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Wed, 05/21/2014 - 01:02 -- BlueWinds

It's time to admit my feelings. I'm a complete Homura fangirl. Like... serious case of fictional-character crush.



My theme song right now. Over the past month, I have tried... a lot of things.

  • Waxing. I had my legs waxed at a salon. The pain wasn't all that bad, but my legs were sensitive for several days, rather than the couple of hours they suggested. I want to try this again soon, to see if the second time is any different / better than the first. Kind of expensive.
  • Painting my nails. I initially got a blue color, which I tried but didn't like. Then I got pink... which I also didn't like. I probably won't do this anymore. At least it was a cheap experiment.
  • Hair products. I went to a salon and asked for some recomendations about what to do for my hair. Honestly, short of actually straightening it, I'm not sure there's much that can be done to tame my curls. Laying flat (when wet), my hair reaches to my shoulders. When dry, it tries to turn into a giant puff-ball standing several inches out in all directions. The styling creme they gave me helps... but only a little. I keep hoping that if I grow my hair long enough it will lay down. No luck yet - it just keeps getting larger.
  • Skin care. I've never bothered paying attention to my face before. I'm just now (as in today) starting a couple of things - washing my face nightly, applying a clay mask in the morning, then moisturizer and BB cream. No effect yet, but I wouldn't expect one so quickly.
  • Clothes shopping. Kaname, my wardrobe was boring before. Now I have some skirts, a dress, some colorful blouses, a pair of tight jeans... I think I look pretty good in those. ;) It's always been hard to find clothes that fit - I'm size 1-2, waist / hip wise, but 6' tall. Everything is short. Thank goodness for used clothing stores - I can try something, and not feel bad if I don't wear it again, having only wasted a couple of dollars.
  • This workout, ever night before bed. I always mute it and listen to music instead. Just finished my... fifith night,  I think?


In short... I'm trying all the girly things I never bothered with before.

Don't want cash, don't want card Want it fast, want it hard Don't need money Don't need fame I just want to make a change I just wanna change I just wanna change I just wanna change I just wanna change I just wanna change I know exactly what I want and who I want to be.


Malpha on

Homura's my favorite of the lot, too. One day I'm gonna have to watch Rebellion, just to finish out the series.

froggalpha on

Regarding Hair. My hair stands out like crazy till I can pull it back into a pony tail, and sometime after that starts behaving.. sometimes. My one friend with crazy curly hair keeps short hair and swears by wigs when going for something stylish or long. A bit expensive, but so much easier to maintain. I haven't tried it myself, and I'm not sure if I want to..

Skin care is some work, but you get results. Living well can be as good as treating your skin, but who has the time/money for that. Working out is also a great way to get solid improvement, and I'm trying to keep a habit up myself. It's hard...

Adding that song to my playlist... now.

BlueWinds on

Hair isn't long enough for a pony-tail yet - perhaps in another couple of months.

I do live well! I eat organic / healthy / vegetarian, exercise, get enough sleep... the baseline level of my skin is just crap. So I decided to try "products" instead to see if that will work better.

ptwist on

Yay, great to hear another post! Been awhile, was wondering if the blog would dry up with the game being released. I hope it doesn't!

I can't resist, though, from sharing some thoughts, only because I think you might be interested. As someone with degrees in how chemicals interact with the body / health/  etc, I would suggest looking into a bit of the science behind 'organic' foods. 

My opinion on it stems from the utter lack of evidence that organic is more healthy than conventional, accented by facts such as organic farming often using higher levels of chemicals (some pesticides are 'organic', but have to be used more frequently/higher dose) with these chemicals being no less potentially  harmful than the conventional ones

I have some colleagues who like to stomp on folks promoting vegetarisim for health reasons due, again, to a lack of evidence. My opinion is that it's pretty safe to say that so long as someone's putting thought into what they're eating, cooking for  themesvles, and striving  to eat in a balanced fashion, they're good to go. One of most frusterrating things I see, though, is iron-deficiency anemia, which I'm sure you're more than aware of.... do be careful though, I wouldn't want a lack of heme to delay any of your creativity or future work!

Just some of thoughts that appear in my mind when I read someone writing that they're eating organic or going veg in the name of health :) 

BlueWinds on

I'm vegetarian because I don't want to kill animals, not because I think it's healthier.

In the abstract, at least. In the practical sense, I think it is healthier, given the way the United States produces meat. You can buy healthy meat... but people don't, not really, not even those I know (like my roommate) who say they try.

The "organic" label in the USA has been watered down so much that it's not really useful, true, but locally grown, non-pesticide raised food better for the environment, whether or not it's better for my body.

That's the real issue - a focus on "full systems" rather than just "me personally." I want humans to live on this planet for another million years, and (energy intensive) meat + (soil damaging) artificial fertilizer + (organic or not) pesticides aren't doing us any long-term favors.

BlueWinds on

This is a topic where it's really hard to find objective analysis - impossible, even. There is way too much money at stake. It's part of the "choose your studies, because you can support any conclusion you like" wasteland of modern science.

Rintintin (not verified) on

Locally grown foods are only *ever* better when your local biome naturally produces 100% of the food you eat.  Travel time only make up somewhere between 4-8% of the pollution caused from growing crops, depending on crop and travel distance.


If you don't research your local biome, or your local biome doesn't normally support certain vegetarian foods that provide a few essential amino acids(soy, nuts etc), it's actually less environmentally damaging to buy imported food because, again, the fertilizers (even the natural ones) will 'burn' the ground by over saturating the ground with nitrites, because instead of using the 10 tons per acre to get a good yield of a naturally supported crop, they have to use 100 or more tons per acre.  If you try to only use locally produced, fully biome compatible foods that don't include the essential amino acids (valine, phenylalanine etc), you will tire quickly and suffer from slow wound healing, as well as potential anemia and immunosuppression as your body can't produce certain amino acids that are rarely found in plants.


Organic is essentially useless, even if it was enforced harshly.  Arsenic can easily be found organically, but that doesn't mean it's environmentally friendly.  Something that is inorganic in origin isn't automatically more environmentally damaging than something that is organic.  In this case your best bet is to get to know your local farmer where possible, and find out what they use, and research it.


Finally, don't take today's published paper as a be all, end all in modern science, especially in nutrition and medicine.  Medical students are often taught the 10/50 rule, which says that every 10 years, 50% of what is currently held to be true will have changed.  Medicine and nutrition are fast moving sciences, and what we're learning now often changes how we view the papers of the past (for example, we no longer consider Vitamin C to have any short term health benefit during a cold, something that 5 years ago was considered to be generally true, it is required for long term immune health, but it can't impact anything as short lived as a cold).


Part of this is because journals just don't have enough peers to review all the submissions they recieve so 'peer reviewed' means *skimmed it once and made sure the math looked right* just to keep up with deadlines, and also papers submitted to journals often withhold information, or simply do bad science, such as not holding up true double blind studies, having induced or accidental biases, or cherrypicking data to provide the answer they want (think about who often commissions such studies).


Finally, don't rely on newspapers/sites to tell you about what the latest scientific breakthrough is.  Actually go and look for the paper and read it for yourself.  Even if it's outside your regular sphere of knowledge, the conclusion in the papers often contradicts what such sites do because they are in the business of selling you something (ads, subscriptions, papers) and often don't read further than the summary, which misleads even well intetioned journalists from time to time.


I'm not saying don't buy organic, or don't buy locally, if you can (I'm not convinced on the advantages of organic food, and organic foods generally have a lower yield than regular farming methods, producing less food and driving up costs on a worldwide scale, at a time when so many are still in poverty, buying locally is definitely worth it though, if your biome supports it.  The biome I live in is mainly tobacco/ranch land so I buy imported food regularly.), but if you do, please do so correctly.

Frankie (not verified) on

Hey BlueWinds.

I'm wondering about how the work on your latest game is going along.

Got any minor updates of it that you could reveal?

BlueWinds on

Well, the long and short of it is that I haven't gotten anything done recently. Perhaps I'll share some of the stories I've been working on once they're done, but I just haven't been in the mood for any game dev recently.

Frankie (not verified) on

Ah, allright. well, hope everything is going good aside from the game developing at least :)

j on

glade you had fun blue and i hope you enjoy your new clothes and as far as find clothes that fit i also have the same problem but that mostly has to do with the fact im fat

Alexander (not verified) on

I have a new found respect for you after watching that AMV you linked.  I mean don't get me wrong you were always someone I respected as I respect any of the people who create things I enjoy so much. As of this moment though I respect you as a person and not as some candy dispensing machine. Thank you for all your hard work and I wish you luck.

-If you always do something you enjoy or love your never work a day in your life but your sure as hell work a few nights and weekends.

Krad (not verified) on

Was wondering when you will at least have a beta ready for us to try. Loving your games so far, just wanna see what you can do.

BlueWinds on

I have no idea. When I get some interest in game design going again, probably, which may be a few months.

My attention to various topics waxes and wanes unpredictably. Recently I've been more interested in roleplaying than game design or solo-writing. Before that, it was on reading - I devoured a novel every day for about two weeks straight.

pi (not verified) on

your thoughts on rebellion?

BlueWinds on

It was good! Shame they put in 30 minutes of blank screen at the end.

Yes, I'm going to pretend that the movie ended with Madoka taking Homura with her, and that demon-Homura never happened.