Progress update & Daibanchou

Wed, 09/11/2013 - 23:46 -- BlueWinds

So, first a progress update. Here are some of the big changes you can expect in the next version:

  • Time slots (Morning, Evening, Night) instead of hours.
  • Changes in stats - no more "Skill", but instead two tracks of "content cleared" - H (NSFW) and Normal, to tell you how many of her events you've seen.
  • Changes in the customer system to make it more transparent.
  • Girls do something all the time, even when you're not paying attention - Hathawa sometimes cleans the Onsen when she's bored, attends classes, and spends a lot of time in the library.
  • Hectic days (too much to do, can't do everything at once) rather than boring ("I guess I'll work again because there's nothing else").

It won't be ready for some time still - there's a lot of code re-writting to do to change some of the core conceits of the engine. Hopefully ~1 week yet.

Second, a some comments on Daibanchou.

If you haven't played it before, I highly recommend it. Easy to find for free for English speakers, hard to figure out how to buy. ^^;;

It's not perfect of course, but it is very, very good. Since I like bulleted lists, I'll put one here too. :)

  • Lots of replayability. Two main story branches, six possible heroines, 100+ characters each distinct in their own way. Some are silly, others interesting, but only a few feel bland.
  • Some parts are a little tedious. Battles are initially interesting, but feel a little strained after you do a hundred of them.
  • Not very much explanation. You have to figure out the game system by jumping in - and with permadeath for characters, mistakes sometimes require reloading from a save.
  • There's so freaking much to do. Seriously, it would take a dozen playthroughs to explore everything, and that's with the wiki guiding your way.

In short, it's the game I wish I were making. Version 0.6 steals some of the ideas I like, while hopefully still avoiding some of the problems.


Jyeti on

Hmm with content cleared... would that mean if you clear it, you can revisit it in a OOC fashion at some point?  Just thinking about how content cleared often seems to work in games.  Skill is the yellow stat, right?  I'm guessing the main character won't have either content cleared bar since they can be so many things and they couldn't clear them all as one person.  At least the main character would be a bit complicated to code I'd imagine.  I guess skill wasn't really being used much for customer service and it was more based on the sensual/slut & dominant/submissive stats?  Or at least customer service now will be?  Just my first thoughts.

BlueWinds on

Skill was actually the most important stat before - it acted as an adder, making every customer more satisfied (and more satisfied customers pay more). A universal positive, compared to slut/dom, which can be good or bad depending on the customer.

The Clears (Stars? Points? Closeness? Level? Haven't decided on a name yet) will be taking over that role - you want a girl to perform better at her job, talk with her, figure out what makes her tick, explore her story. Seems more interesting than "wait a whole lot of days while stat increase accumulates."

The nice thing about numbered items is that you can check on a wiki and figure out what you missed and how to get it. I still think the in-game Oracle is a good idea, but it needs more work.

There are no plans for OOC viewing of content beyond what's already available in dump.html. And you can already see all the images with a file browser. ;)

Jyeti on

Ah, okay.  I agree that it sounds like an interesting way to improve the characters abillities.  More experiences making more loyalty/familiarity with you, making them more likely to be more serious about helping your business.  That still makes me wonder how the main character will increase their skill, level, clears, etc.  Or will they only ever earn the most basic amount if they work or maybe they will keep the skill stat making them a bit unique in that way?

Kenshin (not verified) on

If you liked Big Bang Age you should definitely check out Sengoku Rance by the same company. Easily one of the best ero-games I've ever played.

BlueWinds on

I have played Sengoku Rance. The game itself was pretty good... except for Rance. He's an unlikable, unrepentant serial rapist. If the protagonist had been someone else, I'd agree that it was one of the best.

Daniel (not verified) on

Its fiction and if you play through enough of it you realize most of the women he fucks do come to love him...and if you take over a country in battle...;). By the end of the main story to he realizes he loves Sill which is very sweet so it isn't like he is a static character...

BlueWinds on

I did complete a first playthrough, enough to see Sill get frozen in her block of ice. The trouble is that, whatever he feels "inside," the external manifestations of it were ongoing physical and mental abuse. Not the sexy kind, with boundries and a safeword, but the kind that destroys real lives.

"...realize most of the women he fucks do come to love him..."

That's actually the worst part. Stop ani think carefully about what the argument you just made really entails: "It was ok (less bad) because they enjoyed it."

"[Researchers] demonstrated that many convicted rapists denied their crime and attempted to justify their rapes by arguing that their victim had enjoyed herself despite the use of a weapon and the infliction of serious injuries, or even death. In fact, many argued, they had been instrumental in making her fantasy come true."

pi (not verified) on

certainly not yukihime... at least not on the first few plays until you figure out how to recruit her.

The_Ripped on

Not sure about the "getting to know you" replacing the sex skill (only the sex skill, right? Dom/sub, int, and fitness are still around?), in that it feels a little weird for Hathawa going from a staid virgin to a 3 star gang banger if you take tea and shopping trips with her often enough - on the other hand, I do like the ability to improve the sex score other than throwing said staid virgin into the brothel business head first, so, bully there (I always felt  little bad the first day Hathawa worked as a whore - and not just because of the reputation hit the onsen took over the course of that day :D )

I like that the girls have lives outside of the onsen - any chance they might rarely skill up from whatever they are doing (Hathawa -> Library -> int up? 1 in 100 times?)

Customer transparency. Oh thank goodness. I like knowing why I just lost reputation on a simple sex scene with a 80 point sex skill.Sex God/dess my well toned butt! ;D (really didn't mind, but it did ring a little oddly)

I'm not finding Hathawa's story too abusive - mainly because I keep picking the route that makes H declare she asked for the treatement everytime, and wants more. It doesn't feel all that abusive when the woman keeps steadfastly insisting she wants to be hit -Harder! I wonder if I can get her to dom from the bottom...I think I'm starting to scare A though XD

BlueWinds on

Yep, just replacing that one stat. All the others will still be there. And girl's actions will indeed modify their stats slowly (sometimes but not always in a good way). Both Wend and Hathawa spend some of their free time cleaning. Wend is a little lazy - she looses fitness occasionally.

As I mentioned in the post, there will be two tracks - H(entai) and N(ormal). So she'll get better at sex by doing dirty things, either with you or with other people.

The reputation probably went down because of a mis-match in personalities - the customer wanted someone really sensual, but you were the only one working at the time, so they chose you but weren't happy with it.

Hathawa's story is a little worse when you take a step back and look at the big picture:

  1. Shy teen meets brothel owner, starts hanging out around him/her.
  2. Said girl meets woman 10 years older, looses virginity ~1 week later. She ends up with bruises on a regular basis, and keeps asking for more.
  3. Mistress asks her to work as a whore. She does, mostly dropping out of school.

Not quite so wholesome when looked at from that perspective. Now, it's not as bad as all that - Antinua really does care for her (in fact, it's the only real emotion she's had in years...), and a bit of "someone really cares for me!" is pretty good for Hathawa too. Which is why I said "borderline." :P

Jyeti on

*grins* Hmm, personally I see it a bit less borderline.  Not 'wholesome' for a conservative world that this isn't set in, true, but both sides care as you say and I think it is less worse than your three points make it sound.  Working from the last two points....

As far as I saw, Antinua didn't ask her to work as a whore.  She was motivated through her love, and will keep asking to work for you in order to learn if you turn her down.  As far as I saw, it was her idea, not anyone else's to start. "IWantToTryLotsMoreThingsSoICanSurpriseAntinuaWhenShe..." does not sound like Antinua asked her to do it.

Mostly dropping out of school is more dependant on our imagination since when you hire her, she says "Um... I have classes... so we have to schedule around them?" and when you talk to her, it always says she is "a student at the university when she isn't working for you."  She is worried about her tests, but she is worried about 90% and 94% grades and she stays in her class after it is dismissed to continue studying.  Perfection is hard when you have a life outside of school.  Hard workers can take multiple classes and work and she seems to be doing just that.  It just doesn't leave much free time for pleasure reading or enjoying off-work time with Antinua though she seems to manage.  You also do not have to schedule her to work every day once you have her as an employee.  Drop her in the inn so she isn't working; take her to the University with you if you think she isn't going there frequently enough during the time that you can only imagine what she is up to.  You could even choose to stop using her at all once she got enough "Skill" or completed her (H) events, since her motivation was to learn more for Antinua. 

It is only a shame that you can't have her work less than an 8 hour block in a day after she requested you schedule around her classes.  It could even make sense plot-wise that she couldn't work full-time or can only work full-time a few days each week, since all her comments and scenes I've seen so far seem to indicate she is still a dedicated student.  That second option would make her a little less useful as a game employee which is why I brought up the voluntarily shortened hours first. As far as I see it, she just has a supposedly part-time job and is romantically involved while taking her classes.  Makes for a busy and hard to balance life, but not impossible.

And there is nothing wrong with a little bondage and pain between two consenting adults.  If that is how they choose to show their love and they both seem to enjoy it.... more power to them.  Hathawa will even tell you "I... um... it's ok, Antinua. She... I didn't want her to stop."  If she enjoys a little bondage and has a masochistic bent, I'm not going to tell her she shouldn't enjoy herself or feel bad about enjoying it.

.....well, when I look at the big picture, that is what I see.  Maybe I'm just more innocent and optimistic, but personally I see a shy student who has gotten less shy, found love, and will have an enjoyable if slightly painful time as she experiments, graduates from the uni, grows closer to Antinua, and finds a job that uses her degree/degrees while still allows for her to be with Antinua.  I say slightly painful since it is only welts and bruises and they were tempered in their pain through how she got them and would be reminders of her time with Antinua as well.  Working at the brothel during her college years is just part of that experimentation and shouldn't be all that weird in this town even if she is a bit uncomfortable with the idea of them at first.  We just won't see her graduate or get a job afterwards because it would be something shown at the end of a game, and this game has no end by design.

BlueWinds on

Oh, I agree that what's written so far can easily be read as innocent, and as you say, nothing wrong with a bit of pain between consenting adults. I am symapthetic to Hathawa's choices so far - but her family will be much less likely to see it your way.

I know because I can see the future!

It's less impressive since I'm the one writing said future. :P

Jyeti on

Yes, her family could easily bring out emotional stress and lead to bad choices either for her, for themselves, or both.  They could certainly put a bump in the road towards a happy ending for her... though I will never believe that the couple can't eventually find a happy ending.

I can always hope they do something foolish like try and physically take her away, leaving her to be saved by a particular mercenary or a mercenary crew.  That would probably be the quickest route to a happy ending with a disapproving family.  Though if they are the ones paying for her education and stop paying for it, that could add some more stress, though not as much as if Antinua is hostile towards the family before the family does more than throw insults and disapproval towards Antinua or Hathawa.  So, mostly I hope Antinua is stoic enough for that not to happen.  Still, families are usually more complex than that, with different members having different levels of disapproval.  All those things give both the player and Antinua multiple possibilities to provide emotional and/or financial support and help her through conflict and poor descisions.   Okay, enough speculation.  Got to love plot and story.

The_Ripped on

I actually have a weird situation on my second save - given that the best whore is "me" - and I don't start that well - I have had no sex occur at the Onsen. Everyone still refers to it as a brothel, but really, it's still just a bathhouse (and doing pretty well! :D ). So, Hathawa's plot is really weird, in that save. "I can't believe you work in that sort of place!" "A bathhouse? I mean, okay, it's not so upscale..." "Everyone here is so blatant!" "What? Do you bathe clothed or something?"  XD

Still trying to see if I can get her into the onsen without any sex...I think not? I think I need an A visit - and A only shows if some one whores...but, it's an interesting run. So far, I'm making enough that I can probably do this the entire way through and still hit most of the side events (though, partly, that's because of how "I" can work twice and still do other things without needing to rest - not sure how that will change with the new slot time system...also, half the time I'm cleaning more than making money >_<; ) Not sure if H is worth hiring in that regard. Having another person means I can keep it open longer, but H's salary is big! It's probably worth it...