Lady Meghan

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 02:21 -- BlueWinds

While I work on the demo of the next game, I thought I might write up some articles on the various people you might meet, or parts of the world that haven't been explained yet. Also, share some low-res preview art.

Let's start with Lady Meghan. While you might know her best for her interaction with Karter (changing him into Katri in a fit of pique over his insulting pickup attempt), you'd do well not to judge her by that. She's normally quite good natured - a good thing too, given the amount of power in her delicate little hands.

Magic in this world manifests at puberty, and it flows through bloodlines. A natural-born mage may generate a barely noticable glow, the effort of which would give him a headache. His first child, if he finds another mage of the same power to have children with, might rival a candle's glow for a few minutes at a time. Both his and his wife's magic will disappear completely when their child gains abilities. Their second-born will have no magic, even if the firstborn dies young.

There are no shortcuts to power. Demons and fey have their own awesome magic, but you cannot strike a bargain with them at any price. The only humans with magic worth mentioning are scions of ancient houses, firstborn in a line of firstborn. A hundred generations of careful breeding can come to an end with a single child born sterile.

What does it take, then, to have Lady Meghan's powers, to freeze a city block, switch a person's gender, sink entire fleets of ships and maintain pleasant weather over an entire city? Let's put it this way - the line of mages that protects Vailia, and has done so since the city was founded some five hundred years ago, is better counted in millennia than in centuries. You'll need both hands.

She's a teenage girl, perfectly mortal. She enjoys cake and reading. It's an open question whether or not she'd win a fight with a god - none of them are willing to risk it.


mjunh (not verified) on

i just have one question about the back ground of magic in the game. you say that for every 2 mage parents they will have 1 firstborn child with both their powers while losing their own. that means with every generation the number of mages will be less then half the last one. how then could a bloodline last a millennia  or do you plan on saying at one point in the past everyone had some power? this also leaves an interesting story line on how to increase the mage population instead of allowing the nature o things to cause the extinction of them all.

BlueWinds on

There are occasionally randomly born mages. Bloodlines form by accumulation - gathering together, over many generations, the powers of lesser practitioners of the art. But there are always more people being born with extremely weak talents.

AColonyOfAnts on

Fate/Stay magic circuit inspiration?

Illyasviel is the best. ^^

BlueWinds on

Yep, that's a pretty heavy inspiration.

Magic in this world is also a bit different than most, in that there's not really much point to "research." Lost lore, family secrets, careful study... it doesn't matter that much. You either have enough power to warp reality in a certain way, or you don't - getting emotional and trying really hard won't change that fact, nor will practicing every day.

It's not fair.

Dranikos on

So, it's Waver Velvet's view on how the Mage's Accociation should work.  Natural talent and ability over "My family is older, we have more knowledge." (Though an older family would probably have more raw power and ability anyway, it's possible, if unlikely, that the younger could be stronger)

Waver Velvet El-Melloi II is awesome btw >.>


Do any aberration to this idea exist?  A randomly born mage with unusually high power and ability for example?  (Kinda like Shriou actually.  As far as we know, born to utterly common parents, 27 total magic circuits (an unusually high number, Rin has 30) even though they're all low quality, and one of the cheat codes to the universe)

I read entirely too much Type-Moon...  And I agree on the last sentence making me think PTerry, channeling the greats is always a good thing

super on

Exactly what I was thinking! :)

Still haven't finished that game... T_T

Ahrad (not verified) on

Out of curiosity what about diablerize-ing other mages ? Or using enchanted items to supplement the users power, or lack of it ?

Terryble on

That last line "...whether or not she'd win a fight with god - none of them are willing to risk it." makes me think of Terry Pratchett so much

By the way, is this character art from the new commisioned artists? It looks great.

BlueWinds on

That's the nicest thing I've had said about me all week. Thanks! :)

Yep, it's from one of the new artists. I have one person doing characters and another backgrounds / scenery. I'm very impressed with both.

AColonyOfAnts on

Any reason why Release 0.9 thread comments are locked? That last comment was rather entertaining by virtue of its unreadability.

BlueWinds on

Agreed - I decided against trying to formulate a response. ^^;;

Older comment threads tend to attract spam. While I do get messages whenever there's a post, so it doesn't tend to accumulate, why invite trouble?