you want, isn't it?"

"Not really~" Blue glances over her shoulder at everyone still staring at them and blushes again.

Switch pulls the skirt up with one hand to trace idle lines up and down Blue butt and thighs.  Her skirt is long, ankle length and flowy, loose enough to easily hike up. Black with a nice frill diagonally across the front. The waist is elastic - it would probably come off with one good tug. Switch slips a finger in the top of the elastic, teasingly loosening it while looking Blue in the eyes lustily, biting his lip softly.

"Would you like me to take your skirt off, Blue? Make sure you're loud enough that I can hear you properly, okay?"

"Everyone's watching..." Blue bites her own lip and places one hand lightly over the one holding her skirt up, exposing her legs to the crowd.

Switch kisses Blue softly on the lips, lingering with a light nip on her soft lower lip, and whispers, "Just think about how delicious that rope will feel around you, Blue, so snug and tight around your body." He stretches the elastic slightly and starts to slip the skirt down playfully.

Blue's lips chase after the kiss as it ends - it's easier to not think about being exposed when she has something else to focus on. She looks down, and shyly nods in answer to his question.

"All you have to do is ask, you little cutie. <3" Switch slips the skirt down and smoothly walks Blue out of it, pulling her by the waist into another soft kiss.

Blue gasps a little as her tiny rear is exposed - black lacy panties and shaved legs. She has no hips to speak of, and small breasts, and is generally skinny as fuck. She presses her hips into him, using his warmth to counteract the chill of the air.

Switch's hands slip down to lavish Blue's lower back and ass in strokes and gropes, pulling her into his embrace, some pastel shade of rust colored roughness. She buries her mewls in his shirt, her own arms not exploring but holding tightly around his chest, pressing her against him as her legs go weak. She's no little bit sensitive, especially on the back inside of her thighs.

Switch teases a finger in between Blue' legs, a sneaky lingering stroke in between her thighs through the black lace. He swirls his tongue tentatively around hers, then gently pulls back from the kiss with a warm smile. Switch tugs softly up at the bottom of her blouse. "Off, yes?"

Blue bites down on the shoulder of his shirt as the kiss ends and he continues to caress her, for the moment completely forgetting that they're in public. One of her hands moves up to stroke the back of his head, feeling his hair. Her own is long brown curls, voluminous and just past shoulder length. Blue nods into his shoulder, shirt fabric still between her teeth.

Switch smiles and pulls Blue close, pressing her head softly into his chest for a quick squeeze. He starts to lift up the corners of her blouse, revealing soft skin with every inch.

Blue wiggles her butt, enjoying the sensation of the rough fabric of his pants against her skin. Whenever he's not kissing her, she keeps her eyes downcast - too many looks at the wall will remind her of where she is, and she'll get shy again.

Switch pulls the blouse over her breasts and bra, lifting it over Blue head. He smiles and drops the blouse to the side, straightening her hair.

Blue holds her arms up to make it easy. Beneath the blouse she's wearing a black bra - also slightly lacy. Once her arms are free, she crosses them over her chest, and looks over her shoulders again to see who's watching. The blush that hasn't left her face extends down her neck and ever partway across her shoulders - it's a very interesting effect.

Switch admires the contrast between her blushing skin and the piercing lacy noir of her underwear, biting his lip softly as he softly pries her arms from in front of her chest with warm careful hands, smoothing them down with long velvety caresses. "You're very pretty, Blue. <3" In long flowing lines he swirls his hands up and along her body, enjoying the softness of her skin and the texture of the lace stretched softly against her.

Blue has a light tan on her arms and legs, but is otherwise quite pale. She echoes the gesture, biting her own lower lip and standing patiently for him to continue. Here, there, she looks everywhere except directly at Switch. Now that her arms are out of the way, she's jutting her chest out slightly, as though for inspection. Each touch gives her breathing a little hitch, but she doesn't say anything, only blushes deeper at the compliments.

Switch parts Blue's hair gently, and with both hands caresses her blushing face into an ember of a kiss with a magician's flourish. Parting her lips with his tongue, he softly swirls it around his as he deftly unclasps her bra.

Blue isn't actually very good at kissing - she tries, but inexperience shows there more than most areas. She continues to plaster herself against him almost bonelessly, pressing further in with every touch. Switch loves to explore personality through the linguistics of a kiss, learning the flow of Blue' tongue and lips and returning it twofold. He slips her bra off stealthily in the embrace, tosses it to the side and begins to stroke her through the black lace between her legs, massaging her softly.

Blue moans into his mouth, hanging on around his neck as her legs go weak. She especially seems to enjoy having her lip chewed on. Her soft breasts press into his chest - cute, pert little mounds topped by small dark circles and erect nipples.

Switch moans back relaxedly and melts firey into her kiss, trapping her clit in between her slick lips and massaging it in accelerating circles. Blue tips her head back and moans, slumping into his grip - only the arm around her waist stops her from dropping to the floor completely. She's not entirely senseless yet though - the presence of others, whether or not they're actively watching prevents her from relaxing completely.

Switch finally can't resist, and reaches up slightly to pull at the elastic of her lacy undergarments, slipping them off in a frenzy. He pulls away from the kiss in a moment of coherency to crouch down and slip them down her legs. Blue is completely hairless beneath, waxed perhaps. She gasps again as she's completely exposed to the room, and hides her head in his chest, gathering up double handfuls of shirt and pulling herself in closer as though that will somehow hide the fact that she's now completely naked.

Switch smiles excitedly, red faced, hair mussed and blushing, attempting to keep some modicum of dominant composure. It fails in the face of eager vivaciousness as he holds her close, resting his head on hers while idly stroking her shy wetness from behind. He smooches her on the top of the head softly and nuzzles the shy girl cozily. "Are you having fun? Ropes next!"

Blue giggles a little bit as he touches her again, shimmying her hips against his. If that and the wetness beneath his fingers aren't eager agreement, nothing is. She puts her hands behind her back and stands straight up, ready for whatever he has planned. Quite a sight, seeing her standing there naked, shy smile on her lips. Anyone behind will get a good view of her hands fidgeting as she waits. She does glance of her shoulder, checking shyly if Ms. Ysabel is still watching her - or anyone else, for that matter. A great deal of her shyness has faded away with rising arousal.

Coincidence, at the very least, is still watching, eyes bright, smile wide

Black grins - watching, as always.

Blue wiggles her butt for the audience~

Coincidence giggles

Thidran admires the wiggling, and licks his chops.

Switch sighs contentedly, lifts her chin to steal a quick smooch, and takes his time crouching down to pick up the forgotten rope, folding it in half and pulling it out into two even halves. He stands up again, rope in hand. Distracting her with a soft kiss, he spins her around and has her face the captive audience, draping a head sized loop over the back of her neck.

Switch smiles and gives Blue a soft teasing spank. <3

Blue gasps, and her hands reach up to touch the rope around her neck. She doesn't pull it away though, just holds it for a moment, then slowly drops her hands back to her sides... just in time to yip and startle away at the sudden stinging in her rear. She settles back down quickly though, cheeks burning, staring at her feet.

Switch carefully slips her hair out from under the loop, then measures a length from neck to slit. Eyes glancing up and down her pale form, he calmly ties a knot above her breasts, another under, and one above her dripping cunt.

Switch slips the two trailing ends between her legs and steps behind her, slowly and teasingly pulling the rest through, letting the sensation of the soft braided nylon slip snakelike over the tops of her feet.

Blue shivers under the intense regard of the watchers, one hand repeatedly straying up as though to cover her breasts, then forced down again by the other before it can do so. She can't see what Switch is doing to her, since she steadfastly keeps her gaze locked ahead. The young woman shudders a little, mixed anticipation and fear and pleasure as the rope slides over her. Switch slips the working end up through the loop behind her neck, pulling the line tight. The two idle strands and the line down her chest suddenly pulls tight, framing and exposing the pink wetness of her slit.

Blue takes in a sharp breath as the rope cuts into her crotch, her legs twitching. She rolls her shoulders, working out some of the tension, doing her best to stand still rather than fidget with her legs and hands. She doesn't entirely succeed, rubbing her thighs together excitedly.

Switch giggles and strokes her from behind, circling her clit gently for a devious tease. "Someone's dripping. <3"

Blue is intensely aware of the wetness running down the inside of her thighs - she hardly needs that pointed out to her! "Mmm," is all she manages, a blushing acknowledgement. She can't control her hands anymore. They reach down and cover Switch's, encouraging him to do more than tease.

Switch giggles and disregards her advances, and steadfastly continues to work the rope around to the front, slipping the working ends into the first row of knots and pulling the ends through and around her back. The line in front expands into a diamond as it pulls the harness tighter, spreading the lips of her cunt even more. Blue is familiar with this tie, so far at least, and lefts her arms as necessary to make it easy to get the rope around her. It's much faster with someone else doing it than when she's tied herself up. Also much more erotic, feeling his hands run along her skin, his breath on her, the warmth and sounds of someone else moving...

Switch repeats the process again, but pulls the rope around her soft arms gently, looping the rope around her back and pulling taut, the second diamond suddenly expanding as her arms are trapped deftly against her sides. Blue wiggles a bit, finding out how much slack is left and prompting him to pull a bit tighter when it turns out there's still too much. This is new - she obviously couldn't trap her arms when she was tying up herself.

Pulling and holding the the rope tight with one hand, Switch allows himself time to admire and enjoy her in her gradual transformation, jerking her back into his embrace. Kissing her neck softly he reaches down to slowly tease, then... slowly slips two fingers into her eager cunt, pumping in and out of her, the dripping wetness slick and hot around him.

"It feels so fucking good to have you so helpless like this, so hot and wet around my fingers and unable to resist my advances, little Blue. It's really been quite delicious watching you transform from such a shy thing into the night's…entertainment. <3"

Blue lets out a low moan as he kisses her neck, her mouth open and forming cute little Os in the air. A weak spot, it seems. The fingers dipping in and out of her only add to the sensation, making her feel like she's melting... the dirty talk only adds a little shiver of fear to the mix. What will he do next? Anything he wants. She might still be able to get her arms free, maybe, but really she's completely in his power... she moans again, her pussy rippling around his fingers as she tenses and releases.

Switch smiles softly and slips his fingers out of her, eager to finish the tie. Looping around her arms to the last row of knots, he pulls the slack taut once again, pinning her arms to her sides completely. He quickly grabs both of her tiny wrists in one hand, pulling them behind her back and with one, two, three quick loops they're fastened tightly to her back. With a few finishing touches, he fashions the rest of the rope into a quick leash and pulls her towards him sternly.

Blue's hands fidget a little, and she again checks with their audience, blushing as she catches each of their looks - what a show she's putting on. No, that's not right. What a show is being put on with her as one of the props. Just a piece of furniture, entertainment. She shudders at the thought, a wave of pleasure passing over her face. She feels so dirty.

"Thank you for watching everybody. <3 Bow for the audience, Blue!" Switch giggles and spanks her loudly.

Blue squeals and jumps, her self-reflection broken by the sudden physicality of having her ass spanked. She opens her mouth to say something, closes it again, takes the ordered bow, the action pressing her ass into his crotch.

"That's lewd," Tessara grins and salutes as Switch giggles again and whisks Blue into a PM.

"Goodnight, everyone~" Blue adds to the giggles and lets herself be led off.


(We then continued in PM)

Switch giggles and drags her stumbling into another room. Blue wiggles her ass enticingly as she walks - which of course only exacerbates the stumbling problem. He grins and bends down to smooch her on each cheek

"Your butt is so CUTE. <3" Switch giggles and strips off his tshirt, revealing olive skin with a slight farmer's tan.

Blue can't help but return the giggle, and bends over a little to present it more easily. Her little asshole puckers and relaxes on its own as he kisses her other cheeks.

Switch bites his lip and gives her puckering asshole a tentative swirling lick. She draws in a sharp breath, doing her best to neither smother him nor pull away. She's sensitive back there as well, and definitely enjoying the sensation. "That's... that's dirty," she manages to get out, continuing to lean forward as his tongue works its magic.

Switch giggles and continues to lick teasingly, pulling her closer by the leash. "You're dirty, you naughty little ropeslut." he kisses her cute little asshole teasingly and leads her to the room's bed, plopping her facedown over the side, licking his fingers with spit and slipping them into her wet cunt, tongue slipping and swirling centimeter by centimeter deeper into her ass.

Blue squirms and kicks her legs up, rubbing them along Switch's arms. She begins to moan steadily now as he fingers her, mostly buried in the bed for now but growing louder. Her head turns from side to side, unable to stay still but also unable to find anywhere perfectly comfortable. He disregards her protests with great sadistic pleasure, relentlessly fucking her asshole with his devious tongue as he continues to milk her cunt for her sweet nectar.

"Mmhm, mmno, ooh," Blue's protests aren't particularly coherent. Her hands claw at thin air. Speech is one of the first things she looses when she gets into this space and some people love to torture her by demanding she say something coherent, though she's just as glad Switch is "torturing" her with just his hands and his tongue.

Eyes half lidded in a hazy lust, he pulls her up by the leash and roughly flips her over, muting her incoherent protests with a hot, hungry kiss. He continues to pump into her with his fingers, slipping out of her and lubing up her clit with her dripping wetness.

Blue loves being tossed about - she lets out a squeal, shut off by his kiss, which she returns enthusiastically. She can't use her hands, but she can at least move her shoulders lustily, and let him know on no uncertain terms with her mouth what she thinks of the whole thing. Encouraged by her tongue, he grips her by the hair and grinds into her roughly, his cock hard and tenting, cruelly teasing her through the membrane of his pants, melting into her with his kiss, biting and lingering at her lower lip, sucking and swirling around her tongue

Blue arches her chest upwards, pushing her breasts against his chest as he grinds into her below. There's not much activity left to her, trapped beneath his weight, arms bound, but she takes advantage of what's left. She sucks on his lips, runs her tongue along everywhere it can reach, exploring lustily the depths of his mouth.

Switch finds himself frenzied at the feel of her soft chest against his, the absence of her hands and the mix of warm flesh and taut rope. The once tender touches turn into groping roughness, a slick pumping grind. The desperate sensation of her tongue in his mouth and his own need straining against the rough cloth of his pants, her wetness staining, leaking around his shaft. Though not precisely gushing, there's plenty of dampness down there to wet the front of his pants as he continues to rub against her.

He pulls her up from the bed and nearly throws her out of it by the knots in her harness, gripping the rope tightly and pulling her to her knees in front of him as he unzips his pants desperately. Blue gasps as she thrown around so roughly, and finally to her knees. She stares up at him, deep blue eyes, knowing what's coming next. Her mouth is open and tongue half out, inviting, begging for him to use her more thoroughly.

Switch quickly steps out of his boxers, his cock standing at attention. Dripping with precum, he strokes it softly while looking into her blue eyes from above with his bright brown ones, licking his lips softy and reveling in her submissive beauty before slipping his cock into her waiting mouth.

Blue licks her lips as he approaches, and seals her lips around him as he enters her waiting mouth. She strokes slowly around the base of his head with her tongue, then... stops. A mischievous smirk lights up her eyes as she tilts her head back and stares up at him, lips unmoving, tongue ceasing its activities.

"Oh, now you're going to start being a brat? I was wondering when you'd start putting up a fight. <3" Switch giggles and grips her by the hair roughly.

Blue makes a sort of humming noise around his cock, the corners of her mouth twitching into a smile, but she doesn't begin to move.

"Such a cutie. <3," he smiles. His grip suddenly tightens as he forces her mouth down over the length of his cock, deeper and deeper into her throat, letting the space between each gag and gasp reverberate pleasantly throughout the room. Blue's eyes start watering immediately as she struggles to relax and accept his full length. She's only partially successful - Blue gags as each thrust hits the back of her throat, gasping for air whenever he pulls out enough for her to take a breath. Tears soon streak her face, but she doesn't try to pull away - if anything she leans in closer, loving the feeling of being completely violated.

Switch loses himself in the sensation of abuse, feeling her morph from the shy girl that was into a receptacle for his cum, a set of holes to fuck. He begins to quicken the pace, her throat a thick sticky lube dispenser as he thrusts his throbbing cock into her mouth over and over, biting his lips and moaning loudly at the sound of her struggling for air.

Blue coughs, tears and spittle running down her chin and across her breasts as Switch mercilessly fucks her face. Her nipples jut out, completely stiff, sometimes poking into his thighs if he pulls her head in just the right way. Though it's not a pony tail, her hair is thick enough to make a good handle. Completely lost in the sensation, she has no thoughts except for the biological - heat, lust, the need for air, gagging, throat hurting, wrists bound.

Switch is lost in his need to cum, to use the blank, bound little fuckdoll in front of him. He thrusts in at the same time as he pushes its head deeper around his cock, asphyxiating it as he ravages its hungry willing suckhole. Faster and faster he fucks its mouth, watching its blue eyes glaze over in a thoughtless lust.

Blue squirms as he rams his cock all the way in, tongue not so much seeking to pleasure switch as seeking some escape, but the result is the same. She can barely think around her need for air - the brief gasps between thrusts are hardly enough.

Switch pumps faster and faster, suddenly pulling out with a long load moan, a sticky rope of cum spurting out into her gasping mouth. His cock twitches in time with every gush, covering her face and tongue with his warm, dripping load.

Blue gasps and coughs, her head dropping down despite the grip on her hair. Though the first spurt catches in her mouth, it's lost in a gush of spittle she coughs over the floor. The rest coats the top of her head, then her eyes and cheeks as he uses her hair to pull her back into position. Her chest gasps and heaves, sucking in precious air as he cums all over her.

Switch breathlessly smiles, "You're all messy!", wiping off all of the cum with his fingers and slipping them into her mouth for her to taste in between gasps and coughs. <3

"I'm... I'm a dirty bitch, aren't... huuh... aren't I?" Blue sucks at the fingers, rolling them around with her tongue. She looks up, with her horribly messy, abused, horribly sexy face and licks her lips.

Switch smiles and spits right on her face. "Mmm, quite good to hear from the mouth of the putrid little whore itself." Switch giggles and suddenly kisses Blue softly and deeply, bringing her into a warm embrace once again. He strokes her hair gently and cradles her bound form softly in his lap. "But you're also such a good girl and did really well tonight. <3"

Combined with a string of cum, the spit denies her use of one eye. She seems a little shocked at being spat on - not something she was expecting. Her mouth opens, straining upwards, seeking a kiss - perhaps as reassurance. His giggle and soft embrace are exactly what she was hoping for, and again she shrugs her shoulders in the best substitute she can manage for a hug.

"Out of the ropes? <3" Switch props Blue up and begins to untie her quickly and efficiently, untying the leash, loosening and freeing her wrists, unlooping the third and second rows of knots... "Are you okay? I hope I wasn't too intense for a first session."

"Oh, aah, touch me, finish me." Blue is still having trouble assembling coherent thoughts, but she does at least know that she's still in desperate need of some release. She leans into him, letting him support her weight as he undoes the ropes. She briefly massages her wrists, but then drapes her arms over his shoulders and rests her chin there as well.

"Oh don't worry, I'm planning on letting you cum. <3 We just need to give your arms a bit more circulation, you've been tied up for awhile silly," he giggles. Switch stands Blue up and pulls her softly to the bed, finally untying her from her harness and crawling in with her. He places a pillow under her head and kisses her softly on the lips, on the neck, on her chest, giving a dark nipple a devious lick. Pulling up another pillow, he places it under her ass, tilting her slit towards him as he leans down between her legs and begins to lick her softly from bottom to top, up and down, slowly and languidly.

Blue is generally pretty limp all over, preferring to sit or lay wherever Switch places her as she works her arms a bit to get the blood flowing. She wipes the cum and spit out of her eye, and succeeds mostly in making a further mess of her face as she tries to wipe some of it away. He giggles and continues to lick softly, watching Blue make a mess of herself as he continues to lick, sucking and slurping and humming softly into her cunt. The touches remind her of other bodily needs still unfulfilled. She arches her back and lets out a pleasant whimper as he touches her, first on the breast and then in a more sensitive place yet.

Switch sucks softly on her clit, swirling his tongue around it over and over, methodically, rhythmically. She runs her hands through his hair, just feeling, not forcing him any closer, then one up to her breasts to begin playing with her own nipple. She gasps every time he completes a circle on her most sensitive region, pressing her belly up towards the ceiling as though that would somehow encourage him to somehow give her even more pleasure.

His lips create a vaccum over the swollen pink bump and he slips two fingers inside her, milking her g-spot as he swirls and circles over and over, locking into the groove of her thrusts and gyrations, He moans. She tastes sweet and it clouds his hazy lust-filled brain.

Blue's hips begin to buck as he penetrates her. She's been close for so long that she's hardly going to last long, with relentless stimulation on all her sensitive locations. Blue moans and gasps, getting closer to her own climax by the moment. Switch steadily and determinedly fucks her slit in time with the rhythm of his licks, just a little faster, a little more frenzied. Moaning in time with her he grips her by the thighs and dives deeper into her.

Blue's climax begins in her thighs, spasms running up the length of her legs and into her hips. Her legs clutch at his head, refusing to allow him to stop as her whole body shakes. It's an intense, raw, uncontrolled experience that leaves her faint and unmoving - in fact, by the time her thighs relax and allow him to move again, he'd almost think she'd passed out save for the dreamy smile on her face and the way one hand gropes across the sheets towards him.

Switch gives Blue's clit a soft parting kiss before crawling up to pounce on her after a minute or so to let her enjoy her post orgasmic bliss.

"Good girl. <3" He giggles and smooches her right on the lips, snuggling up next to her warmly. Switch whispers in her ear all bubblylike.

Blue responds slowly to his pounce, rolling over as he snuggles up next to her. She wraps one of his legs in both of hers, and hugs his arm to her chest. The whisper in her ear has an interesting effect - the contentment on her face deepens, and she absolutely radiates pleasure at the complement. She responds by hugging his arm closer, and kissing at his shoulder. Switch spoons Blue tighter, smooching her shoulder and cheek and nuzzling close and warm. He teasingly squishes his leg up into her crotch and then nuzzles giggling into her neck.

"Mmmm," she murmurs in his ear, shifting a bit to find a more comfortable position.


ExSeth on

That was a fun read. Surprisingly well organized and written for having come from an IRC, though I expect a decent portion of that is due to being "cleaned up." (Projectile pillows, in particular, were handled quite well by all involved, it seems.) Switch and Blue's characters are both pretty clear, and the action was entertaining, well paced, and believable.

Thanks for sharing!

BlueWinds on

Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Yes, I did a bit of reworking in the pillows section - when too many people are typing in a chat, things get out of order, out of date, etc.

JackBack (not verified) on

Awesome read, a girl and I used to do something similar on MSN and it was always very fun and interesting...there's things you can do in chat without worry that would be very difficult in real life. Rather freeing in that you don't have to worry about reality.