Project Lanuched

Thu, 06/27/2013 - 10:39 -- BlueWinds

A month of silence. The vacation did me good, but I was not entirely inactive. There is a much expanded demo available now - this will be the last version released for non-backers until development is complete.

Want to see continuing progress? Want to have a say in the world? Want your name in the game? You can now support the game on the project page.

Take a look. Chip in a few dollars. Let me know what you think. Spread the word - I appreciate the thought when people ask me if they can link things, but by all means spread this around as much as you please. ;)

Happy hunting!


John Frank (not verified) on

Is it just for me, or does every clickable option send you back to ""?
If i want to proceed after a choice, i have to play western trigger game with ESC button to stop the site from loading away from the next scene, and on to the starter scene.

BlueWinds on

It wasn't just you. For some reason Chrome wasn't respecting my "please don't reload" code the way Firefox did - I knew about the bug, but thought it was solved a while ago. Should be fixed now if you reload.

Dre (not verified) on

after i click the find dinner option and go through that nothing new happens, all i can do after that is property management, check onseen, go to brothel og rest.

BlueWinds on

Congrats, you've hit the end of the demo. ;) Try visiting the brothel a few times, then do it as the other gender if you want to catch all the writing I've done so far.

Dre (not verified) on

ahh k sorry i just thought there was more with all the greyed out stuff you know

TK (not verified) on

I keep trying to contact you with a message and I keep getting sent to a page that says:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 31199935 bytes) in /home/threewestwinds/webapps/drupal/includes/ on line 1450

Then when I refresh I see another message in red:
Error message
CAPTCHA session reuse attack detected.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? The message was rather long and I was thinking about putting it in a .txt and then compressing it with the contests of what I was going to send. Is there some easier way to directly email you? If so that would be great.

BlueWinds on

Sorry for the trouble!

I added a different anti-spam module recently, since the first one wasn't blocking things properly. I'm unable to reproduce this even with a very large message sent to myself (50kb or text) - and due to some unrelated issues, the error message has been swept out of the site log.

You can reach me directly at

pi (not verified) on

nice to have ya back...

btw if i rent the onsen and then attempt to sell it the game crashes

Test36098 (not verified) on

I'm stuck at the money lender, right after hearing about the 'Guild'. The message I get in the upper right corner is:
Could not find help target ".message .delta"

Dorllanen (not verified) on

I was lurking around even before your offbeatr campaign (which I hope will surpass the goal by far, because your project really deserves it - unlike some others there of... questionable quality). Not that it matters though.
I just wanted to say, that I find what you're doing with the game really awesome! The biggest, most important thing is it just *looks and feels good*.
Your choice of images is (or at least look like) well thought out; they have at least basic consistency and damn - the gui is just pure pleasure. Finally a hentai game that doesn't look like it's done by a sixth grader in flash.
Advertise your project everywhere you can and hopefully you'll be swimming in money. Because if a shoddy writer and even worse programmer like Fenoxo can earn 120k you DEFINITELY deserve twice as much.
So that's it. A little work of encouragement from a stranger in the web, and hopefully you'll keep doing what you're doing! Cheers~

BlueWinds on

Awe, thanks!

Where would you suggest I advertise? Because at the current rate, I'm not even going to hit my funding goal, much less overshoot it. The sad thing is, if I were just to plaster Futa and Furry across the top, I'm pretty sure I'd be set.

Dorllanen (not verified) on

Don't mention it. Alas, sad truth is sad, though. Add my little ponies to that bunch and you're set for life! (Please don't :P).

As for advertisement, I truly don't know. I've seen you on HF; maybe post the hell on every forum you can find? Each. And. Every. One (you can worry about being obnoxious after building support). Off the top of my head ulmf and comes to my mind. If I can be a bit honest, you're somewhat lacking in fanbase (Oh, the injustice!). Make a forum perhaps, invite folks that will invite folks, keep up with the personal contact - make a suggestions subtopic (even if you don't plan to use them, but shhh~!) to keep the people talking, thinking and yearning for the game.

Afterwards the ball will - hopefully - will keep rolling by itself. Even a small community is better than none. Other than that maybe send mails to known hentai developers asking for a plug (in a diplomatical way, I know you can pull it off!) if they like your game. Even if they decline, it's worth a try and a bit of traffic is precious at this point imho.


...And if you decide to go with this advice, maybe hide this comment. Yeah. That might be wise.