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Sat, 12/14/2013 - 13:50 -- BlueWinds

Well, almost no progress. I did start writing some new stuff related to moving the plot forward and hiring Hilde - she'll be hireable at the third loan payment, which will be easier to meet than the second one.

I also am in contact with an artist who's doing some drawings for Hilde. So there's that too.

Otherwise I've been mostly slacking off. Eh, it happens. Let me fiil the void by linking to another excellent article on being a feminist and writing dirty, kinky porn. I really like Gretta Christina's writing (at least her writing about writing - I haven’t read any of her fiction).

It’s not as if coming out about being kinky, or even having kinky fantasies, is totally accepted and mainstream. Sure, it’s slightly more so now since 50 Shades came out. But still. Whenever I hear this line about how female masochism is just giving our sexist culture what it wants from women, I always want to ask, “What on earth makes you think that society is applauding women for being sexual masochists? What planet are you living on? And can I live there, please?”

Later, she speaks pretty directly to my own experience. This is, in a nutshell, why I write smut, and why I scrapped version one of the game and started over. It's also a challenge to other adult game developers:

I agree that a huge amount of porn is unbelievably sexist. Absolutely. No argument. But I’ve never thought that the answer to this was to continue demonizing porn and shaming the people who enjoy it. I’ve always thought that the answer to this was to demand better porn.

I am demanding better porn. I am demanding porn that isn’t just an inventory of body parts and physical acts. I am demanding porn that conveys the emotions of sex, the sensations, the meaning. I am demanding porn that gets you inside the characters: porn that gets you feeling what they’re feeling, thinking what they’re thinking, wanting what they’re wanting... I am demanding porn with a plot that doesn’t disrupt the sex: porn that isn’t just “plot, sex, plot, sex...” I am demanding porn that the creators give a damn about. I am demanding porn that presents women as subjects of the story, and that gives a damn about what they want.

And I hope that I’m providing it.


AColonyOfAnts on

I've been playing several visual novels recently and I'd have this view is pretty spot on.  I cared a whole lot more about the sex scenes in Katawa Shoujo because there was a meaningful, deep relation between the protag and the love interest (well, at least for most of the routes) than those in either Tsukihime or Fate/Stay:Night.  Maybe it's unfair to compare the titles, but protagonists in TYPE MOON games always come off as snobbish (in Shirou's case, outright misogynistic) and it's hard to see them develop any relationships.  Additionally, the sex scenes, while of decent quality, are so awkwardly placed such that it breaks up the plot flow.

^Not sure if I'm entirely coherent, it turned into a mini-rant somehow.

I'm just glad that you want your players to be invested in the characters.  Hell, just telling me that Wend and Antinua *just never got their chance at education* makes me feel obligated to take them to the university to study *because here's their chance*.

pi (not verified) on

i think many japanese VNs want to have sex scenes that are easily removable to make a non-m rated game. type-moon isn't too bad about this but in games like tears to tiara the sex scenes are so absolutely unpredictable that it adds nothing to the game. the H-scenes just become a sort of game clear indicator.

super on

I'm playing F/S:N on and off when I have the time (and I'm not reading the 100 other things I need/want to read). Would you recommend it for its development? I'm not very far into the game, but one day soon I will probably binge read it for 7-8 hours. No spoilers please! :)

I enjoy sex that makes you care about the characters and their lives. Really it's probably the most important thing. Mindless hot sex has its place, but why not go for the incredibly hot sex that also makes you feel like you know the characters? :)

pi (not verified) on

word of warning: i think my total play time for F/S:N is around 21 hours and i still have not gotten 100% completion on it.

BlueWinds on

I liked Fate/Stay: Night. As AColonyOfAnts said, the protagonist is meh, but I think the plot was pretty good all around (you have to play through three times to see all three routes, in case you hadn't heard that before).

<3 Saber. <3 Saber so very much. Tohska Rin is awesome too, but not as awesome as Saber.

Fate: Zero is more excellent, however - a prequel far superior to the original, if you haven't seen it yet. It's in my list of top 3 anime (right below Code Geass and Puella Magic Madoka Magica). Man, now I want to go watch it again... Saber in a business suit...

AColonyOfAnts on

Illyasviel.  I love Illyasviel for the cute, innocent, slightly pouty air that she exudes and freely switches to hi-I'm-going-to-kill-everything yandere mode.  Illyasviel is best.

Going to try to keep the spoilers to a minimum, but Saber's first sex scene really, REALLY annoyed me.  It gets shoehorned in a moment where the plot is really intense; you're immersed and you want to know what's gonna happen next, and then bam, surprise sex.  Saber's second scene was a bit more intimate, but there was still no real connection between her and Shirou, it was just done so she could reach the macguffin holy grail.  At the end where she tells Shirou that she loves him, it felt... so hollow and cheap.  The point I'm trying to get to is F/S:N could have omitted the sex scenes and have done well as a thriller alone, but hey, TYPE MOON knows that sex sells.  At least in Tsukihime, I felt like the connection between Arcueid (canon route) and Shiki was solid.

Edit: Maybe it's because I can't stand Shirou.  When playing F/S:N I can't play it for more than 2 hour intervals each because his display of incompetence/misogyny.  I played Tsukihime first and I thought Shiki was bad, but Shirou is easily 2.5 times worse.

Zachary (not verified) on

Extremely good taste, glad to see Code Geass is exactly where it belongs too... #1 anime of all time.

BlueWinds on

I actually meant to put it at #2 rather than #1... Madoka is made of pure awesome, while Code Geass lost points for having giant robots. Yes, you heard me right, lost points for giant robots. It was just so well done in every other way that it still managed to be excellent.

If the Nightmares had been tanks and airplanes, or human scale power-armor (if you really must have arms and legs on your weapons platforms, which you shouldn't, because it's wasteful and inefficient) instead of impractical monstrosities it would be firmly in the number one spot.

Wizard (not verified) on

I still think Code Geass is one of the best animes ever made, of course I like the robots and the evolution they go through but it's the characters, having a charming protagonist like Lelouch is just one of those rare moments where you wonder if he's crazy but you're just so enthralled by his charisma that by the end you'll be yelling "ALL HAIL LELOUCH!" as well.

That and he's a god damn good character, it's refreshing seeing Lelouch strut about doing his thing. XD.

As for VNs, I've actually played alot. Perhaps way too many. But I almost make it a point that I choose a clean VN (Non-H) rather than one with H in it.

It's just personal preference really, I've seen relationships in VNs that are all the stronger without the sex. I've played VNs for sex before, Koihime and Kamidori for example. It's just I find couples that get together naturally, not rooting every five minutes or so, believable romance, in other words.

Some Non-H Titles: Ever17 (Everyone heroine is special, every one).

Steins Gate (Kurisu and Miyuri but also the others).

Clannad (*Sniff*) and of course Rewrite (Lucia's path is worth getting this alone).

And Planetarium, with Reverie, can't forget that one.

Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus. (Hyun-ae...)

Now as for ones with H, there are a few around that I think are worth time. Aeka from Yume Miru, Melodiana and Kohakuren from Kamidori... And that's all I got. Damn, thought I'd have a few more.

And as for the likes of Fate, I do enjoy it. The whole Master/Servent relationship in a death match for the Holy Grail is entertaining. And who is my favourite heroine? If you can guess from the ones already listed, I go for the tragic heroines, so definitely Sakura. And of course who protects Sakura? Rider. Yes. Both of them together... *Shakes head.*

So yeah... that was probably too long. But I have experience and I like to share.

BlueWinds on

I'll keep this list in mind next time I'm in the mood for a VN. It's hard to tell what's worth reading and what's not without recomendations, so thanks. :)

I like tragic heroines too, and especially stoic ones (thus Saber, and also Antinua). I still found Sakura to be a bit weak as a character - she seemed more of an object than a subject, if that makes sense.

RocK_M on

I'm probably one of the few people in the world that honestly cannot stand Code:Geass.


The premise was great and I've always been a sucker for CLAMP's animation... but the emotional manipulation of the audience w/ plot was just something I'm so over and annoyed w/ at anime these days.


I can take tragedy and whatnot. But when stuff hits the fun.. just "because" to introduce some sort of tragedy or extend the story I get royally annoyed. Then again that's probably just my "ye olde I've watched too much anime" elitist side coming in... who knows? xD

Zachary (not verified) on

Also, have you decided on whether you plan on releasing the game as a Christmas present this month or waiting a while longer? Just curious, and a little anxious I guess. :p

BlueWinds on

I am just about to make a post on that very subject. Check back in a couple hours for your answer. ;)

Jethro Makari on

Omg. Dying.

Okay, okay. Picture this. There you stand, atop a massive stage. American flag draped behind you. Stepping up to the podium, a thunderous, violent applause erupts throughout the stadium. A couple of paced seconds and you clear your throat. The crowd goes completely silent. Intense, resonating silence, without even the creaking of a seat. As if their entire existence has culminated to the words you're about to speak.

"I... Am demanding... Better porn."

As your vocals reverberate within the stadium walls, a wave washes over the crowd. Not the roaring from earlier, but the shifting of stifled tears and choked cries.

"I am demanding porn that isn’t just an inventory of body parts and physical acts."

Hovering signs with hearts reading "BETTER PORN! <33" wobble within the collective before you, but their silence doesn't cease.

"I am demanding porn that conveys the emotions of sex, the sensations, the meaning."

You speak for thirty minutes, and it's coming to a close. "Thank you.", you say, as you step down from the podium. You take a final, long look at the crowd. Flushed, tearing faces paint more than a few within the crowd. The affirmed nods of those with crossed arms, their beliefs vindicated.

As you walk off of the stage, the boom of the audience roars once more. World peace follows in the months after the speech.

That's about the image that played in my head.