New dev version

Thu, 03/14/2013 - 18:48 -- BlueWinds

So, I've been busy with other things recently, but got some good work in on the game today. To that end, I'm pushing the changes so far up to Dev.

These changes include:

  • A whole ton of new images.
  • A new girl, Holo the Wise Wolf.
  • A revamped file-loading system (see below)
  • A new event when you explore the Market, with three variants.

The biggest change (in my mind, though probably not yours) is the new mdule loader. As implicated in the last poll, I've decided to do a thing that breaks playing the game locally on most machines.

Rather than drop support for local versions though, I've offered a simple alternative - include a one-click server in the download! If you download the dev version, open up (it's a text file - .md stands for "markdown") for instructions on how to use it.

So... this is a dev release. Expect bugs, both in the new content and in the game in general.


Anonymous (not verified) on

Holo's quest seems to be stuck in a loop. I keep getting it over and over (debt).

Thank you for your efforts, fun game.

Guiba (not verified) on

The loop problem with Holo's quest is also happening to me.

Btw, your game is truly amazing and this new girl is very nice. Thank you.

BlueWinds on
Thanks for the report - fixed (you too, anon above).
bob (not verified) on

I'm kinda curious: how hard would it be to add a 'type' subfolder to the 


folder so that it looks like



and so on.

It would eliminate the need for renaming pictures, and make adding new girls, pictures, and other content a lot easier if you just loaded every image in each subfolder into their respective categories.


Your current method works great, but it is a small hassle to reorganize the pictures for each girl.

BlueWinds on

Javascript can't detect files like that. If all the pictures were named 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg then I could make a request for each in turn until I found one that didn't match... but then only jpegs would be supported, and this would slow down loading the game significantly.

So I could (or you could) reorganize files as I see fit - set basePath to "content/girls/Name/images", then tired: ["tired/1.jpg", "tired/2.jpg"] but it doesn't really get you much.

bob (not verified) on

Damn. It can't just load every single file in a folder?

BlueWinds on

Nope. Think about the way the internet works - your computer makes a request for a URL (, and a server responds with a document (index.html), which then tells it to fetch other files (jquery.js, core.js, etc.). It's always request -> response.

What I could do is write a server which lists all the files... which, if you think about it, is exaclty what I've done. That server just happens to be called content/girls/Kirno/base.js. :P

bob (not verified) on

I mean you can't just query the server to find out exactly how many files are in the folder and then load them all? I don't see why that wouldn't work .

BlueWinds on

To do that, I would have to write a server. Right now, there isn't a server to query.

Well, technically there is - but all it does is serve static files. Making the server smarter would involve adding a large layer of complexity to the project - a second programming language, a second component to maintain and debug, etc, and unless I abandoned the idea of a local version entirely (something I'm not willing to do), the serverwould have to be in Java (ick) or Python (with prepackaged binaries).

In short, the amount of time it takes to list out your files in base.js would be completely overwhelmed by the cost of implementing an alternate solution.

maxxe25 (not verified) on

i downloaded the content but when i click the read me it just says "windows can't open this file" and i can use web service to fix the program or a list of installed programs. idk what to do next

BlueWinds on

That's just Windows being silly. Select notepad to open the file, or word. Or change the extension to .txt instead of .md and try again.

Bob (not verified) on

Which file has the lines that adjust maxgirl from the default 5?

BlueWinds on

Editing the save is probably still the easiest sollution - export your game, ctrl-f for "maxGirls" and change that number, then import the file. Nice thing about this is that the change will stay in effect even when you upgrade the game later.

You could also edit the code, though. Redownload the game first (I made a few changes recently), then check content/missions/intro.js, line 161.

g.maxGirls += 4;

This is what changes it from 1 (Kirino only) to 5 when you hit that point in the tutorial.

But what you really want to change is probably

content/girls/girls.js, line 14:

startMaxGirls: 1,

Change that 1 to 100 or whatever - you'll be able to hire girls earlier in the tutorial than you should, and it won't modify in-progress games, but that should be the only side effect.