Nov 1st

Sat, 11/01/2014 - 21:20 -- BlueWinds

It is now nearing the end of Nov 1st, and I have completed my NaNoWriMo goal for the day - 1666 words (1663 2099 as of this writing, but I'll probably do a couple hundred more before bed). Unlike many participants, I neither sprint ahead nor lag behind, but merely hold my ground against the relentless grind, writing roughly the same amount every day until the end.

In perhaps slightly more interesting news, I'm wearing a butt plug all evening, in honor of... well, not really in honor of anything in particular, just 'cause I can. Not a terribly small one either. Sweet dreams, dear readers. :3


super on

Sweet dreams yourself, you've sounded real *ahem* stuck-up lately.

ptwist on

haha, awesome x2!

accureye on

well sounds fun sleeping with a plug up your butt but i think that might be slightly uncomfterble if you sleep on your back

BlueWinds on

Though I've done that before, I didn't keep it in while sleeping - it is indeed more uncomfortable than sexy.

If there were someone I was close to ordering me to / getting pleasure out of thinking about it, I'd be a lot more likely to bear with or enjoy the discomfort myself.

accureye on

Personally i think that it would of be more fun if it was another girl and both had a double dildo up their butts but maybe that's just something i would want to do as a girl and with another.

Frankieo on

As a Bi-Sexual guy, i tried this once.

To be honest, it wasn't all that uncomfortable at all, though it was a butt-plug for beginners, thus not being all that wide or long.

But still, i've thought of doing so again, though i would rather have a girl do it to me, as i think of myself kind of a submissive guy. I'd rather be bossed around, slightly pushed around, and dominated, than to be the one doing these parts to my partner. 

Just too bad i have such problems finding a girl, cause i am - what we Norwegians call "Dumb snill - too nice for my own good. Girls tend to think of me as a good friend right away, and put any chances i had of getting them as a girlfriend on the backburner...

Dartinin (not verified) on

Ha ha .  I love it when you share.  That is why i keep coming back for more  ^^

tuesday (not verified) on

I would not wear a large butt plug for more than an hour at a time or overnight.  The increased pressure placed on the insides may constrict blood flow.  This may lead to permanent tissue damage.  This depends on how much you can stretch, so if you can slide in an additional 2 fingers around it comfortably then it should be fine.

BlueWinds on


tuesday (not verified) on

its the same physiological principles when it comes to restraints.  Excess pressure placed on a tissue for an extended period of time may cause impaired circulation.  This pressure could be internal or external, i've seen patients with internal pressure ulcer from an abdominal hernia before.  Examples of excess pressure would be things like: compartment syndrome, or pressure ulcers.  A buttplug pressing against you inside your butt would still be an external force, even though its 'inside' you.

As for citation: me.  A new grad nurse.

Personally I love to be tied up in light bondage as well, but it is both the dom and sub's responsbility for each other's safety along with their own.  I would hate to see someone get injured in anyway especially while doing something fun and exciting.

Frankieo on

Only way I can imagine a butt-plug could constrict blood flow, or stop it at all, would be if it was an inflatable butt-plug, which one had inflated to almost popping size.

Otherwise, I doubt it would do all that much damage, except for maybe making your butt gape for some hours or so before being shut back to normal size.

zephiria on

i nerver tested this gadget and i think i don't like that, two fingers with my proctologue, it's enough ^^ but i think for a girl it should be more erotic and pretty (Finally, it's just my avie of hetero)^^