Progress on 0.4, and spambots

Mon, 01/14/2013 - 21:49 -- BlueWinds

:sigh: Looks like spambots are smart enough to get through the captchas. Sorry to anyone who's been getting email notifications about spam posts - I've killed them as fast as I'm able. Let's see how they like this latest layer of protection... (which should be invisible to live visitors).

In more interesting news, I've been working on version 0.4, which involves a re-write of a great deal of the core code that makes the game run. It will still look much the same and have similar content (with the usual set of expansions and improvements, of course), but should run faster and be easier to create custom content for. Mostly this update will be aimed at myself and other content creators - unified, expanded and at the same time simplified APIs for missions, events and actions, as well as improved documentation.

Currently I'd say the update is 25% done - I've gone through the core code, and the front screen renders again, but most everything is still broken. I'll be at 50% when all the Actions are ported over, and 75% when I've done missions and events. The final quarter will be adding new content.

No specific timeline at this point - it will be done when it's done, and no sooner. Estimate a couple of weeks or a month, depending on how inspired I feel.


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Hey, I dunno if this will still be something but with yuna during Morning Acolyte.. it wasn't centered "Yuna arrived at the temple just after morning prayer, and spent ended up serving tea and coffee in the lobby so that one of the priestesses could attend to other business. She visited the bathroom during a lull, only to see the priestesses cleaning up - apparently "other business" included smudged lipstick and a suspicious white stain in her hair..."

Just thought I'd mention it

Dunno where to properly report bugs

BlueWinds on

This blog is the best place.

Do you mean the text wasn't centered, or the dialog? Does the image show up properly (for Yuna, it should just be her base image)? Also, the browser you encountered the problem in really helps me track down issues.

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I only use Chrome (newest stable version)

The text wasn't centered.  It actually spilled into the left side where the stat changes are displayed.  Honestly, I don't remember the imagine :(

I'll test it out in a bit in case it happens again.

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Picture of it for reference.  Again, Google Chrome latest stable version

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I'm full of shit, I guess it's normally like that

Never noticed though, my b

BlueWinds on

Hah, yeah, I was a little confused because that's exactly how it's supposed to look. ;) I think the wrapped text looks better than (and takes of less space than) leaving the "delta" (what I call the stat changes) blank all the way down - especially on long messages, like the Special Party descriptions.