Log of fun times, #3

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 21:51 -- BlueWinds

I have to admit, a large part of the reason I haven't been so enthusiastically pursuing the development of this game (compared to the last) is that I've found another outlet for both my writing and my sexual urges - IRC!

Yep, I've discovered cybersex, and it's great. Here, have a third chatlog (the first two I've shared were here and here). As usual, I've stripped out some typos and all the native formatting, as well as our OOC comments - there is communication that goes on behind the scenes!




Blue returns from her shower, squeaky clean

"Oh no! I'm gonna be changing that," Glori answers

Blue blushes and looks at the floor, hesitating with a skirt pulled halfway up her thighs.

Glori grins. "Skirts are cute... You can put that on. In fact, get dressed. We'll peel those off as we go."

Blue wiggles her hips as she pulls the skirt up over them, hiding her briefly exposed black panties. It's a long, flowing black item, down to her ankles and swishes around as she moves. With a smile she turns her back, also hiding her black bra from his view, then more fully with an orange sleeveless knit blouse.

Glori explores her body with his his eyes, enjoying the short reveal of her underwear. He smiles, "That's really cute. Can I see a twirl?"

Blue holds her hands up over her head and gives a quick twirl, causing the skirt to billow out for a moment before she changes directions and twists the other way, wrapping it around. The blouse has cute gathers all diagonally along the front, hugging her curves, or at least what curves she has - small breasts, barely a handful, she's more tall and slender than voluptuous. She stops and lowers her arms with a smile, facing him.

Glori holds his smile, "You look amazing. Very beautiful." He himself is pretty average. Standing at just under six feet, he has black hair and brown eyes. He is slim with light muscles. The entire time he has been holding a decent sized box.

Blue looks down at the box and back up at his face, smile growing both nervous and anticipatory for a moment. She has at least a guess what's in the box, the sorts of things people usually bring out when they're planning to do things to her. Her hair is a mess of deep brown curls, coming down to just below her shoulders, bouncing whenever she moves too quickly.

Glori notes the slight apprehension in her smile and laughs. "No need to get nervous. It's just a box of toys. You like toys, don't you~?" He sets the box down on a nearby table, making sure to place it where she cannot see inside. "We won't even be using most of it..." Searching for a moment, he pulls out a black silk ribbon. He holds it out to show its a blindfold!

Blue shakes her head to loosen the neck, and reaches up to brush her hair back behind her ear. "Heh, yeah, nothing to worry about," she whooshes out air and gathers up her hair in one hand to make applying the blindfold easier.

Glori also pulls out a pair of handcuffs, "I've been deciding whether or not I should use these...I think I will. Turn around, hands behind your back. And remember, this is to have fun...no need to be on edge~"

Blue rolls her shoulder and turns around with a reassuring smile to indicate that she's not all that nervous - she can't help being on edge a little though, since once the handcuffs and blindfold come out, what happens next is beyond her control or prediction. Anticipation, perhaps, might be a little more accurate than nervous. She lets her hair fall back into place and presents her wrists.

Glori walks up behind her and immediately locks the cuffs around her wrists, the metal clicking slowly into place. He takes another step and presses himself against her backside, hands wrapping loosely around her waist while he leans in at her neck. Small kisses and nibbles attack her smooth flesh while his hands slide up her stomach and cup her small breasts. He kneads at her chest, gentle and slow before his hands move elsewhere. They slide down her sides, over her thighs, between them, and back  up, just exploring her body.  

Blue is slightly taller, an even six feet, but not enough to make the difference awkward. She relaxes back into his arms, pressing them closer together and tilting her head to give him better access to her neck. Her breath makes a pleased sigh at the nibbles there. Hands grab at his shirt, kneading the fabric and the flesh beneath, the only part of him she can reach at the moment.

Glori releases and turns the girl around. His hands rise to her head and he pulls her into a deep kiss. His fingers move through her hair slowly and he nips at her lower lip before breaking the short kiss. "I want you to kneel. And then we'll begin."

Blue sighs happily and opens her mouth to him, inviting his tongue inside and leaning into the kiss. She's happiest like this, when she's not really thinking of anything, just existing in a lovely moment. Wide blue eyes look up at him as she obeys, kneeling in front of him and sinking back onto her heels. She tosses her head a little, clearing bangs out of her face.

Glori smiles again and kneels down on one knee. He kisses her forehead before brushing her hair out of the way and slipping the blindfold over her eyes. Standing back up, he moves away, leaving her to sit there and try to guess what he could be doing. She can hear him rummaging through the box again and few taps as he sets things out. After a minute or two, she can hear him walk back over. He places his hand underneath her chin, lifting it slightly. Something small clamps onto her nose, squeezing it shut tightly.

Blue sits reasonably still as darkness descends, shifting only a little to find a more comfortable position to rest her butt. Unconsciously she licks her lips, waiting, then approaching sounds... a little "ah" escapes her lips as he clamps something over her nose. This is new! No one's ever sealed her nose before. She swallows and shifts on her heals again, then returns to waiting stillness.

Glori reaches out and strokes her head slowly. His other hand is obviously doing somethng else, since she can hear a zipper being moved followed by a subtle rustle of clothing. His hand leaves her head and something smooth presses against her lips. "I think you know what this is...and what to do." He grins unseen, curious to how she'll treat him since she can't breathe through her nose.

Blue takes a deep breath and leans forward, opening her mouth wide to accept the head of his cock. She seals her lips around it and takes an exploratory taste of the very tip with her tongue, then loosens her lips and breathes, blowing out hot air and sucking in cold around it.

Glori sighs softly, her lips feel so soft and wonderful. The tongue prodding at his tip makes him shiver slightly, as does the hot air across his member.

After this brief preparation, the only warning is a momentary twinkle in her eye - hidden by the blindfold - before she bites down. Hard enough to cause some pain, but not extreme discomfort. She spits the cock out and tilts her head up towards where she imagines his head is, a mischievous grin covering her face. "I don't think that's what I'm supposed to do."

He suddenly yells, pulling back reactively to...a bite?! He takes a step back and grabs himself, making sure he's okay. Looking back at her, her frowns, "And I thought we could have some nice fun..." She doesn't see it, but she certainly feels and hears his hand as it smacks against her face. "I like to be nice, but that really pissed me off..." He grabs a handful of her hair and slaps her again.

Blue yelps as she's slapped, mischievous grin replaced with a shocked grimace as she rocks back, trying to bring her hands to her face in a moment's forgetfulness of the cuffs. She tries to loosen her neck, moving it towards his hand so it doesn't hurt as much, another cry let forth as she's slapped again. The abrupt switch to pain has caught her off guard, and she gives out a wordless whine.

Glori shakes his head, "See, now I can't trust you. But I went through all the trouble of planning this, so we're still going to do it. Open." He pulls her hair again, forcing her to face him. His command was mostly unnecessary as she needs to breathe out of an open mouth, but he was curious to see how much his outburst shocked her. Not that it would change anything now...

Blue opens her mouth instantly, wide, and kept it that way - despite her initial shock and the still stinging prints on her cheeks, she doesn't hesitate to obey, squirming again on her knees to find a more comfortable position. She can't see his expression, but the tone of his voice and painfully tight grip in her hair suggests he's not taking the joke lightly. Leaning her head forward, if anything she seems more eager to please now than before he'd hit her.

Glori notices the newfound eagerness. For a split second, he considered some light degradation by having her worship his balls. He makes a strange face as he scolds himself for such a stupid thought. "If you prove to me I can trust you...maybe this will go different. Maybe. " At that, he tugs her forward and plunges his cock into her mouth and to the back of her throat, using her hair to pull her as close as he can.

Blue chokes on the cock pressing against the back of her throat, resisting the urge to cough and empty her lungs accidentally with both airways still sealed. She covers her teeth with her lips,  making sure she doesn't accidentally scrape him, and flattens her tongue against the bottom of his cock to provide some friction if he starts to move. Pressing the air out of her cheeks, she forms a hot, soft cavern for his pleasure with mouth. Initial choking reaction out of the way, she doesn't gag again - it seems she has at least a little practice taking cocks in her mouth.

Glori pulls her back slightly, allowing her a short breath. He pulls her back, pressing his cock deep and, at the lack of a gag, or because of it, he yanks her hair harder until her lips around the very base of his cock. His cock throbs as he holds her there, waiting for her to start squirming. And when she does, he pulls harder, keeping her there for just a bit longer before letting go.

Blue's eyes start to water, scrunched closed underneath the blindfold, and she tries to relax and simply let things happen rather than stay tense and panic at the lack of air. Her chest heaves once before she gets it under control, using her tongue to try and make him feel good. Seconds tick by as her breath grows shorter, until finally she tries to pull back, meets resistance, twists her head back and forth still held in place, writhes, is suddenly released. She falls back and sideways onto the floor, coughing and twisting her wrists in the cuffs, drooling out a mass of spittle, swallowing, panting for breath. "Oooh, thank you," she manages, attempting to reassure him that, appearances to the contrary, she's doing fine at the moment.

Glori walks around the girl until he is standing over her head. He uses his foot to roll her onto her back and kneels down above her. "You're welcome...now open." He is kneeling on her hair and his hands are pressed firmly against her shoulders, pinning her down. Spittle and pre dangle from his cock and drip onto her reddened face.

Blue shifts her arms behind her back, unable to brush any of the drool from her lips as she opens again. She feels his knees tugging at her hair, feels the heat and the drip of spit from his cock... from this position he'll be able to press even further into her, she knows, right down her throat... mouth open, she lets out a moan and tilts her head backward.

"Good girl." He slips his head into her mouth slowly before sliding the rest of the way in without any regard for her. His balls rest on her nose and he holds his position for a moment before slowly pulling out, just to thrust in again. He starts a careful movement of in and out, humping her face and leaving her to try and squeeze in a breath when she can. His hands move to her breasts again, fondling them through her top. He hilts himself in her throat again while he her blouse up over her breasts. Once that is done, he allows her to breathe again.

Blue's chest heaves and her back arches as her he presses down her throat for the first time, struggling against the desire to gag and retch. She sucks in a quick gasp of air as he pulls out, barely enough time before she's brutally filled again, fucked up and down the throat without regard for her comfort. Tears roll down her cheeks, escaping from under the blindfold, but after the first time she doesn't heave again, merely gasping for breath and half-coughing with each thrust. The blouse stretches easily, up over her pale stomach and bra, and she rolls her back up to allow it to slide there as well. Suddenly able to breathe again, his cock only in her mouth rather than down her throat, Blue coughs and turns her head to the side, spitting out a nasty glob of fluids amid rapid breaths.

Glori gropes at her chest again, tugging roughly at her nipples while he pinches and twists them between his fingers. He pulls them both straight up, hard, "Are you going to be good?"

Blue moans and twists her chest under his hands as he mauls her breasts, still panting and catching her breath after the last brutality. "Ye-yes, ah, aah," she manages, arching her her back.

"Good girl." He lifts her up, by her shoulders, and sits her on her butt. "Open." He moves around her, back in front of her again.

Blue hunches forward as she's set upright, shoulders drawn in and protective. It takes a moment to relax again, tucking her legs to one side and sitting up straighter. Her nipples stand at stiff attention. Mouth open again, cool air now caressing her belly and pert exposed breasts, she shivers and learns forward.

Glori rubs her head again, as he did earlier. He's going to give her a second chance to redo the beginning! Or that's how it seems before the rubber ballgag is forced into her mouth. In one swift motion, he wraps the gag around her head and locks it into place, cutting off both airways. He lets her sit like this, watching for some sort of panic or reaction. At the first signs, he opens her nose, pulling the clip off quickly and pushing her back.

Blue sputters around the gag, caught off guard by the quick reversals - first to tender caresses, then back to shoving things in her mouth without warning. This cutting off of her airway doesn't draw quite the same body-based reaction as the last one, at least not at first, since this time it's merely something filling her mouth rather than blocking her throat. Finally her arms begin to twitch, hands clawing, and she shakes her head wildly, enough, enough. She leans back on the floor as he pushes, chest heaving fresh air.

Glori brushes hair out of her face, "I'm sorry, Blue, I will admit that was a little cruel...hopefully you've learned some sort of lesson?"

"Mmhmph," she makes an agreeing sound around the gag. What lesson exactly she's learned isn't explained - if her mouth were free, she'd probably still manage at least a little bit of snark. Probably for the best that it isn't, she considers, stuck there in her dark helplessness.

Glori smiles, "Good! And...if I were to say that I wanted to fuck your ass...What would be the logical action to take?" Completely oblivious to her thoughts, he is content to think that she has decided to stop being uppity. This thought causes him to rub her cheek affectionately before standing up to see her response.

Blue feels him standing above her and nods at the request, rolling over onto her stomach and onto her knees, shoulders on the floor, presenting her ass in the air. She's misjudged where he is, though - she's presenting her ass to a wall, rather than to him, drapey black skirt obscuring anything but the vaguest outline of her rear.

Glori chuckles softly, "Close enough..." He guides her to a better direction, basically just moving her in a 180 so that she is facing the wall. Kneeling behind her, he curls his fingers into the waist of her skirt and slowly slides it down, giving him a nice view of her exposed rear. "You have a wonderful ass, Blue...I bet you love a nice a cock in it too, don't you?" His hands find a place on either cheek, kneading them slowly.

Blue moans and wiggles her rear, encouraging his hands to touch her more. "Mhm," she nods in agreement that she does indeed love to have a cock buried in her dirty hole. She rubs her cheek on the carpet floor. It's easy to see the wet spot on her panties - slapped and choked and facefucked, she's dripping wet and swollen down there.

Glori tugs down her panties and lets that pool around her knees with the skirt. He rubs her cheeks more, spreading and squeezing them. "Oh my, you're so wet...I almost want to help you get off...but that would be too nice, wouldn't it?" There's a long pause before a hot and wet tongue slides along her soaked lips. "Delicious~"

Blue moans into the gag and presses back into his tongue, loving the hot and delicate sensation - too many men don't like or don't think to use their mouths the way they expect women to use theirs. The announcement that he's not going to help her gets a long groan.

Glori smirks, "Oh, don't complain...remember what happened when I wanted to be nice?" He runs two fingers along her slit, "Though...maybe I could be persuaded to letting you get off...if you do well." He shrugs, unseen, and a soft click is heard. His fingers move away and grasp her left cheek, spreading it away. A small hard object presses between her cheeks and against her star. Next, thick goo pours into her backdoor. He idly wonders if she'll have the realization he's pouring lube into her instead of onto him...

Blue instantly knows the difference between a cock and a bottle of lube filling her, and the cold goop filling her rear passage. She does her best to relax her ass and stay still, a shiver running down her back from the chill gel and the sensations it creates inside her.

Glori pulls it away and lets the slippery gel pour between her cheeks, coating the entrance as well as her insides. He sets the bottle off to the side and plants both hands on her rear, cock pressing between her cheeks. Slowly, he humps her rear, hotdogging her, "Mmm...beg for it. Or I'll just cum like this and definitely not give you any release..."

""Mhhm, mmhph, mmm umph," the words are indistinguishable behind the gag, but the tone and the way she presses her ass up into the air for him to touch are unmistakable in intent, as is the way she moans happily every time the tip of his cock rubs over her rosebud.

Glori stays silent as he grinds. He pulls back and prods his tip against her star, the lube letting it almost sink it without much effort. Either way, he still give an effort as he grips her hips and forces his length inside of her until his hips bump against her.He moans softly, cock buried in such a wonderfully tight hole.

Blue moans and clenches her hands behinds her back, closing and opening on air, unable to grasp at anything. Her ass is tight indeed, welcoming him in and relaxing around his cock rather than clenching at it. She feels so very stretched, filled all the way down her hole with pulsing flesh and hot Glori. She doesn't move, simply enjoying the sensation of having their hips joined.

Glori shares this mutual moment as his cock throbs so deep inside of her. He closes his eyes a moment, just enjoying her around him before he slowly starts to pump in and out. She feels so tight and good, it will not take him long to speed up and lose himself in that tight tunnel.

Blue makes encouraging sounds, tightening around him each time he begins to withdraw. She'd touch herself if her hands were free, but the best she can do in her current state is to grind her hips against his in the brief moment during each thrust when his full length is buried inside her.

Glori squeezes her hips, fingers pressing in roughly to pull her against his own motions. He falls into a smooth rut, thrusting in and out and a comfortable (for him) pace. He simply assumes she's enjoying it from the lewd noises she is making and that only turns him on more. It does not take long for him to feel it; he can feel himself getting close to his edge already. After the throatfucking and hotdogging he's finally ready to empty himself into her.

Blue can feel his cock tightening inside her, growing even stiffer, preparation for filling her with his seed. She stops clenching in time with his thrusts, pulling her hips away from him and mostly quieting the sounds coming. Not enough to make him pop out if he doesn't want, but maybe enough of a change in sensation to allow him to hold on for another moment - or perhaps enough to trigger his orgasm.

Glori groans softly, barely noticing any of her changes. What he does notice, is  that he's not quite as close as he thought. To remedy this, he simply thrusts harder! He grips her hips again and holds her still so that he can pound away at her ass freely. His hips smack against her, echoing out slapping noises while the lube drips out onto his balls and the floor. "G-get ready~ Gonna cum...."

Blue can hardly do much to get ready - the most she can do is let loose her moans again around the ball gag, no longer damming them behind a tightly closed throat. Her jaw aches, her wrists chafe, her throat is still painful... and she's as hot as she's ever been, dripping juice and flushed all the way down to her shoulders, writhing in hes grasp and twisting her hips around him.

Glori lets his eyes flutter shut as he hilts himself in her rear. His cock throbs madly as ropes of hot spunk flood her already-messy insides. He holds her close against him, hands still squeezing at her hips while he empties himself into her. He sighs happily, slowly pulling out when he's finished, cock shiny with lube while her tight pucker leaks its contents.

Blue lets out a low groan of pleasure as the sensation floods into her, burning cum filling her deep in her ass. She arches her back and pushes against him, until finally he pulls out. She flops over to one side, laying there, leaking cum and rubbing her cheek against the floor in an attempt to do something about her own arousal as well.

Glori wipes himself dry on her thigh, still kneeling over her. When he's done he smirks, "Spread your legs."

Blue rolls over onto her back and does as he says, knees up and out, leaving her pussy completely exposed to the air. It glistens, smooth wet flesh puffed with arousal, shaved just yesterday.

Glori bites hip lip, taking in the view. He leans back to grab something before returning his focus to her. "This will be over fast~" he teased. Leaning down, he presses his lips to hers, kissing it tenderly while he prodded with his tongue. He pulled away slightly and dragged his tongue along her slit and a soft buzzing can be heard. He moves his hand in and presses a small vibe to her sensitive nub.

Blue's pussy twitches as he touches it, then twitches again when the vibe reaches her clit. It sends a jolt of pleasure up tingling up her spine, and she moans around the ball gag. Though darkness still covers her eyes, she can imagine what she must look like, such a wanton slut with her legs thrown open and moaning wildly as a man licks her.

Glori confirms her thoughts with a soft, "What a slut~" He digs in, tongue lapping slowly at her lips and dipping in frequently. The small vibe makes circles around her clit, buzzing away against her throbbing nub. His free hand slides along her thigh, caressing it idly.

Blue can't use words to explain her situation, but it hardly takes any time at all before she arches her back and tenses, digging her fingers into the carpet and twisting her neck. She's not yet released, but drawing near the point of no return.

Glori pulls away, but only with his mouth. He kisses her inner thigh and grins, "Cum for me. Right now." He continues to swirl the vibe around her clit until his command, when he switches to simply holding it against her. A final thought pops into his head and he smacks her ass, roughly squeezing it firmly as he does.

Blue jumps, the ass smack providing the final impetus to push her over the edge. Her thighs tighten and begin shivering, almost as though she were cold, other muscles contracting and stiffening as well. She falls completely silent as she cums, holding her breath and biting down on the hard rubber filling her mouth. Slowly the shuddering begins to subside, leaving her limp and helpless on the floor, bonelessly sprawled in a mixture of bodily fluids.

Glori smiles, leaving her to orgasm uninterrupted.  When she finally starts to relax, he shuts off the vibe and sets it aside. He stands up and stretches, getting dressed again. "Hoped you enjoyed it, slut." He tosses a small key that lands on her belly before bouncing off to the side, "You can unlock yourself right?"

When she starts to hear the sound of clothing rustling, being put back on, Blue immediately rolls over, coming up to her knees and stumbling to her feet, pausing blindly while she searches for the source of the sounds. The key falls unheeded to the floor for the moment.

"Oh, right. That'd be cruel..." He walks over and picks up the key. He then moves to Blue and lifts her blindfold. "Here's the key..." Raising the key, he shows it to her and then places it on top of her head. "Have fun~" He tugs the blindfold back down, turns, and leaves.

In her brief sighted moment, she leans forward to bump her face against his, ball-gag getting in the way of making it a proper kiss, but there's at least the same thought behind it. She sits down then, flicks her head back to drop the key and begins the process of freeing herself.


Glori (not verified) on

O-oh geez >////>

Dartinin (not verified) on

(Comment made before reading) I undersatnd that adcition ... fucking fantastic.  Been  more then a year since I found a good parter though . It's eazy to find peaple willing just hard to find peaple good at it and willing. 

-Thanks for sharing.

Terryble on

Holy crap. This makes me wish I'd ever found somebody on IRC who was any good at writing. I need to find out which channels you're lurking in! Thanks for sharing this stuff Blue.

Ava Rice (not verified) on

It's been a year and a half since I've come upon your work and I have to admit that you continue to afflict upon my poor mind a rather annoying bout of cognitive dissonance. As a matter of both background and disclosure, I work in an erotic publishing house / consultation company as a proofhand. I basically read our writers' mostly pornographic submissions and fix what errors I can, be they grammatical or otherwise in nature, before the assigned proofreader goes through it. Apart from my main tasks, everyone in the company is expected to be able to write smut to some extent, and I have had my "work" published in a variety of magazines. Mostly FHM, mostly part of the "Her Sex Secrets" page. Yes, most of those are fake, and it's not uncommon for these mostly heterosexually-oriented stories told from the perspective of the lady to be written by predominantly gay men such as myself. Such is the nature of our industry.

Let me get to the point. Your material and style are on par with if not superior to some of the works we regularly purchase and commission. A pity (for myself, that is, woe be the commissions I could have made) that you don't live around the south-east Asia region, as I'm quite certain my bosses wouldn't mind signing you on as a prospective contributor. That being the case, I believe giving traditional media erotica a try exists as an option open to you. I believe I recall you once lamenting the fact that when you portray erotica it is viewed as filth, but it becomes regarded as art when professional writers do it. I firmly believe you have the potential to be one of those professionals.

BlueWinds on

>///> Aww, thanks, I'm very flattered.

Honestly, I'm not sure I want to write as a job - it's fun, and a nice hobby, but having deadlines and whatnot seems like it might suck the fun out. Also, I like sharing my work for free - unless a publication is rather liberal about its licensing, I doubt I could do that with a published story.

But... maybe. *^^* Any thoughts on places that might be accepting submissions?

Ava Rice (not verified) on

Finding a contact into the industry really depends on your local area. Most companies who only need short runs (anywhere between a single short story to a monthly collumn) will use publication houses that have already established themselves. Publication houses are always looking for new talent, but I have to caution you heavily about their terms. I've seen some of our regular contributors being "exclusively licensed" by a publishing house and locked into ridiculously strict contract terms. This doesn't happen for the most part, but personally, I'd much rather err on the side of caution.


As far as I know, deadlines aren't really a problem in our industry. Due to the passionate and unpredictable nature of the subject matter, most publishing houses prefer you bring in a completed manuscript. Deadlines only come into play if you're commissioned by a publication with a release date (anthologies, magazines, brochures, etc.) and during the revision process. Editors handle a multitude of writers, and not having the stuff ready for your regular meeting really ticks them off. Really, really, really ticks them off.


A good place to check out some reputable publishers would be:



Of the ones listed there, I have personally worked with both Samhain and Cobblestone (on import and transcription matters), and their authors seemed genuinely pleased about their books' situation. In hindsight, it could have been nothing more than good business etiquette, but it certainly didn't seem so at the time.


There's also the option of "self-publishing" through Amazon, via their Kindle Direct service. The licensing terms aren't as strict, and you can release things at whatever price you desire, provided Amazon deems it profitable enough. I've seen things sold for as low as 0.30USD, short stories given out for free, bundle sales, etc. It's like Valve's steam for literary works. I think this would be the best option for what you want to do with your work, as you can dictate your terms more than with a regular publishing house. You can find it at https://kdp.amazon.com/.