Mon, 11/24/2014 - 21:31 -- BlueWinds

I have two pieces of news to share with you today - not the normal simple "still alive" progress reports, but something far more substantial.

1) I will be releasing a new demo, along with the kickstarter campaign, on Saturday, December 20th. The demo is somewhat large - expect 15000+ words, and something like 30 beautiful backgrounds and a dozen characters each with their own art and multiple expressions. It will contain three locations you can sail between - Vailia, Mt. Julia (a small, remote trading post), and Alkenai (one of Vailia's client cities).

2) I have, after much consideration, decided to quit my day job. Not that I've told them yet, of course - still waiting a bit, saving up some more money and looking around - but the decision is made, and it's a great weight off my mind. That boss is nothing I need as part of my life. No accident they've lost half their development team in the last two months - I'll be merely the latest casualty in the chain of people quitting over poor treatment.

(p.s. Any of you European folks know someone who needs a good web developer? I'm looking to relocate away from the USA, will pay my own expenses)


GreenNymph on

Look around a bit, it's a fairly requested job description.

We have asshole bosses too though... It's a plague. :P

zepht (not verified) on


that is the news, if you want too come in France good luck to find a job this is a hell to find something but if you have a good level, you are very lucky and if you speak very little " la langue de Molière" welcome to France ^^

BlueWinds on

I read French much better than I understand it spoken, and can't speak it myself at all. ^^;;

More accurately, my training is in translating French (especially several hundred year old French), which isn't quite the same skill as knowing the language - they overlap, yes, but are not precisely the same.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Wow, 15000 words! For reference's sake, how long do you think your first game worked out to?

BlueWinds on can be estimated at 70k words - there's actually a whole ton more text in the game than most people realize. Take a look at dump.html (in the downloaded version, or here).

DaBomb on

Going to europe for a job is pretty hard.  you'd have to transfer all your money to euro's (or pounds) then you'd have to learn the language.  But if you're set on europe, i'd reccomend germany as it's one of the best europian countries to live in (it has the best economy in europe and 4th globally) and it's a very beautiful country to live in.  And german (or duetch) isn't that hard of a language to learn; it's fairly simple to catch up on. But you don't have to listen to me. I'm some random guy on the internet.  (but I do speak from experience.)

BlueWinds on

I would certainly not object to giving Germany a try if there were an offer - it is a beautiful country, and all the Germanic languages are pretty easy to pick up for an English speaker. I'm about 1/2 German, but not in a way that gives me any chance of citizenship.

I'd prefer further north - Denmark, Sweeden, Norway, etc. I like snow! Not that Germany doesn't get snow, but, you know, Scandinavia.

ptwist on

Or there's the "european" country located 2 hours north of you :)Coffee's not quite as good as actual Europe, but our universal health care is, and no additional language is needed (aside from adding eh, eh?). 

BlueWinds on

Canada is pretty cool! It'd be a second choice, if I can't find my way into Europe proper. It's still pretty firmly inside the US's sphere of influence though, so my first choice would be somewhere a bit more distant.

Not that the UK doesn't side with the US more than I'd like, but at least there's an ocean between them.

canadehan (not verified) on

If Europe doesn't work out and you end up heading north there's a lot of demand for Web Developers in Canada. All the large cities have a tech centric suburb and anywhere with a good tech school (particularly Waterloo) in the city is a magnet for the tech giants. Just stay the hell away from the game industry in NA. The market is flooded with people wanting to work on games and companies get away with simultaneously overworking and underpaying. If you're looking for web centric companies I would suggest Shopify.


I do hope you find your way to Scandanavia though. Norway is particularly nice, both socially and economically.

Cappila on

If you don't mind the weird inhabitants, there are quite the growing web developer scene here in Denmark. I know several places around the country that are frequently expanding. If you want, it wouldn't be a problem for me to throw a few feelers out in my network? 

BlueWinds on

I would be very much interested! Denmark is another place very high on the list of "places Blue wants to live." I do not speak Danish, and need sponsorship for a work visa... but I do learn languages quickly, and happen to think I'm rather good an my job. *^^*

If you should happen to find any interesting opportunities, hit me up with an email (Contact Me link on the right) and I can provide a resume and SFW work samples and what not.

(Blue is very excited, in case you couldn't tell)

Лука (not verified) on

As a response to the question for Euro residents' idea on web developer job opportunities in Europe; Are you by this meaning the European Union, or are you also alright with job opportunities outside the Euro zone? Russia, despite its recent international reputation of being a slightly 'meh' country with the crisis-es (What's the plural of crisis?) going on, is a country that's been technologically developing in a big way, especially when it comes to internet-based companies and such. If not, then my best suggestion would be the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark or Norway. I'd personally suggest Norway. Norway has in general good salary range. Depending on your education, if it's not very amicable you'll probably need good references. As with most Scandinavian coutnries, you'll do just fine with speaking English, but understanding Norwegian/Swedish/Danish is probably an advantage. In Norway you will be working 37.5 hours a week. You will likely get flextime and the opportunity to work overtime. It's normal with 4 or 5 week paid vacation per year, and some places force you to take 2-3 of those weeks in the period of June-August. In addition to this they've got some public holydays ( By law you have the opportunity to take 4 "sick leaves" in a period of 12 months, meaning that you can just call in sick and still get paid. For each time you call in sick you can be gone for a maximum of 3 days, any longer period than that requires a written notice from a doctor. There are some laws that even reward giving birth to a child. If you're the mother you get very many weeks and I think you get a several weeks if your the father, all paid. So there's that, too, I suppose. Not sure what you'll need to do in order to actually be allowed to work there, but I'm sure that if it interests you in the slightest that you'll be able to look into those laws yourself. should be able to give you an idea of what's currently available in Norway/being looked for there. Hope this helped. :)

BlueWinds on

Russia is a pretty big "nope" at the moment. I'm a lesbian, among other things, and not really in the mood for bigotry in that regard.

I would indeed like to work in Norway though - I know all about the worderful things Scandenavia does for its workers. The trouble is, as you've said, actually being allowed to work there. Generally, the company has to go through some trouble to provide "sponsorship" for a foreigner, which involves paperwork and patience.

If you know anyone specifically looking, I'd love to get in touch with them, but applying via job websites hasn't worked terribly well for me in the past (especially jobsites without an English section!). :)

?? (not verified) on

I don't know how good your chances are to get it, but Frontier Developements is recrtuiting, according to their website: "Frontier is looking for an exceptional, experienced web developer to join our team in Cambridge, UK."

BlueWinds on

Worth a shot! Their site specifically says they give preference to EU citizens, but I sent in my resume anyway. *^^* It would be very exciting to work for a video game company. I used to love Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Skelter on

I actually went for an interview for this role just over a week ago! Though I decided if they offer it to me, I'll probably turn it down due to location/commuting difficulties - the company actually looked really good and the job had some definite interesting facets which I would go into if I wasn't scared about the NDA they made me sign :p 

Regarding the kickstarter on the 20th of December... From everything I've read, kickstarters in December (and January) tend to struggle when otherwise they'd be fine (e.g. Might be worth putting it off a month or two if you can...? 

BlueWinds on

That is some good advice, thanks for linking. I'm just getting a little impatient to start showing off my hard work. ^^;;

Perhaps I'll start teasing out bits and pieces of the demo in December, and wait to release the whole demo in mid-January along with the campaign? Would give me more time to work on things like the campaign itself, and a new web site... hm...

Radnar on

I'd really avoid launching anything in the middle of the month. You'll get the most traffic at the start and end of your campaign, so you want them to land on dates when people have the most disposable income – right around pay day. Starting your campaign within a few days of the start of a month really helps with that, and it's a big missed opportunity to have your mid-campaign slump cover up the month switch. I'm not sure how long you're willing to wait, but personally, I'd hold off until at least the start of February, preferably March.

Aside from that, I have high hopes for your campaign. You've already put good work out into the wild, and you're responsive to people's questions and comments – those two things alone are huge. Just make sure you follow the advice in that link – and make sure to read part 2! (Also, definite backer, right here!)

anonymous (not verified) on

> Kickstarter campaign

It’s a bad idea to use Kickstarter for smut. Use Offbeatr instead.

BlueWinds on

I used Offbeatr for the last game, but am not planning to do so this time. Mainly because Offbeatr takes an absurdly large cut, but also because I want to reach a much larger audience - one which might not consider a "porn game", but would actually be interested regardless.

Offbeatr currently takes 30% (and has a listing fee!) - what the fuck? I thought it was absurdly high at 20%.

The next game is actually not smut - it will be entirely playable and entertaining in SFW mode - including in the additional mode which not only disables the images, but also all the related erotic text. That is to say, it falls quite firmly withing Kickstarter's guidelines. It's a video game with adult content, not pornography.

Voduxe (not verified) on

This country is losing a great individual, if you do leave, quitting your job is nothing, overall, and finally that's an amazing start to any game.

Ironroar (not verified) on

I've actually been having a hard time getting all the girls in brothel sim any guides out there or am i on my own

BlueWinds on

There aren't really any guides, but here's a very quick rundown:

Alison - Do all the ghost events. Have someone work at running the baths in the onsen, even though you start getting negative results (it'll soon trigger more ghost events).

Hathawa - Visit the library alone, several times until she starts visiting your brothel. Don't be too loud around her, don't scare her off (she come back eventually even if you do, but it'll take time). Keep doing all her events.

Antinua - Once Hathawa is hired, make sure she works as a whore. Keep doing Hathawa related events.

Hilde - Make your payments. Don't entirely take Wend's side in the argument they have.

Wend - Don't entirely take Hilde's side in the argument they have (she'll leave).

Katri - Explore the city a lot. Do everything with an asterisk. Do more thinks with asterisks.

Reme on

Hi there! I'm a New Zealander and I rather enjoy your blog! I'm glad to see you're planning on leaving the US as I'm hearing more and more terrible news about it every day. There is however a potential problem or two you may not be aware of, and I'd hate to see you blindsided by:

The US will tax the income made overseas by it's citizens and anyone holding a green card. ( )

So it's a quite logical step to renounce your citizenship/green card status as part of leaving the country.

Which is where the second trap springs. The US likes to tax ex-citizens and ex-green card holders. ( )

There's a bonus potential trap if you visit the US for more than 30 days anytime within ten years after renouncing where they then level a tax for the entire prior 12 month's income. ( )

So good luck getting out of there! Hope you find somewhere nice!

BlueWinds on

Yep, I'm aware of all this, and it's rather sucky. >.> I make a decent amount of money, but not enough to hit the expatriation cap. Just have to make sure to fill out that form.

Thanks for the reminder though! (and know of any developer jobs in New Zealand? It's another place besides Europe that I'd love to move to. :D )

Anon (not verified) on

February would be the best as all the lonely people on Valentines day are gonna want fap fuel.