Not dead here... (0.4.01 release)

Fri, 02/01/2013 - 21:53 -- BlueWinds

So, I haven't disappeared, just slowed down the pace a bit - I always knew that I wouldn't be able to keep the stream of instant responses and weekly updates going, so it's not unexpected.

With that said, I am still making progress on stabilizing the 0.4 branch. I've spent the past week or so writing schemas and validators. Said testing framework has helped to identify a great many problems (many of which were so far unreported becuase they were too small to notice). Oh god, it's a developing an integration testing suite. Run for your lives! >:D


It only has one new user-visible feature - the old spinner to set a girl's pay has been replaced with a slick new slider, with predefined points. No more checking back every couple of days to see if she wants more money now - girl's pay will rise/sink automatically as necessary.

The latest version is still not production-ready (likely about 10 days away from announcing it ready), but I've pushed it out regardless - it's a hell of a lot better than 0.4.0, so I've pushed it to production. What a mess.


BlueWinds on

Oops, that was part of the upgrade function to change old saved games to the latest version. Fixed on version, will push to production soon.

Rex (not verified) on

There wasn't really an error message, but I had to trick the game into putting girls in a building. If I tried to use the scroll-down menu to place them it just wouldn't work. I think it was because a text box was popping up. If I scrolled quickly from the side though and clicked before the text box appeared it worked out though.

Still an awesome game though. Can't wait until it's stable enough to add more missions.

BlueWinds on

Yeah, building management was one of the things I knew was completely borked.

In the latest version (on dev now, will push to live soon), the building management screens have been completely redone. New, much nicer interface for assigning girls to buildings and buying/selling rooms.

BlueWinds on

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to resolve this without an export of the game that caused it.

If you have autosave turned on, it should have saved directly before you pressed "Next Day" - if you could attach that, I'd be much obliged.

Rede (not verified) on

Hi I have an error, when the guard Rape starts.

Its like: You have the option: Submit or Run, in both ways, the following Script error happen:

Script error.
Line 0

Can this be fixed?

Thanks, and it is a great game.

BlueWinds on

Yep, I see the problem - should be fixed in dev, will push the change to production in the next few hours here.

Anonymous (not verified) on


I am having trouble providing a save game with bug reports.
  1.  I play online with <b>Autosave</b> enabled, but cannot find a save game file on my machine. (I searched for files created in the last 24 hours that contained the string "Kirino".)
  2.  I cannot export a save game because the <b>Error</b> message obstructs the <b>Save</b> button. (Is there another way to get to the <b>Save</b> menu, a keyboard shortcut perhaps?)
  3.  I assume I am missing an obvious answer, because I have not found this save file location question posted anywhere online...
BlueWinds on

It's technically stored in javascript's LocalStorage - what the means varies by browser and operating system, but it's not really important. ;)

You get the file by going to "Save", then clicking on Export. It's not actually a file, despite the fact that I call it that sometimes - it's just a bunch of text that you can save in notepad or something.

I moved the error messages to the lefthand side of the screen just a few minutes ago after noticing the exact same thing about them blocking the save button (if you refresh the page, they'll start showing up on the left now).

Anonymous (not verified) on

Apparently they have moved back. My workaround: toggle to/from dev to replay the turn.


Error: ejs:1 >> 1| << if (event.special.answer == 'Submit') { >>Going along quietly, the guard led her away.<< } else if (event.special.answer == 'Run') { >><<= >> tried to wrench her arms free, but his grip was too strong - her attempt to flee failed before it had even properly begun. He half-led, half dragged her away.<< } else if (event.special.answer == 'Fight') { >>Knowing she was at a serious disadvantage with her hands already bound, she took the first opportunity to strike at the guard, going for the eyes. She was too slow though, and he stepped our of reach, kicking one of her legs out from under her. Producing a second pair of handcuffs for her ankles (not pleasant at all), he carried her away.<< } >> Four other men and two women looked up as he dragged <<= >> into the guardhouse, announcing that he'd caught a naughty little girl who needed to be punished. She looked to the other women pleadingly, but received the same evil leers as from the men. Cannot read property 'answer' of undefined

Line 24


BlueWinds on

Oops, I fixed this once, but then broke it again later. Should be fixed again now.

Technical explanation, if anyone cares: when an event triggers, it overrides the results of the action it replaces and adds itself to the context - or at least it's supposed to. In this case, the action was overwriting the context and erasing the event - which means that the event couldn't tell what answer the player had given.

Anonymous (not verified) on

when pressing new game, no matter what the options chosene

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'actions' of undefined
Line 53
Attach an export of your current game when reporting bugs.

Phoenix (not verified) on

yeap i am getting the same thing

Vulpes (not verified) on

Same here on Firefox 18.0.1 on and too.

Sorry if it's not very understandable, english isn't my native language.

BlueWinds on

Ah, found the problem. I was adding a new feature in dev and accidentally sent it to production as well. Should be fixed now.

BlueWinds on

Thanks for attaching the save-game. Should be fixed if you refresh now.

BlueWinds on

I made a change that has probably fixed this, though I'm not 100% sure of the underlying cause (an export would have helped). Let me know if it pops up again - also, be sure to say what you were doing when the error occured.

Anonymous (not verified) on

I cannot schedule other girls for unsupervised jobs if any one of them is scheduled for a supervised job.

BlueWinds on

:whistles guiltily: Nothing to see here, please move on...

(that is to say, fixed - I can't believe I missed this! It was related to some work I was doing in the dev version that accidentally got sent live)

BlueWinds on

Thanks! That one slipped through the cracks because it only occured 20% of the time when a girl with modesty >= 65 did Acolyte (not exactly a common occurance). I've improved my testing to catch problems like this in the future (and fixed this instance, of course).

Note - you'll have to select an action other than Acolyte for your girl, close the action selection, re-open it and select Acolyte again for the fix to take effect. That, or pass a turn without the bug occurring (only 20% chance it does).

Anonymous (not verified) on


Day 720

Cash on hand: $NaN
BlueWinds on

Congratulations, you are now the second person (that I know of) to have reached day 720. I tend to get bored with my playthroughs closer to day 100 or so, having gone through all the available textual content (just the pictures and numbers don't hold my interest for very long).

Fixed. If you don't have a good savegame (before this bug occurred), you can fix it using the command " = 1000" in a javascript console, replacing 1000 with however much money you were supposed to have.

If you're the same anon that's been reporting a bunch of other bugs on this post, I'd be happy to add your name to the Credits section of the README if you so desire.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Y'know, I should check back here more frequently after I've reported something. I played the rest of that run-through (probably over 600 game-days) with that supervision handicap I reported (Mon, 02/04/2013 - 14:55)...

Thanks for the README offer; I'll think about it.

Anonymous (not verified) on


i managed to get to day 888... then i stopped.  


autopay: option to keep change in happiness due to pay at a constant value.

keyboard shortcuts

in the action select menu extend the click area to occupy the whole character tab and not just the name

open new menus in the middle of the screen and not at the top of the page

i noticed in my save file something that looked like "{"group":"Sakuya","label":"Clean Onsen","image":"content/girls/Sakuya/images/Cleaning2.jpg","text":"Sakuya spent several hours dusting neglected corners, putting things in order and removing bodily fluids from the rooms of the Onsen. You can hardly believe how effective it was - one would swear it should take an hour to get the stains out of those sheets, but you turned your back for a moment and they were done, wash water splashed all over the walls.","delta":{"endurance":-8,"modesty":1,"clean":16},"weight":0}"

perhaps you could connect to some kind of booru (ie. amass a catalogue~ a list of events for specific pics, and just get as many event writers you can crowdsource.

BlueWinds on

Autopay - this is present in the latest version - the slider goes between -12, -6, -3, 0, +3, +6 happiness, and pays exactly the corrisponding amount each day.

Keyboard shortcuts are already present, or at least some of them. I just need to figure out a good way to present the information. Left/right arrows to scroll through messages, enter from the main screen to pass the turn, escape to close dialogs. I'll think about adding them to the action selection screen as well - you're right that they do make things nice and easy to use.

Extending the click-selection area on actions is a good idea. Originally that screen was drag-and-drop, rather than click-to-select, and some elements of its organization still reflect that.

Yes, a girl's current actions are stored in the save game, as well as any missions currently active. It makes the saves a little larger, but also improves performance while running the game (and opens up more possiblities codeing wise).

I've invited people to create content themselves, but so far the API has been too unstable for it to really catch on - no one wants to have to keep redoing their work every time I break things. With this latest version though, I think it's finally at a palce where I can make a more concerted effort to get other contributors.

If you have some suggestions for specific images for specific girls/events, I'd love to hear them. The only downside to that is that I'm quite picky - Jill, for example, originally had about twice as many pictures, before I cut out the low-quality artwork ones.

Anonymous (not verified) on

cool. i played through the debt cycle again. savedat at bottom at day 719. i think i managed to get all the events...

if the api is unstable could we get something like a generic event plot /character design repository... just verbally describing the events, not necessarily coding it.

set out a generic outline.. a character might include 5 images per action, 3 for tentacles, 3 for rape, a square icon.

there could also be generic encounter events that occur to any character as the character witnesses the event but does not participate in it. these could be recycled for all characters.

further suggestions/comments: 

DMG's heal doesn't seem to work well

some way to manage modesty better, reduce intelligence to fit situations as some npcs request stupidity... apart from spamming streetwalk for tentacles (maybe uncleaned onsen can spawn tentacles and turn into a tentacle lair)  

the fact that the onsen drains modesty is sometimes annoying. if the onsen is intended as endgame housing then it would be a good idea if it could better support a diverse set of girls.

limiting the number of clients one could have... i  notice that sometimes one character will "steal" all the clients for the day and it becomes better to just streetwalk

escort missions do not scale well at endgame money-wise and stops being a good choice when the girl's lust/experience caps out. maybe when this happens there could be a mechanic to sell the girl (though probably not only for money because at this point the player has too much of it) to the npc if the girl meets all the requirements to earn the max 1600. this could extend playability enabling more available girls for hire later on without the need to raise the character cap.

whoring in general is not as interesting as streetwalking. this makes the endgame a bit of a grind

stat gains should falloff more.

BlueWinds on

The API was unstable (changing every release) - it's pretty solid now. As soon as I'm confident I've caught most or all of the bugs, I'm going to add some more content, bump the version number up to 0.5, and make a call for contributions.

DMG's heal - you mean it's not good enough, or it seems buggy?

I do want to include an intelligence reducing action (especially one available when tentacles are turned off). Any thoughts on a good label for it?

The Onsen isn't supposed to be a lategame building in particular, I just haven't gotten around to adding any more. I'll create at least a third before the next release, and a third type of room. There will also be an event that allows the player to buy a second building in the next release, though it will be expensive (~10k dollars + building cost).

There is supposed to already be a limit to the number of clients a girl can have per-day. It may scale poorly at the upper limits of constitution (or not even be applying properly) - I haven't looked at it in quite a long time.

There is definitely going to be a mechanic to sell girls! Sakuya's missions are the first example of that - each and every girl will eventually have an "endgame" with the option to let her go for some benefit (money, a special room, some stat boost to all other girls, etc.), and I'm also going to add some generic (and randomly generated) missions that will, every 1-2 months, ask if there are any girls you'd like to sell.

What makes whoring less interesting than streetwalking? I've been meaning to go back over the text for those two actions and clean up / embelish it slightly.

You mean that it should be harder to get point 95 of a stat than point 5? That's a pretty good idea, and also easy to implement. The reverse will also be true - harder to loose point 5 than 95. 0s and 100s will be rarer, but still attainable.

Anonymous (not verified) on

i mean DMG's heal isn't worth the time it takes i guess...

maybe the dungeon could decrease intelligence?


BlueWinds on

That would make plenty of sense. So much sense, in fact, that I'm emberassed that I didn't think of it in the first place. ^^;;

As another commenter pointed out, the Healing action wasn't doing *anything* until I fixed it just an hour ago - now that it's working again, I suspect it's reasonably (though not extremely) useful. Any time you see "undefined" in the text, it's definitely a bug.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Hey there I added a character (Saber) just to test things out. it appears that .gif and huge images work and are just scaled down.

i'm still not sure how exactly the "variants: []" array is supposed to work.. it seems to be capped at 5 options but the values don't have to add to 1 

BlueWinds on

I'm currently working on some documentation to explain things a bit. It'll be a public wiki, and I'll release the URL once I've seeded it with some content.

The variants array is checked through in order. Does the first one match? Use the first element of Results. Does the second one match? Use the second element. etc.

The numbers work a little differently - you could think of them as cumulative, whereas each set of conditions are independent.

In your file, the game goes like so:

Generate random number, between 0 and 1. Let's say it's .85, and call it "i".

  • 0: tentacles and 20% chance? Use result[0].
  • 1: "i" -= 0.1. "i" is still greater than 0 (.75), so pass (if "i" <= 0, it would use results[1] at this point).
  • 2: "i" -= 0.15. "i" is still greater than 0 (.6), so pass.
  • 3: rape and 25% chance? Use result[3].
  • 4: "i" -= 0.1. "i" is still greater than 0 (.5), so pass.
  • 5: rape and 30% chance? results[5].
  • 6... Oops! No 6! None of the conditions match, so everything explodes.

So what you want to do is put all your conditionals up front - tentacles / rape / etc, each with their own independent likelyhood, then a series of numbers that sum up to 1 (in case none of the fetishes are turned on or none of them matched via randomness).

Otherwise looks mostly good. Use spaces instead of tabs for consistency with the rest of the project, though.

The game will indeed scale images down to the proper size, but I prefer to keep things compressed. Most of the images in the game are 75% quality jpegs, 600x600px - notice how your image folder is almost as large as the rest of the game put together. ;)

Anonymous (not verified) on

by modding your class.js to catch cases of basepath = undefined I managed to make the entire client 3.43 megs by referring to outside urls instead of local images. (why use your own bandwidth when you could use someone else's muahahahah...) 


currently all the action and event images are images of cirno but that's cuz i'm lazy and don't want to find new or identical images for all of them. ofc they are just one text edit away from being linked to a different image. all we need is someone to populate those images... 

the housing images were found by google image search. everything else through sankaku channel...  i didn't mess with the random people event images. those images are the last ones that remain... you could shave off about 500kb if you replace that...


about your cumulative selection process... what if you summed all the factors and multiplied i by that value before going through the case selection process- wouldn't that enable more than just 5 possibilities while also allowing you to put the tentacles wherever you want to put them?

BlueWinds on

That is exactly why basePath is a variable, instead of based on the location of base.js, to leave open such a possiblity. :D

There are two downsides to referencing external files, which is why I won't do it in the official release.

1) Internet access is required in order to play. It's the user's bandwidth I was thinking about, not mine, and there are plenty of people with slow connections or who want to play "on the go".

2) The game then has external dependencies. If one of those images goes down, all of a sudden I have broken links that have to be fixed, and anyone using a downloaded version of the game has to re-download. Quite frustrating to have things working one day, then just break for no apparent reason.

Re variants - you can have as many variants as you'd like in the variants array, as long as each one corrisponds with an entry in results. There is no artifical limit of 5. I used 5 in the example because that's exactly what your provided file happened to have.

The general programming pattern is "sensible defaults overriden by specific cases." So in this case, you check the more specific case (tentacles enabled) and if that fails, fall into the general case. Think of it as a flowchart - you would put special conditions at the top, not the bottom.

BlueWinds on

Oh, I should also mention that you can just set basePath to "" and shave that bit off all of your paths - that was the real intention. Or use an empty string rather than leaving it undefined. In the schema it's required, since its ommission in any particular case is more likely an oversight on the developer's part than intentional.

Anonymous (not verified) on

not all the images are hosted on but that's a good point

one question tho.. in the base file when you have Girls.Yuna.Actions.Talk.results._append, why is "content/girls/Yuna/images/Study1.jpg" used instead of "<<- girl.image("study") >>"?

where are the "<<- ???>>" symbols handled?

also i'm not very familiar with javascript.. what's the difference between ":" and "="?

BlueWinds on

Because I wanted to use that particular image, rather than a random study image for her - it seemed to fit with the text better than some of the others.

<<- ... >> is handled using EJS (with << >> instead of the usual <% %>, since I think it looks better). The local variables avaiable should always match the current context. The exact code responsible for rendering each particular string isn't centralized - you can search for "ejs.render(" if you're interested in exactly where / how it happens.

":" is used inside object literals - that is, when declaring an object equal to something. "=" is an assignment operator - it's executable code, used inside of function bodies.

The first line in most of the content files is something like:

Girls.Kirino = {  status: 'Hired', ... };

This takes the global Girls object and adds a property, Kirino. This property is an object (that's what { } means). This object has the property 'status', with a value of 'Hired'.

In places where you see something like "variants: function(context, done) { ... }", what's happening is that we're declaring the object to have a property "variants", and that property's value to be a function, which takes two arguments - "context" and "done".

If you're interested in learning Javascript, I'd suggest - it's clean and relatively concise. Read through that one page, and you'll be in better shape than 90% of the people who have ever written code for the web.

(also, the indentation here is getting silly - why don't you respond with a new top-level comment next time ;) )

Phoenix (not verified) on


ok another error this one looks cool brings up alot of numbers where your money should be:

Day 957
Cash on hand: $708183
Loan paid off - finally free!
(yeap i am playing on day 957 i trying to get all girls stats to max its the fun part for me)
Also shows this error: at the same time:
too much recursion
Line 2
Attach an export of your current game when reporting bugs.
hope this helps. (still loving the game)


Anonymous (not verified) on

"Dark Magician Girl drew upon her power to revitalize Sakuya, restoring her energy (+undefined,+undefined)."

BlueWinds on

Hm, yeah, it looks like the code to acutally make healing do something got removed at some point. Not sure how that happened. Should be fixed now (you'll have to select a different action, exit the selection screen, then re-select healing to fix it).

ShadowArcher (not verified) on

Just a minor typo, when you scroll over Rape in the save menu the last sentence says, "Not that this does not include...". However, if I'm right, I think it should have been, "Note that this does not include...".

Just thought I should point this out. 

BlueWinds on

Yep, supposed to be "note". I'm fixing this in development, but it won't make its way live until the next release.

ShadowArcher (not verified) on

dang that was a fast response! xD got to be that fastest responce I have ever had.

Anyways, hope it actually helped (i.e. was the first to tell you), and do you want me to tell you any more typos that I find or are they going to be fixed in the same update as the above typo? (Note: I'm not that good at catching typos/ grammer errors as it sounds. ;D )

BlueWinds on

Yes, please do tell me about any typos. I try to be careful and proof-read my own work, but I'm sure you know how hard it is to catch everything.

I get an email whenever someone comments here, so I usually notice comments more or less instantly. And since I'm self-employed / work from home (web developer), I can take five minutes off for a response any time I feel like it. ;)

Vulpes (not verified) on


Before starting i want to tell that english isn't my native language so i'll try to be clear but if you don't understand what i mean tell it i'll try to explain. ( it's almost 12 am here so don't expect a quick answer).

I really like the game that you are making. And i know that this isn't something easy to do (i tried to do a game too some years ago but i quickly give up.).

I play (fast run) untill day 1005 and i found that something is strange with the stats:

Constitution is useless above ~85 the girl can take more customers but it doesn't matter because she can't have the endurance to go with them (for exemple if i tell kirino (with all stats to 100 exept modesty 0) to whore morning and evening she will lost her full endurance in one day (morning ~-70, evenig ~-30 ).

Endurance cost of sexual acts are statics (anal -15 vaginal -10 oral -7 and bondage i don't remember) nothing increase or decrease it and endurance bar  can't be increased. And the regeneration of endurance is maybe a bit low (1 day wore (-100) ---> 5 days rest (+ 100)).

Libido and experience got the same use ??? (obedience too??)

so i have some suggestions:

Make something to increase Endurance max ( constitution ??)


Make something to decrease endurance cost of sexual acts (combination betwin constitution and exp ?? or just exp)


restrict more the number of customers (but i don't really think it will be good )

Thank you for this game i look forward the next release and thank you for the read of this comment.


P.S. you can reach day 720 with about -150000 ^^  nothing's happening .

BlueWinds on

I think you're right that endurance drops too fast from sexual acts. I'll look into reballancing it a bit for the next version.

Libido and Experience are very similar, and that's not going to change. Obedience is currently "higher is better", but in the future I plan to have more situations where a low value is desirable - not everyone is interested in a meek, submissive partner! Spirited, spunky and dominant girls will have their place as well.

You're right, there's no penalty for negative money right now. I plan to write more storyline involving The Guild and paying off the loan eventually, but for now it's just a sort of "this is how well you're doing" meter.

There's already a limit on the number of customers a client can service, but it goes higher than it should. It's on my todo list.

Vulpes (not verified) on

Thank you for your quick answer.

I'm looking forward the rebalancing of endurance cost and customers number.



ShadowArcher (not verified) on


Uncaught TypeError: ejs:1 >> 1| You and Yuna sit out on the front steps of the <<- girl.building() ? : 'inn' >>, watching traffic pass and listening to the sounds of the busy city. You ask her if she's enjoying her work here - she agrees that it's fun sometimes. You ask about the customers she's serviced lately - she sighs and rolls her eyes. Not the best behavior. You confiscate her top and pull her bra down around her waist as punishment, right there in public. She gets red, but you refuse to let her fix it for half an hour. Property 'name' of object function () { var name =; var final_building; g.buildings._filter('status', 'Owned').forEach(function(building) { building.rooms._filter('type', 'Bedroom').forEach(function(room) { if (room.girl == name) { final_building = building; } }); }); return final_building; } is not a function
Line 24
only happens some of the time with the talk command.
BlueWinds on

Thanks, fixed. Was a simple typo on my part. You'll have to select a different action and close action selection before reselecting Talk to fix it in your saved game. -> girl.building().name

Anonymous (not verified) on

Still working toward an error-free play-through. In the meantime I'm going to take my profits from this last play-through and buy a small country. Is there a South Pacific island nation equivalent in this game?  ;-)


Wait, you gotta love this: I just got an Error message from the Comments page!

"Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in ideal_comments_form_comment_form_alter() (line 46 of/home/threewestwinds/webapps/drupal/sites/all/modules/ideal_comments/ideal_comments.module)."


Phoenix (not verified) on

a little bug  but thought i should report it:


Rooms:10 / 6
Dark Magician Girl
you can buy as many rooms as you like for the onsen


BlueWinds on

Thanks for reporting - I had noticed this myself last night. It's fixed in the development version (and thus the next release), but won't make its way into production for a while.

BlueWinds on

Oops, I had forgotten I set it up that way. Fixed.

Anonymous (not verified) on

this is hard to debug....i missed a comma and the a whole .js apparently would not load. took hours to find it. arrgh.

anyways i added a button to "fire" girls which simply moves them back to "For Hire" status, and added a few new variant event scenarios and a mission in which goons kidnap one of your girls, and you have to pay some money to get her back.

also added another girl and fixed saber's description and changed some of her dialogue

BlueWinds on


I'm going to release version 0.5 tomorrow - it will have Saber in it, though none of the other mods. I extensively re-wrote the Patrol action text, though it retains the original intent and the same variants (plus one new one). Also cleaned up one of the tentacle images in GIMP to remove some text, and removed some of the images that made her look too loli for my taste. As I may have mentioned, I'm picky. ;)

The kidnapped mission could make good use of a couple of new features in 0.5 - the ability to "Lock" an action in place and mark a girl "away from home", so that you don't have to pay her and the building she's in can't affect her. I'll get around to documenting this stuff on the wiki I'm making.

Could you highlight the variant event scenarios you added? I don't much want to dig through the code and figure out what was added.

Anonymous (not verified) on

i didn't add any variants to saber, just some wording and description changes.


the script for kidnapping is
  <script src="content/missions/isKidnapped.js"></script>
  <script src="content/events/kidnapping.js"></script>
also i forgot to include 
  <script src="content/events/witnessTentacleAttack.js"></script>
 which is another event. partially since it refers to nonlocal content (.gifs)
the code that is involved in firing girls can be found by searching for "fire" in index.html, modules/girls/class.js, and modules/girls/girls.js
it might be a good idea to change the minDay and occurance ratios of kidnapping.. it seems to happen too often plus i left minDay at 0 to test it
ShadowArcher (not verified) on

just found a bug. You can add a 7th room to the onsen. I have 5 bedrooms and a dungeon and i randomly decided to try to buy another bedroom (trying to use some money xD). I thought it wouldn't work, but it did.

BlueWinds on

Yeah, the room count wasn't actually limited in the new GUI. It will be fixed in version 0.5, which comes out tomorrow (you can see it on the dev site right now).

ShadowArcher (not verified) on

cool, got a question only. Why does study lower obedience almost all the time? It makes sence when the girl falls a sleep in class, but not all the time.

If anything it should go up because she obeyed you and went to class. :P Hey there's an idea. Don't know how much work it would involve, but how about another study scene where the girl skips class.


Again, just question and idea. Nothing else wrong that I can see.

BlueWinds on

That's a good question - removed the obedience drop for one of the Study variants.

New variants for existing actions are really easy to add. If you write the text for it, I'll add it to the game (probably - I do turn some things down, but skipping class wouldn't be one of them ;) ).

Anonymous (not verified) on

hotkey ."1-5 - 1st-5th girl's Action dialog" does not work when in another girl's action dialog


BlueWinds on

Allow me to quote from the hotkeys dialog:

"These shortcuts are available from the main game view."


"These shortcuts are available in any dialog.

  • - Previous item
  • - Next item"
Anonymous (not verified) on


if you trigger a mission and then sell the girl the mission will remain

it is possible to have a girl in two different houses by putting her in house 1, selling house 1, buying house 2, putting her in house 2, then rebuying house 1. (this is actually quite useful because i can put sakuya into both the onsen and the theatre, she then gets endurance benefits from both and is able to clean full time.)

my save is attached.

also it seems that if i wait until after the 846 day to do sakuya's mission it fails to show sakuya's magic level when she cleans? 
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this is regarding the dev version btw.

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Muahaha, full time maid! It just occurred to me that if you started the dev version far into a previous game, then you may not have seen the new building I added (the Luxurious House). Try turning off the Rape tag for a while and you'll get a message that it's available (until I fix the issue that would hide it from you for now).

Yeah, I was thinking about conflicts between in-progress missions and how to resolve them last night. Thanks for pointing out that the same sort of problems can arrise from buildings as well. Not fixed yet, but will be soon.

Not sure about the Sakuya cleaning/magic problem, I'll have to take a look later. Oh, figured it out. Her Magic level wasn't displaying if it was already 100. Will be fixed when I next push out changes.