Nov 10th

Mon, 11/10/2014 - 16:50 -- BlueWinds

Though most people doing NaNoWriMo work in bursts, pulling ahead, falling behind, working or not as the mood takes them or their schedules permit, I prefer to set a steadier pace - 2000 words per day, rain or shine, in sickness or in health. It's a bit more than the 1666 daily needed to win, but such an increased pace gives me either a few days off or lets me finish a few days early.

I am, at the time of this writing, ahead of schedule. Last night I wrote 4000 words instead of my usual 2000. It was a silly accident, actually - I was running late, getting tired, ploughing through things... and wondering why it was taking so long to finish. Turns out it was because I went right past my goal and kept going until I'd finished the next one. ><;



Do you ever have characters who surprise you? Well, Natalie (the POV character) has in two ways, throwing off the chains of destiny and appropriating the plot for herself.

First of all, I was astonished by how attractive she found Asara, one of the other characters. Blond hair, silver eyes... if this sounds familiar, and her name vaguely reminiscent of someone you may already know, well, it should. Asara was planned as one of the romance options... but with her on the boat, it's hard to imagine Natalie paying the slightest bit of attention to anyone else.

Second, she's decided that her childhood friend James (another romance option) does fine work with a flogger, despite my initial impression that they would be the vanilla route, with no BDSM stuff going on at all.


zepht (not verified) on

hi, i woud like you inform me what is the nanowrimo and if you read a book where we can to read

it's little difficule to read and english but i want to try 

BlueWinds on

National Novel Writing Month. I take some issue with the name (very US centric), but the concept is sound - write 50000 words during the month of November.

Generally you have to write a novel, but I'm rebelling this year and working on the game script instead.

KradWolfe22 (not verified) on

Lol when I saw "game script" I thought "WHOA 1's and 0's. Will the judges be smart enough to put that together?". Realized I'm WAY too tired lol. Good job and good luck. Don't over tax yourself and make sure that extra 2000 is rewarded with an extra cheer from your fans. WOOOOOOOOOOO.