Release 0.8 (now 0.81)

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 14:29 -- BlueWinds

I am a machine.

  • Inputs:
    • Organic Vegetables
    • Bitcoins
  • Outputs:
    • Pornography
    • Blog posts

*Beep Boop Beep Beep*


Update: The first file I uploaded was broken. This one is fixed.


Zoinks on



Sounds like a good trade to me.

AColonyOfAnts on

No!  None of my save files seem to work. =[

I guess it's time to start anew.

Edit:  And starting a new game gives me a blank gray screen with a bug report:

BlueWinds on

Huh, they all should. Can you attach one that doesn't work for you?

BlueWinds on

Wait, nevermind, the release is broken. I'll update in a second here.

BlueWinds on

Try downloading again (it still says 0.8, but the zip is different than before).

AColonyOfAnts on

Bug:  When prompted for the 3rd payment, I had to pay 15k for the first half of the dialogue and then 14.4k for the second half.  I'm swimming in money in this save but it's probably a death sentence for people who are starting new games.

*save file attached*

Typo (more like word placement): He finds the idea of public baths rather novel, an unfamiliar oddity that instantly proves instantly he's a visitor from another nation, and not very well traveled at that.

Typo: I'm sorry to hear that. At least you seem to be doing well for yourself now. If you don't mind me my asking, why did you decide to change businesses?

Bug (kind of): New kid Karter appears multiple times in a single day (whored with Wend, and bathed with Hathawa and Antinua)

Typo: Don't... I don'... wann'a loose lose anyone else... I'm sorry Alexis... don' send me away...

BlueWinds on

Hm, it turns out deleting a variable wasn't the same as setting it to 0, in this particular case (it usually is).

Both should be fixed in 0.81 (though you won't get a refund for your save :P).

AColonyOfAnts on

Bug: Male Karter visits Onsen even after becoming female Karter.

BlueWinds on

This is 50% bug, 50% "not finished yet." Karter is supposed to take several weeks to finish his transformation - even when he visits as a woman, he's not done yet, and I haven't worked out exactly how I want to handle everything related to his transformation yet. I decided to leave all his events re-triggering randomly rather than lock them down for the moment.

firedrop2007 on

Thank You!!!!

I was getting worried you had forgotten about us...

BlueWinds on

Nope, just decided to do a really big release instead of a bunch of smaller ones. There's about 10k new words in this one, bringing the game to a total of ~60k.

So... +20% game size, +1 hireable woman, +1 loan payment. Getting close to a free release - only Karter / Katri left, then one more loan payment (which will not involve as much text as this one), and a couple of other smaller backer rewards to go. :)

joseph33759 (not verified) on

You know I was going to say you aren't a machine, but technically we all are machines just highly advanced ones >.>

BlueWinds on

*Beep Bip Beep Beep Boop*

Dasanko on

I certainly couldn't go on without ever eating something that didn't/doesn't have a family.

Anonymous (not verified) on

1. It used to be that all my favorite machines ran on "D" cells. Thanks for expanding the list!
2. If I consume a lot of organic vegetables, my output is something else... you're not dissing your blog, are you?

BlueWinds on

Whoops, that event wasn't supposed to be available until after you had your talk with Wend in a tree - right event, triggering too soon.

Will be fixed in the next version, but you can carry on with that save without breaking anything - just pretend you talked to Hilde after the upcoming conversation with Wend.

AColonyOfAnts on

Typo: Alison recognizes a familiar face on the main floor of the Onsen - Karter, the well meaning but over-enthusiastic young man with too much money and not quiet quite enough sense.

Typo (choose one or the other?): Hilde whistles as she cleans polishes a table, pausing in the polishing but not the whistling to wave as she sees you coming down the stairs.

Typo: I can Should I get you some herbs for the pain?

BlueWinds on

Fixed, thanks (though I stuck with "Can I" instead of "Should I" - I understand the difference, but "should" sounds a little stilted rather than rushed-and-sympathetic).

ab1189 on

Do the stats of the girls ingame have any effect on things? Atm you can change their behavior/stats without any consequences that i noticed. 

BlueWinds on

The personality stats have some consequences, but not a huge amount. The biggest one is the type of sex scenes a woman gets - I'm not sure it's terribly noticeable, but Antinua and Hathawa interact with their clients differently.

The sex-skills and fitness also determine how much money they make whoring - better skills = more money per customer, better fitness = more customers serviced.

Education has almost no in-game effect.


Long story short, this isn't really a "stat raising game," despite having some of the trappings of one.

AColonyOfAnts on

Thanks to the "More customers than reputation will allow" bug, it's still more profitable to work baths than whoring with perfect stats.  That or customers *really, really dislike* dominant/sensual.

zShepard27 on

Is the demo the same as 0.81?






BlueWinds on

No, the demo has not been updated since the last post, nor will it be updated again before I release the entire game for free (in a month or two, when I've finished all the backer rewards from the Offbeatr campaign last year).

zShepard27 on


super on

Organic Vegetables ⇒ Pornography. Yes, that makes sense! :P

EDrake7 on

Huh, I can't seem to do anything when I open the index.html: all I get is the upper bar with -logo and "New, Save, Load, Site" -options. And none of them does nothing (excluding the "Site" -button).

BlueWinds on

Hm. First, try re-extracting the zip (which I assume you did). Second, can you open tho javascript console and copy any errors that show up?

In Firefox (my verison), you can do it with ctrl-shift-K (or under Tools -> Web Developer -> Web Console). In Chrome it's ctrl-shift-J (or Menu thingie -> Tools -> Javascript Console). Not sure if it's the same on Windows or Mac.

EDrake7 on

Yeah, tried that and didn't work :S. Here's the list I got:

BlueWinds on

I'm not really sure what to say - as far as I can tell, you're the only person having that problem. If I can't reproduce it, and I can't get the browser to tell me what's wrong (all those are just CSS errors, not really problems), there's nothing much I can do. ^^;;

What browser are you using (and what version, and what operating system)?

EDrake7 on

Oh, well, damn... :C

I'm using Firefox 27.0 and Win 7 Home Premium as OS.

As a side note, it does work with latest Chrome... But I only use that as a backup browser, I prefer Firefox. :S

Terryble on

Are you running any addons in Firefox?

BlueWinds on

Yeah, I develop in Firefox, and was running 27 for a while (currently 28a), so there really shouldn't be any issues.

As Terryble suggested, it might be a browser plugin. Adblock, Ghostery are Flashblock popular, but I know they have no effect (since I use them and there are neither adds nor flash in the game). Noscript would of course block everything from working. ;)

EDrake7 on

Man, I just don't get it... I do have add-on's, but it didn't help to restart Firefox with add-on's disabled. Could it be something on settings?

EDrake7 on

Well, I'll be darned, I got it. 0.0 It seems the trick was with cookies: my Firefox settings were set to ask me everytime should each site be allowed to use cookies. I switched it to always allow, and bam, it worked. Even confirmed this by setting it back on "ask everytime", and it didn't work. Intresting...

BlueWinds on

Oh right, I forgot about that. Firefox forgets to ask about local storage sometimes, not sure why (it's not actually cookies, but controlled by the same setting).

This is actually a browser bug, not a game bug. ^^;;

thesleep on

When paying Hilde money was received instead of given. Likely just a sign issue.

BlueWinds on

Ah, right. Will be fixed in the next version, thanks for reporting.