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Mon, 07/15/2013 - 16:05 -- BlueWinds

I have now been on this Earth for slightly over 788.4 megaseconds. I have bought myself a cake to commemorate the occasion. I have brought you a much expanded new version of the game.

You know what takes a lot of time? Finding and editing images into shape. Callie, for example, has dark brown eyes and short russet hair - which means I have to recolor basically every image I want to use for her. This particular example wasn't too bad - she was on an easy white background, rather than tangled up with another person. Notice how I adjusted both her hair and eye color to match the image I have in my mind.

I apologize in advance for any Engrish the Fortune Teller spews - she's quite intelligent, but it's harder than it looks to generate coherent sentences and instructions programatically. The advantage of doing it that way (rather than, say, hand-writing them) is that she can figure out how to access new content and explain it to you automatically. Please let me know if she gives poor directions, or if she stutters. *^^*

There will be another option for the Oracle later which includes directions for getting to unexplored but "unreachable" parts of the game on your next playthrough - for example, when you select your sluttiness (Blush or Lick Lips), you can't see the text for the other options without restarting. Right now, the fortune teller ignores that sort of thing, but eventually she'll have an option to talk about them.


Omni (not verified) on

Happy birthday. Demo and the CYOA means of expressing and developing your character are awesome as a whole. The color coding of locations and means of preserving events for when you get around to them are great ideas altogether so much of the design seems to save frustration and allow immersion.


BlueWinds on

Glad you're enjoying it. :)

I turned on comment-approval for unregistered users, since I was sick of spam finding its way through the filters. If you register (whoops, just realized that the only link to that was in the forums - fixed), your stuff with show up instantly.

Baba Ganush (not verified) on

Apologies if this been asked already, but will there be an update soon with actual brothel sex in it?

BlueWinds on

Haha yes, the next update will have some actual sex work in it. But it probably won't come out until the offbeatr campaign is done with (one way or another).

J (not verified) on

i tried playing the game but i get a giant text error message that covers up the whole screen

BlueWinds on

Hm, I need a bit more info than that to fix things.

A) Did you try a hard refresh (ctrl-F5)? Oftentimes errors like that are caused by some files from an old version.

B) What browser are you using?

C) Can you copy at least some of the text for me?

J (not verified) on

i figured it out a app on fire fox was messing with it i delete the app and the game started working fine after that thanks for the help though and good luck with this game

J (not verified) on

sorry it's script and not text

Sagaman (not verified) on

Time always move to 2 a.m. when I perform work at onsen

BlueWinds on

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get caching to stop breaking everything. I thought I had it solved here... guess I'll try somethnig different in the next release.

ctrl-F5 might help in your case.