Thu, 03/06/2014 - 23:54 -- BlueWinds

Motivation is a fragile thing. Mine has been somewhat lacking these past few weeks - not because I'm tired, but because I'm excited about something new and having trouble focusing on something old. Here's a tiny sneak peak:

Vailia is about 1800px off to the right of this section on the full-sized image I have sitting on my desktop right now. :D


Never fear - will not be abandoned unfinished. I will complete Katri, add some more loan and story stuff and misc other improvements sometime this month, in time for a full release of version 1.0 in early April.

But... new is shiny... must work on... stuff...


Frankieo on

I don't get it, what "new" are you talking about?

Are you planning on making a new game, travelling, or something totally different?

BlueWinds on

It's a mystery!



:whistles innocently:



(Not really. It's a new game, set in the same world.)

Frankieo on

Will the new game have some tie-ins to the Brothel game series, or will it be completely unrelated to Brothel

Also, could the new game maybe contain more tentacle related stuff?

BlueWinds on

Less, probably. :( Sad, I know. Less sex in general, in fact, but more real game play.

Less sex because I'm commissioning all the artwork. Lots and lots of artwork, and from artists who are very good, but not exactly cheap due to that. Expect lots of image re-use - a woman making a sexy face while whatever is happening to her is off-screen, with text to go alongside.

Tie-ins for sure!

Frankieo on

Thats actually a bit sad to hear :/

Well, judging by Brothel 1 and Brothel 2, i bet the next game is going to be just as good, or better :)

And if you could manage to pop in a few new stuff for Brothel 2 now and then, as well as working on the new game, that would be great too :)

Natas Baker on

Just wishing you the best of luck again. ^^ 


Dont worry I wont be blooning again. Tommorow my birthday and now I have alot of things planned since I may be getting kicked out. Hope things are easier on your end, Bluiewinds.

Dasanko on

Well, the "more real game play" part does make me curious... hmm...

WinnieTheBoo (not verified) on

"...Less sex in general"

Booo, Boo I say!  ^_^


Seriously, do what you feel is right but bear in mind that you're breaking alot of hearts here.

I for one was glad to see a game which avoided some of the more twisted %#% out there.

AColonyOfAnts on

I'm actually sort of relieved.  I feel like the areas in the game that were lacking the most in content were the Slums/Beach/Tavern/Palace/Docks.  

Anonymous (not verified) on

Plans for transferring a save file from Brothel

BlueWinds on

So completely different that the idea doesn't make much sense. The only stat in common is "money."

afexx (not verified) on

hey , are you going to upgrade that demo version of game to full version anytime soon? or u gonna make it a s premium game?(when)

ps both game are really awesome

BlueWinds on

Sometime in early April. Just finishing up some backer rewards this month, and wrapping up the "you have a big loan" storyline.

AColonyOfAnts on

Better to cultivate discipline than rely on something as fickle as motivation.

Natas Baker on

Passion beats both motiivation and discipline which is why I am able to write pretty #decent# writings. Rereading and over anazlying it to the point of pure hatred but damn does writing feels so fulfilling n.n"

thesleep on

I support this! +100 from me! You've made so good, I'm really excited to see what else you have planned, sexy or not! And custom art? That sounds simply delicious! Go BlueWinds!