Non-release Update

Wed, 12/04/2013 - 00:03 -- BlueWinds

A bit of a status report. I've fixed a bunch of bugs (some major, most minor) since the last release, and added a little bit of content, including a new way to make money available only when your balance in negative. Should help people get past the second month's payment without a game-over. It's a sexy-action, available to both men and women. :)

I've also been working on the backer story. It's currently at 4816 words, and stalled a little bit - I keep reworking this one super-important bit. Once that's over with, there's only some wrap-up to cover, and a final edit. I'm aiming for Jan 1st, 'cause, why not?

Look for a new release sometime this weekend, maybe. Not sure yet.


So, I just finished watching Strike Witches, both seasons.

I picked it up blind because I really really really liked a piece of fan character art (inline here) and wanted to see her in action. Shame she turns out to be a rather minor character, and not nearly this badass in the show itself.

It's... lolicon, I guess. I wouldn't have started watching if I'd known that beforehand. I found that aspect find quite obnoxious and offputting. But the show was otherwise well put together, and remained entertaining. I really, really hate fanservice in my anime, but this series I couldn't stop watching and giggling madly.

The show would have been so much better if the girls had +4 years. I can't really recommend it due to that fact. But I was entertained.

Ahem. Ahem. Nothing to see here.


Malpha on

Can't wait for the update. Been wanting to poke at it some more, but the eternal haunting and no customers kinda put a stop to that, unless I restart the thing over.


That said, loli-ness aside, it's pretty good? I'd seen it while skimming through hulu for stuff to watch, and was tempted.

Vestrina on

I like Strike Witches.  The story and characters are pretty good.  The lack of pants is just a bonus.  What makes it work is the characters don't find anything wrong with not having pants.  They're not pervy about it, it's just the norm in this world.

BlueWinds on

The story and characters are good. But they are pervy about it. Let's try a simple replacement:

The black people having chains is just a bonus - what makes it work is that it's just the norm in this world.

Sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? (note - that's a hypothetical - Strike Witches does not involve slavery)

Vestrina on

Eh...I don't see that as being a fair analogy.  Having/lacking pants doesn't really serve as a +/-, unless you're someplace where it's cold.  Otherwise it's just a cultural thing that you're not supposed to wander around public without pants. Chains serve as a detriment, so having them present is an automatic negative.  Unless we're talking about golden bling chains, in which case that kind of *is* the norm in this world... (Just kidding!!!)

I don't disagree that the show is a bit pervy/fanservicy, but the characters themselves are not being deliberate pervs about it. 

BlueWinds on

Things aren't written in a vacuum. This show was created and is watched in a male-dominated society, and the portrayals of female characters in the show reenforce the objectification and disempowerment of women.

Are you willing to read some articles if I provide links to them? I'd love to do so, but if not I won't waste time finding the ones I'm thinking of again.

Vestrina on

No, please don't trouble yourself.  I do get some of what you're saying, but it seems like you have a different perspective on it.  No one "wins" an Internet argument, so I'll just withdraw now and concede the point before I dig a deep hole.

Edward (not verified) on

Hi, I'm having trouble playing this on my tablet. It runs fine, but there's no way to drag icons or sliders without my tablet basically "right clicking" and then saving a picture. So if you could change the things like dragging girls icons to a room or setting their wrk times to an optional point&click or menu style, then that would fix my only issue with this otherise exceptional game :)

BlueWinds on

I wish I had a touch device to test things out on, but I do know that on my laptop's mouspad I can click-drag by tapping once then dragging. It has buttons, but I don't need to use them to click and drag. My friend's phone uses a different method, hold down for a second then drag.

I should mention that it may work properly in the full game - the demo uses a library to handle click and drag, but I finally got annoyed enough with it to write my own code. It's a lot smoother in general, and more likely to work properly. Any supporters with a phone or tablet want to test the game on it and see?

Vestrina on

I've tried it on my Android tablet and didn't have much luck with it for different reasons.  On Chrome the game won't scroll events correctly, and on Firefox mobile it kept scrolling back up to the top of the page by itself.

I haven't tried it on my Win8 tablet yet, as I just got one last week.  I have a iPad I could test with as well, though I think I'd need to setup my PC as web server to host it as I don't know how to copy extracted files into iOS and view locally.

BlueWinds on

Thanks for the info.

Is that on version 0.65 or later? That was the version when I did a re-write of much of the engine - scrolling back to the top of the page was a known bug that affected some desktop browsers before then.

Krystle (not verified) on

Well, I won't say anything about the characters needing 4+ years, because that's really a personal preference, but I'm posting here to say: I'm counting down until the next non-backer release (since you said it'd be at the end of the year). I'm sorry about never getting enough money to back you properly, but it just never came together. v_v