Overwhored Review

Sat, 02/22/2014 - 12:54 -- BlueWinds

Overwhored is a free mind control and humor themed RPGMaker game that's just released a major overhaul of all its maps.

Sadly, this overhaul is not an improvement. The new maps are very pretty, but they are way too big. I get lost in my own tower continually. After spending literally 15 minutes searching a city full of locked buildings for someone, I gave up and closed the game. SMALLER MAPS ARE BETTER in RPG maker. Decide all the features you want, then make the smallest map that includes them.

I'm going to review version 0.3 - the one with the old maps - because IMO it was a better game.

The good:

  • Humor! The house full of spiders made me actually laugh out loud. The batgirl and dark elf mage have some really great lines. The game is worth playing for this aspect alone.
  • Dealing with Mind Control in a sensible way. It's not my fetish, and in general I find it a little worrisome when people like it, but Overwhored neither squicked me nor made me nervous. Playing an explicit villain does wonders for that - no one is pretending that what you do isn't evil.
  • Let me repeat how funny the elven mage is. And the batgirl.

The bad:

  • RPGMaker is ugly and boring. Combat is tedious and repetitive.
  • In version 0.4, I spent more time wandering around getting lost than actually playing the game. Actually lost, not just "unsure which path to take." I've never had that happen in a sprite game before. This issue does not apply to 0.3
  • I'm not a fan of the image style. It feels either... "still learning to draw." The art from 0.3 was ok. I don't at all like the new images I saw in 0.4. As with Harem however, different people like different things.
  • The sex writing is not my favorite either. Way too much "oooh, ooh, ohhhh, stick your cock in my pussy! Give me your cum, maaaaaaaster!"

So... quick, download version 0.3, if you enjoy or don't hate RPG maker combat. I'd give version 0.4 (for public release Monday) a miss.


cypress_z on

Thanks for the review! I appreciate your honesty, actually. The maps are brand new and designed by a new member of the team and haven't really been out in public yet so your feedback DOES matter. None of it is set in stone.


I'm sorry you got lost and gave up. If you tell me the areas that gave you the most trouble I'll see if we can't fix those in the release after this one.


I do agree with a lot of your negative feedback. This project is as much to learn how to develop a major H-Game and put together a team as much as anything. I probably won't use RPG Maker for future games if I can find a good programmer or two, and I'm already looking to keep a small team of artists working in a single style for future games as well. If you don't pay industry rates and hire from studios it takes a lot to find good artists you can afford.


A lot of the sex scene writing is definitely a patch that I intend to rewrite later. But I think it's always going to favor a simplistic style because I'm selling short scenes on the strength of the images, not long VN style scenes.


On the positive feedback: Skree and Rubati will continue to be in the game and I will do my best to keep writing funny stuff. Thanks!

BlueWinds on

Pehaps you're more disciplined than I, but in my experience, all placeholders are permanent - you can see evidence of that in my first game. ^^;; Things I introduced as "temporary placeholders" in 0.1 were still laying around when I stopped working on it. In version 2, I've taken the stance of not enabling any content until it's "ready" - this forces me to finish things before I can show them off. As I said though, if placeholders work for you, then by all means. ^,^


The first place where I had trouble was the main tower (home base) - I get that you're going for "opulent and powerful", but 1-2 tile corridors are easier to navigate than 3-4. I was also suprised how quick and easy it was to restore the entire tower to functionality - spreading the upgrades out in time (first upgrade after first heroine removes some dirt, second upgrade after second heroine removes all dirt, third fixes all floors, fourth fixes second floor, fifth adds additional wing... etc.) would have felt mare natural and given a sense of progress.

The second place was... what's the name of that city, the one that's outlawing sugary drinks? That one. It had three separate maps, each of which individually was twice as large as the entire city from the last version. Houses with locked doors are nothing but a nuissance, prompting the player to check them repeatedly while searching for whatever they happen to be looking for at the moment.

cypress_z on

Okay, I will keep those locations in mind.


And yeah, placeholders do work for me because I have it all in writing on a checklist. Since the game started I've gone back and filled in a lot of placeholders. I also have a scheduled time to go back and fill them in on my development schedule.


I start with the understanding that some things will get placeholders, what they are, and when they'll be finished. My policy is, "Finish what's scheduled for this release."



BlueWinds on

Oh, very minor note - when Tower Mistress finally torches the spider house, I liked how in the last version she really torched the place. Best moment in the game. Burning a single box in 0.4 felt a little underwhelming.

If the man has some use later in the game that I'm forgetting, then save Mistress getting upset until she's allowed to turn the place into a gutted cinder.

cypress_z on

Hmm. Good point. I'll see if we can add that.


I'm going to do another release (0.4.5) in a month or so, I'll keep all your suggestions in mind.

Dorllanen on
  • RPGMaker is ugly and boring. Combat is tedious and repetitive

Objection! Case in point: Dungeons and Prisoners. The absolute marvel of taking RPGM up to the eleventh.

But generally speaking, I agree :p

Krystle (not verified) on

I haven't really played the game, since I like playing games where you play as the female, but I do have to disagree on large map sizes, especially if they're filled with interesting things. You said it was pretty, but but big, so I get the impression it was filled with stuff. Maybe it's because I can always seem to remember where things are (maybe in one or two dead-ends), without spending too much time going 'oh, where is this?' even when I haven't played a game in a while.


That doesn't mean I don't understand your qualms with it, I just think that a wanring of it's good enough, and not to say to give it a miss because of it. ^_^ Maybe I just misunderstood what you mean, but it sounded like, even though you didn't like the art, the map sizes where the biggest indicator of not playing V4. Not that I'll probably ever play the game, just thought I'd give some thought into that. xD

yupp (not verified) on

Repeat after me: cheatengine's speadhack makes RPGX games playable. :P


Seriously though, RPGX games have and will use grinding combat and severe backtracking to extend their gameplay, just look at the LOQO games from Gabe. The art is cute and the story is quite decent, but you -will- spend an unbelivable amount to time and effort on what is essentialy killing the same mosnters again and again (and bloody again), and even on walking before you even see -one- two minute scene.


Overwhored is still one of the best games of that type I've played so far, but some of the art does really look like it came from MSPaint. :(

AColonyOfAnts on

Mind control isn't really much my cup of tea.  The character I made for this game (Female Dom/Sen) pretty much reflects the opposite of what the Overmind would want.  As I said before, the fight/defeat/control/fuck formula does tend to get stale, which is why I was so glad I could side with Princess Tasa during the Sadya arc.  That said, Tower Mistress is easily my favorite character.  She's definitely has the bulk of the humorous dialogue, and she stands as 1) the sole voice of reason in the entire game and 2) the only one who comes close to the Overmind as an equal.

It's true I found the sex scenes a little lacking.  Though if Cypress_Z says it's a placeholder,  I'll reserve judgement until then.  I'm on the fence about whether I should donate, as MC isn't really my thing, but I'll see where 0.4 takes me.

About the art, I actually don't mind all that much.  Considering how the game is free and supported solely by donations, there's only so much that can be done when a game is generating original artwork.  Commissioning a decent artist to work on nsfw content could easily run anywhere from 60-80 per image.  I'd say it's unfair to say the art comes from MSPaint (because I have seen bad, bad MSPaint sex scenes), but I feel Blue is correct in saying the artists are still developing their style and/or haven't put the full effort into polishing the pieces in OW.  

cypress_z on

Thank you for your honest feedback on this! I actually like seeing the perspective of people who aren't into mind control and how they feel about the game. And yeah, commissions do cost a lot of money. There are top notch artists out there, but they charge at or near industry rates. No amateur game could EVER pay those rates. You're looking at $200 per image there. All I can say is that I try to do the best I can with the funds I have, and I'm glad to have hand drawn art at all.


On the Tower Mistress: Her role will increase as the game goes on. You'll definitely love that.


And for those of you that like female protagonists, this is waaaay in the future, but I planned out a sequel to Overwhored with a female protagonist; the Overmind's first daughter. I'm starting to foreshadow that in this game. I'm going to do a release in a month or two where you can visit the prison of the Overmind's first daughter. She'll be the protagonist of the second game.

Everdistant (not verified) on

If you want an RPGMaker game with non tedious combat, I'd recommend Exit Fate (though it's not an H-Game) It has no sustained MP, instead using a sort of credit system. You loot or buy a spell, you can cast that spell once *per* battle, not once total. IE, if you have five heal spells, you can cast heal five times in every battle, but not anymore than that.This means you can basically spam your 'kill everybody' spells in random encounters. The bosses usually require at least a bit of strategy, too.That said, a lot of RPGMaker games just use the default RPGMaker combat with no changes at all, which, yes, is mighty boring. And Exit Fate has its own share of problems (Fitch's unblinking stare, all the music being lifted from other sources). I feel like a lot of RPGMaker games just have combat merely for the sake of having combat, without thinking about how they can actually make it fun to play or introduce some sort of twist on the standard formula.

ijvalko (not verified) on

I am new to your game. It seems fun. Since I am a newbie, one thing is bothering me. After I defeating the ghouls in the cemetary, I am told to get the blacksmith and talk to the towns people. Talking to the townspeople no problem. Where is the blacksmith? I have been stuck on this.

BlueWinds on

It's not my game. This is a review of someone else's game. There's a link to his blog at the top of the article. You might try asking there.