Release 0.84

Sun, 03/16/2014 - 00:05 -- BlueWinds

Well, here we are. This release contains several new backer scenes.

Known issues, which I will fix for the 1.0 release next month (there may be a 0.9 release in between, but don't count on it):

  • Katri / Karter appears irregularly, even after his transformation.
  • Whoring brings in far more money than it should.
  • Katri is not yet hireable.
  • Some of Katri's images are not yet edited.
  • You cannot make your final payment to Hilde.
  • Tom Makhura's event needs a followup.
  • It needs a second followup.
  • The final backer scene needs to be written (male PC taking woman's virginity).
  • Appologizing to Alison rather than making her admit wrongdoing (talkAlisonFightNo).
  • I need to finish a "finale" sex scene I started writing (if you've collected a harem, might as well enjoy it at least once...).

I'll cross items off here as I get to them.


Coga on

Man, it seems like barely any time's passed since the offbeatr, eh? Great to see that things seem to be going along great! Will you be doing anything else after the 1.0 release?

BlueWinds on

I will be working on another game! The next one will be 100% free to play, right from the beginning.

I'll be attempting another round of crowd-funding once I have a playable and pretty demo, but will definitely not be using Offbeatr (20% commission is way too much).

Probably Kickstarter. The next game will have a "PG-13 mode," and be entirely interesting and playable within that genera - all explicit content will be behind a checkbox, so it definitely qualifies as a "creative work" and a "game," under their guidelines.

Coga on

That sounds like it'd be amazing, and a reason for me to finally change my Kickstarter name (I'm using my real one) :P I've also just been promoted at work, so you might just see me open my wallet a little wider~ In any case, good luck and thanks for the Tom stuff so far (the Allison situation was something I did not see coming, hah!)!

ptwist on

Ugh. I'm annoyed with offbeatr that they're charging commision so high that they're driving you  away; you're specifically the type of great content creator which I hoped would continue to be attracted to the platform. I continiously think that the western adult game industry needs their version of Steam/DLsite, and I was hoping offbeatr would become such. Instead, they keep their fees prohibitively high, and their marketplace doesn't sell games, only allowing videos/images as is already available on the web all over the place. 

Regardless, looking forward to the project! And if there's any chance in the future where you're super bored and want to put your web coding skills towards making some sort of general h-game marketplace, I'd be the first customer, even if it's only BTC-based!


BlueWinds on

This is partly not their fault. Adult entertainment is classified by credit-card companies as High Risk - a lot more chargebacks and fraud than other categories - and charge a higher rate on it.

That would explain a fee of 12%, instead of Kickstarter's 8-10%. But Offbeatr's 20% (25% for small projects) is just silly.

Coga on

It's all to do with various hangups people the world over have about sex, I say- and on both sides. Were I to start Steam XXX tomorrow, I'd be inundated with various parents' groups and the like calling for my head, and hoshit all the child porn games flooding my servers. Just can't win, not at the moment.

RocK_M on

I'll be the devils advocate here slightly...

But I wouldn't say it's necessarily the western hangup on sex. (Although this definitely contributes). But it's just the fact that porn in general online has always been abused and used by the more "seedier" side of the internet. I mean how many "free pr0n" spam mail and fake websites do you ever see dumped on your spam mail or random ads shown on websites?

This contributes to the general conception that anything related to porn/sex online is most often linked to spyware, trojans and viruses. Until you can start getting "respectable" websites this "high risk" outlook will be here to stay for a very very long time.

ptwist on

I think that's my gut reaction too....But then again, I  don't think anything like that's happened to offbeatr? At least, doing a google search for 'parent group offbeatr' didn't return anything :pThey also had some amiable press on Forbes, Huff Post, etc....Maybe those ultra-conversative-group-types save their ire for mainstream companies that start offering adult material, and leave sites that are solely adult alone?  

firedrop2007 on

I am bummed that #2 is on on life support even before release. :(

AColonyOfAnts on


Feeling him tense, close to cumming, she pulls her head all the way back in one fluid motion, scrapping scraping her teeth along the underside of his cock and ramming the dilio all the way in.

This is the only typo that I could find for this release, though it was a pretty small update.

I probably wouldn't donate with kickstarter, but I'd be more than willing to fund via bitcoins if you're still accepting that as a form of payment.  If you want/need an editor to double check for errors before release for your next game, I'm more than happy to help.  It's been a pleasure helping out with this one. ^^

BlueWinds on


I will always accept bitcoins. :)

If I may ask, why would you avoid Kickstarter? They don't share any information with me except your username, same as Offbeatr did.

AColonyOfAnts on

Laziness.  It would require that I set up another account on yet another website. =P

AColonyOfAnts on

Whoops, another typo in the same sentence -w-

and ramming the dilio dildo all the way in.

BlueWinds on


(that's "fixed" and "pixie" put together in one word, because fairies make everything better)

Coga on

Something I forgot to ask the first time around- will you be working on additional content for after 1.0?

BlueWinds on


Yes, I know I'm breaking your hearts, but I do this for fun (I'd be getting paid, like, $2/hour if I thought of it as a "job," including the offbeatr campaign), and I feel no obligation beyond completing what I promised.

Coga on

Fair enough. I know if I were paid $2/hour I'd quit :P

Jethro Makari on

"You're on your way home from a research trip to the library. While the rest of the city seems hectic and always in a rush, the university campus is a place of quiet and contemplation. Students linger between classes, trees sway in the gentle breeze blowing in from the ocean, the smell of smoke and and ear-shattering Ka-Boom..."

Presumably, "and an ear shattering Ka-Boom..."

Nitpick: I think the Ka-Boom is a little out of place, considering I haven't seen (to my knowledge) many or any other onomatopoeias, and it's emphasized just enough not to be "KABOOOM" but not subtle enough to be 'explosion'.

*scratches back of neck* Sorry about contributing so little. Is there a place where this should go, or do you prefer them attached to the posts?

- By the way, I love how well the hotkeys came to. The CTRL to display is great.

Well done, Blue.


"The evening crowd is just starting to arrive, milling around the lobby before they decide an what services, if any, they are going to pay for this evening. Your attention is immediately drawn, however, when a familiar pair of breasts arrive in the doorway, accompanied by a familiar person. Hilde whistles as she arrows straight for you, ignoring everyone else present. She seems rather pleased with herself."


BlueWinds on

Typos and other issues are best reported in comments here on the blog, just like this.

Thanks, fixed those two.