More words and a Running Challenge

Fri, 01/24/2014 - 01:26 -- BlueWinds

I choreographed another episode of "Hilde & Wend: Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" today. You can hire Hilde now, but "Death, Destruction and Kittens: Revenge of Wend" is still filming on location.

There will be a brief filler-arc involving Antinua throwing Hathawa against a wall and giving her an epic hickey, but I doubt the audience will mind (IE, I wrote two more scenes with them, because I <3 Ant/Hat, especially when Antinua is the one being vulnerable and needy).


I am out of shape. :( Relatively speaking, that is. I ran two miles tonight, it took 20 minutes, and I was hurting at the end. That sucks. I should be able to do at least three miles at that pace, or 2 miles in 15 minutes.

Challenge to you, dear internet readers: Let's get into shape together. Go running the day you read this, time yourself and measure your distance. Post your results here, however good or bad they are. No judgement shall be rendered! I don't like to plan a route in advance - I just notice streets where I turn, and plot them on a map (a digital map, of course) when I get back to estimate distance.

I'll cheer for you, and post an update on my progress in 7 days. You do the same.

I dare you to find another single tag with this high an average cuteness per page rating. Must have at least 20 pages of results to qualify.

Despite looking through 50 pages thereof, I didn't find what I was looking for, an acceptable facsimile of Hathawa laying her head on Antinua's lap. Oh well. It was probably there at some point, but kept melting the hard disks it was stored on. Magnetic media can only handle so much cuteness in a single sector before it catches fire.


afronizuka on

Actually I run for about 5-8 kilometers (I don't know how much miles, I'm Italian) 3 or 4 times per week! Good luck for your next sessions and stay healthy :)

BlueWinds on

Good! :)

That's 3-5 miles (or, to put it differently, I ran about 3km). I used to run 5km cross-country, and getting back to that is my short-term goal. Long term, I've always dreamed of running in a marathon, but that's more "would be fun" than an actual goal.

Malpha on

Getting fit sounds good, but I'm recovering from surgery, so it's a bit of a no-no for me. ;(

BlueWinds on

That's a shame. Hope your recovery goes smoothly. :)

benryher (not verified) on

If you want to get to running more per outing *or* running at a faster pace more quickly, I highly recommend not just running flat-out but running for a set distance, then walking for a set distance, then running again, etc. I was able to get from not running at all for five years to running an eight-minute-mile pace for three miles straight in only three months while only running three (or fewer) miles each sunday.

To go into more detail, I started out running a half mile, then the next sunday ran a half mile, walked a half mile, and ran a half mile (0.5/0.5/0.5), then the next sunday went 0.5/0.5/0.5/0.5/0.5, then 1/0.5/0.5/0.5/0.5, then 1/0.5/1/0.5/0.5, then 1/0.5/1/0.5/1, then repeated that for the next six sundays, and then on the thirteenth sunday that was starting to feel easy enough that I just decided to take out the walking parts. That's pretty good progress for only thirteen outings and for someone who only has time to go running on sundays haha.

BlueWinds on

That is pretty good progress.

I'm really bad at schedules - if I plot out a route, or decide in advance what I'm going to do, it will just sort of... not happen. This is absolutely reliable, no matter how hard I try. The biggest thing that works for me is "just do it." Every night, I'll think "I should go running" - if I follow it up immediately, without thinking, with the act of putting on shoes, it will happen. If I stop to plot out a route, I'll come up with excuses, and delays, and then I'll reply to comments online, and then go to bed.

Rambling, irrelevant comment aside... I'm putting on shoes right now. Be back in twenty minutes. :P

benryher (not verified) on

Hmm, well, maybe skip plotting the route and just run until you feel like you've run a good amount, then walk for a bit, and then start running again. The stopping (but not fully stopping) and starting again thing is really good for building stamina and long-distance speed. (I think a lot of people call this interval training, but I'm not sure if that's a technically-correct term for it if you aren't like all-out sprinting and instead just running/jogging.)

caseyzero on

I cycle about 3 miles round trip to work every day, but that's not enough to really count as exercise.  Unfortunately, I read this too late to go running tonight, but I'll try for three miles first thing in the morning.

...I'll also bring my cell phone and let my wife know where she should look for me when I pass out.  ;)

BlueWinds on

Did you ever get out? I missed yesterday because it was crazy-cold and raining heavily in the evening when I usually run. It's a nice day today though, so I'm heading out in a few minutes here.

Jyeti on

Hmm, I tried cuddling and failed at 16 pages and weaker kawaii power.   Then I tried cheek_kiss, and still failed but I had enough pages and a high level of cute.  Then, I tried glomp. Though it had enough pages, the energetic cute doesn't have the same impact as lap_pillow, cheek_kiss, or even cuddling.  In any case, I bow to the cuteness you have uncovered.  Any other high cuteness suggestions?

BlueWinds on

No particular suggestions. I'll take a look at glomp later - it seems promising on first inspection. Homura... so badass and so cute at the same time...

Dorllanen on

This is completely unrelated to the topic above nevertheless I figured I'll post it as a funny... event, I guess?


Blues, you're famous in the deepest, darkest cavern of the internet! :D


For better or worse it was only a passing mention ^^

BlueWinds on

Sweet! I'm a bit suffocating with my personal feminist agenda!

Internet famous is the best famous. :)

Dorllanen on

But look on the bright side! You're NICE XD

thesleep on

Can we substitute running for a sport of our choice? Not that running is that bad, it's just that it's -10F and hella icy outside right now...

BlueWinds on

You can do whatever you want! -10F is pretty cold, I agree. Depends a lot on the humidity. In New Mexico I could go running in that temperature, but here in Seattle, it would keep me indoors.

What sport are you thinking of?

jedeva on

Now I feel unfit. If a treadmill counts, I managed 2.5kms in 17 mins (albeit with a 4% incline) and I felt like I was going to revisit my last meal afterward.

BlueWinds on

I ran on a treadmill once, and found it really, really boring. The same scenery, no sense of motion or accomplishment...

Are you going to do another run soon? The first one is the hardest - just do another 2.5km at your own pace soon, and it will probably feel a little easier. :)