Release 1.0 (now 1.01)

Tue, 04/01/2014 - 21:18 -- BlueWinds

Hold onto your sexy-parts, ladies and gentlemen... it's here. 10 months, 13 days after the demo was announced:

Version 1.0.

This release contains:

  • 6 hireable women, each with dozens of unique images
  • 79000 words, comprising 627 distinct events.
  • 538 files, 421 of which are images and 99 of which are .js scripts
  • 33.7mb of compressed goodness
  • 35.7mb when uncompressed (yeah, not a ton of difference)

Enjoy. :)

Download (best experience) or Play Online

Edit: 1.01 contains a couple of minor fixes - several events now render properly, and some typos have been corrected. If you've been playing the online version, you may need to refresh the page a couple of times for the changes to show up.


Wanderer (not verified) on

Thank you!  Let the typo reports begin.

Early on: spurious "'>>" after "drawing out more."

BlueWinds on

Thanks. :) Fixed for the next version (I won't be adding more content, but I will be doing bugfixes).

Wanderer (not verified) on

- In the game code:

partner stops\      moving." + she + " voices a protest

Displays as "moving.she voices"; should display as "moving. She voices"

- "Unusually, he doesn't seem any more interested in walking by mostly naked than he does in the ceiling."

Perhaps should be "in the mostly naked women he's walking past", to contrast two things he might look at.

- "What Nice to meet you" -> "How nice", probably

- "make same corpses" -> "some corpses"

- "waits in the dungeon for her trainer" -> my character is male, it should be "his" in this case

- In an encounter with Taya, it was me with her, but it said that Wend's stats were changed.

- The second loan payment displayed a dollar amount of $NaN.  The code appears to show Game.paymentAmount rather than Game.paymentAmount() used in that place.

Not typos:

- General problem: You can only use hotkeys to access sub-menu options (for example, jogging with one of the girls) when those sub-menus are opened.  Sometimes this is ok, as in the "Onsen" sub-menu, which can be opened with a hotkey; but sometimes the thing that has the sub-menu is a button itself (jogging and studying in particular), and pressing that hotkey will make that choice instead.  The only way to use hotkeys to activate them is to mouse over the submenu, which slightly defeats the purpose of hotkeys.  --Not really sure what's the best way to fix this.  (Also, I didn't know hotkeys existed until I accidentally pressed control.  Would have been glad to have known about them long ago.)

- For interest on the third payment... I think it said "Since you finally have the full amount collected" and "Only one more payment remains - even larger", despite the fact that I didn't have the 15k and it only subtracted the interest-amount from my money.  Then it displayed the same text and actually subtracted the 15k when I did have it.  I could be wrong, but I think that's what happened.

- When Hathawa and Antinua were out... at some point I noticed a "Rope event" thing, and Antinua and Hathawa were choices (I chose Antinua), even though they didn't seem to be back.  Then there were events announcing when they actually did come back, and I think the rope event resolved after they returned.

- The tutorial displayed help text on Onsen management after I had been using it for a longish time, and was halfway through the ghost events.  Not sure why.

BlueWinds on

Thanks, fixed for the next release.

- "Unusually, he doesn't seem any more interested in walking by mostly naked than he does in the ceiling."

Perhaps should be "in the mostly naked women he's walking past", to contrast two things he might look at.

This is a bug, but a different bug than it looked like. ^^;; It was supposed to be "... any more interested in Wend/Hathawa/Hilde walking by mostly naked." The person's name wasn't showing up.

- In an encounter with Taya, it was me with her, but it said that Wend's stats were changed.

Whoops, that event was supposed to be lesbian only. I see why it ended up changing Wend's stats, but it would be confusing to try and explain.

- General problem: You can only use hotkeys to access sub-menu options

I had forgotten that hotkeys existed. Good to know they still work! If I were in the mood for fiddling, I'd fix this by allowing Shift-{letter} to open a menu without selecting it, but I'm not, so it will probably remain unfixed. :P

- For interest on the third payment...

If you have a save from right around this time (soon before or immediately after) I'll take a look, but in general "I think I remember something weird happening" is tough for me to track down. ;)

Fohn (not verified) on

Banzai, Cheers for all the dwellers who didn't pay!

And Congrats to BlueWinds for a completed project where many give up halfway through!

Cheers for this weird ass weather and a country that won't shoot you for being different!!!!

Benedikt (not verified) on

Thank you!

James on

Awesome! Time to get fa-uh playing ;)

Help (not verified) on

Help I can't seem to hire Katri even after I pay back the entire loan.

BlueWinds on

Hiring Katri requires a large variety of different events. Make sure you have someone working baths and whoring (it can take a while to get all the events to show), and that you've searched out all the * events you can find.

b-l-s-r--s (not verified) on

Preface: first comment here, but I enjoyed playing BrothelSim a lot--it's not many games where I get the urge to delve into the code to see exactly how they're working.  The code itself is impressive, too.

I had the same issue with Katri (I was able to get all of Karter/Katri's prior events, including katriHire2/katriHire3, but not katriHire4).  JavaScript isn't a language I know particularly well, but I believe that the issue may be that katriHire is set to noRepeat: true but contains two separate gEvents. After katriHire2/katriHire3 has been reached the first time, calling last() on katriHire returns the prior occurrence of katriHire2/katriHire3 (with occurrences 1), and the (this.noRepeat && context.occurences) check in checkConditions then prevents katriHire4 from being an option in future turns.  I've attached an export which I believe shows the issue.

BlueWinds on

Glad you liked the code. :) The Actions / gEvents themselves should be at least a bit self-explanatory, as long as you trust that they magically "just work" they way you'd expect.

The engine that makes them behave that way... is a bit of a mess, to be honest. Greenspun's Tenth Rule applies.

You're right about the cause. I added the "katriHire4: {min: 1e6}" check in 1.01, but forgot to remove noRepeat like I'd intended. I'll fix that in the next release. Thanks.

Unhired Katri (not verified) on

I can't seen to hire Katri, either. I tried messing with hire.js but I have not one drop of knowledge of javascript or coding, for that matter. Is there anything I can do -- to the code, to fix this? NEED MY KATRI FIX.

Kuro (not verified) on

I can't seem to hire Katri or Hilde. I have already finished the last payment and someone working the baths, whoring, cleaning and kitchen too.

Last event for Katri was when my Char asked her wheather she'd  be interested in working at the Onsen / Brothel.

Last event for Hilde was when she first asked me to hire her. Picked the option to run after Wnd, since asking her straight led to her running away. Did I simply made a wrong choice there ?

I'd also appreciate a new, up to date wiki. The game has changed drastically since it went on Offbeater after all ^ ^''

Though, you did some very good stuff there. Highly enjoyed the game. Only bummer so far is that I feel like stats (besides sexual stats) have no real impact at all. Only some changes for whoring (Scenes) when obedience / sluttiness is low / high.

And I'd probably like a few more options for the mainchar but I haven't tried out a female one yet (wheather she can actually work in the brothel herself or not)

arnoud on

Yes, you made a wrong choice for Hilde ;) I have the same problem for Katri…

BlueWinds on

The events at the extreme - scolding Wend or chasing after her - both end with one person or the other deciding not to work for you. They really don't like each other. The two middle paths take a while, but you'll end with both hired eventually.

Zachary (not verified) on

Just wanted to personally thank you for such a great game and all the time and effort you put into it. I would've loved to been able to donate to you if i weren't so broke. I think you're an amazing game maker and an amazing person also. I wish you luck on your new project as well! :3

~ (not verified) on

Bug: After the first $100 interest payment, Hilde took the full $14400 even though I didn't have it. This resulted in a negative bank account.


Typo: "Loose-loose" (should be "Lose-lose") in one of the Karter transformation sequence bits.

BlueWinds on

Typo fixed. I have a real issue with loose -> lose. ^^;;

Her taking you to negative $ was intentional, but probably doesn't make that much sense. I will fix that as well.

Luke (not verified) on

Hmm can't run the game or comment on this site using IE 11. Firefox works fine. The demo's worked for me in IE.

BlueWinds on

Internet explorer is not supported. Even IE 11 is two years behind Firefox and Chrome, and two years is a long time on the web.

I'm surprised the demo worked - I wouldn't have expected that.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Congrats ! and thank you for this very nice game :)

Dorllanen on

Congratulations Blues!

It's not often one sees an indie completed without hiccups.

Thank you for your work and I wish you all best on your next endeavour!

Terryble on

So glad to see you've come all the way from an Offbeatr that only bearly made it to a full release, also, a little bit sad. Thanks for all the hard work and I'm sure whatever you do next will be better yet.

All the best!

AColonyOfAnts on

Another blank panel bug, save file attached.


Text in the dump file looks a bit wonky, similar to my previous reports.  I'm way past this point in the game though, so I can't verify if it appears the same while playing normally.

BlueWinds on

Thanks, fixed both of those.

uNderdog_101 (not verified) on

You need a way to purge history (previous choices and dialogs) or maybe put in a limit on how many show up.

When you have been playing for a while all of the previous choices are still viewable by scrolling up, that slows down the game for me, and the only way to fix it is to save and reload.

That being said, great game. That was the only real issue I had with it.

Another thing that might be a bug is when Talia returns to be put in the wall there is just a blank box with her pic on the left, followed by the boxes of her being in the wall, displayed correctly. That's not how it's supposed to be, is it? Absolutely nothing gamebreaking, just possibly a bit of missing dialog.

BlueWinds on

Yeah, I'm not sure why I hadn't noticed the slowdown before. Old pages are actually removed after a certain point... but that point is way too high. I'll drop it to save only ~30 pages of back-scroll.

Blank text-boxes are always bugs. An export of your save whenever you see them is appreciated - helps me figure out the exact problem faster. Found and fixed this one though, thanks for reporting.

James on

This game has been awesome so far. It's so good, it could actually be an anime! :D

anonymous (not verified) on

when can we get a wiki for v2?

BlueWinds on

Probably not ever. Maintaining a wiki (setting it up, keeping spammers off, etc.) is more pain than I care to go through. Someone else is welcome to do it if they like, but it doesn't seem like this is the sort of game that really needs a wiki.

Anonymous (not verified) on

I forgot to mentioned that I did delete one line code at hire.js (katri folder)

line number: 331 - noRepeat: true

to hire katri. It's work, just like what BlueWinds said on previous comment.

But yep, at some turn later... the game just stuck...

Everdistant (not verified) on

Echoing the sentiments above of being unable to hire Katri, even in 1.1. I get to the event with him dropping the bucket when I ask him about working there, then nothing happens, even someone working the baths and someone else prostituting. What exactly are the triggers for being able to hire him, and has anyone actually managed it?

none (not verified) on

im trying to play without whoring out the girls and its kinda impossible to earn enough with only the baths

Mickey (not verified) on

First, want to say that this game is awesome. Easily the best brothel-sim, one of the best adult web-games out there. Why? Because the game actually makes you like and care about the characters. There are flaws, but this makes up for them.


That said, running into a pair of issues:

1) Can't hire Katri

2) The Hilde/Wend things do not seem to be trending to a resolution (argument, then nada)

I'm not sure if these are due to bugs or because there is something I should be doing which I am not, but everything is rather oddly silent. 

BlueWinds on

Hilde / Wend events don't really have a resolution (partly becasue they weren't intended to, partly because it was time*). You can hire both of them, but they're going to keep smouldering at each other. Some things don't have pat solutions. Give them another 10, 20 years and it will have cooled down a bit.


* "There comes a time in the life of a project when you have to shoot the engineers and ship the product."

Rolfson (not verified) on

Haven't got Katri, but to get Hilde, DON'T immediatly follow Wend, let her run away. a few days later you'll be able to encounter her at the park to no resolution, then a few days later you'll see her again and she'll come back to work, then you can hire Hilde as well.


Also, love the game, and hope to GOD the whole tentacle subplot gets a followup in the future, because I'd love to see that play out.

Anonymous (not verified) on

I noticed a few typos/errors at the beginning when you're talking to Wend in the restaurant.


1. She introduces herself twice. "Wend. And who are you pretending to be?" "[Insert Name]. That's a nice name. I'm Wend."

2. After you agree to start the brothel, you comment on how Wend is a "shrew" negotiator. It should be shrewd.

Love this game! I'll keep looking for more errors.

BlueWinds on

1. Wend is Wend. Yep, she introduces herself twice. She does many such strange things. I'm surprised she didn't do it again after you've known each other a couple of months, just to make sure you get the point.

2. It was right in one branch, but wrong in two others. Thanks, fixed.

Anonymous (not verified) on

When leaving the tavern, your character says "I'm going to get by stuff" instead of "my stuff"

BlueWinds on

Thanks, fixed in the next release.

anime online (not verified) on

Banzai, Cheers for all the dwellers who didn't pay!

And Congrats to BlueWinds for a completed project where many give up halfway through!

Cheers for this weird ass weather and a country that won't shoot you for being different!!!!

and watch <a href="">Nagi no Asukara</a> on

BlueWinds on

I gave it a try, but found the main character (male) too embarrassing to keep watching. I do that a lot - get embarrassed on behalf of a character, put down a show, maybe come back later.

For some reason, I find that emotion (embarrassment on behalf of a character) literally painful - I will flinch, move to stop the video without even thinking about it, etc, reacting almost as though I'd been bitten.

Yep, I'm weird.

Xorgroth (not verified) on

I was having issues with the Katri quest as well, after Katri runs out of the brothel with the rag in her hand she never reappeared. So read through the comments here and removed the noRepeat: true, on line 331 from the katri hire.js and reloaded the page. Now have Katri hired.

Only issue I had with the game, other then that everything else working good.


Thanks for the game,


Vulpes (not verified) on

Just to say thank to you for this great game.

polpo (not verified) on

I've been waiting for this. Thanks!

Aube (not verified) on

I just finished my first run-through of the full game (like many others, I couldn't get Katri. But the challenge is part of the fun).

I had a few grammar issues typed out on the notepad, but it got lost when the computer rebooted overnight. I'll try to catch them again on the second play-through and save the file this time.

So far, I've caught one:


Market-->Find Place to Stay

Original: "That means you'll need to eat, and more pressing at the moment, sleep"

Suggestion: use "pressingly" instead as it refers to the verb "sleep".


Side comment: Was the casting of Wend in the archetype of the Fool planned, or did she grow naturally into the role? She reminds me of King Lear's fool.

BlueWinds on

Thanks, fixed.

Wend does indeed fit that archtype. It's somewhat intentional - I never used the word Fool myself when thinking about her, but her role as foil / loony-but-knowing / deeper than she acts was very much intentional, and a part of her character from the get-go.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Game crashes when Wend leaves and Hilde joins. The room Wend was in still has the same function it had activated despite being vacated

BlueWinds on

I'm far more likely to be able to find the problem if you attach a save file (preferable directly before the issue, but during / after works too).

Anonymous (not verified) on

Disappointed. Lacks content (not just images) that was in the original version, feels very 'on-rails' and plays more like a dating sim than anything else.

I've spent the past year looking foward to this and now that it's here I find something completely different to what I expected, and not in a good way.

Anonymous (not verified) on

Sorry dumb question here. (Also I don't know if this is the right place to ask it.) I downloaded the game and extracted it with 7zip, but I can't seem to figure out how to actually start the game. Any help please?

BlueWinds on

Double click index.html - open it in your web browser. Also, download the most recent version (1.02 is out, with various fixes).

Anonymous (not verified) on

Ok. Thanks a lot!

Portiing (not verified) on

...perhaps this is a dumb question, I've been following this game for awhile, but now that 1.01 (or what have you) is out, I have never been able to get past the second loan payment.  How in gods name are you supposed to make that amount of money (between 10-14k)?  I've got myself, Alison, & Wend (and sometimes another by that point) working at every given opportunity, but I'm getting maybe $90-400 an evening, my last try I had all 3 of us working at every opportunity & we maybe pulled in 150 an evening.  I've tried attempting to max people's intelligence, train them, have them run, etc, but then the Onsen doesn't get clean, & god forbid if you train them you're lucky to break even that evening.


Anyone want to share some money making tips for early game (first couple months)?

AColonyOfAnts on

Prioritize cleaning the Onsen from the beginning of the game, and when the cleanliness is 60+, have Wend whore in the lone bedroom, while the MC works in the baths.  Continue to clean the Onsen in the Mornings/Evenings until it reaches 100, and then you can use the Evenings to do something else.  No one wants to visit a dirty/trashed establishment; bouncing between 80-100 cleanliness is ideal.  If you're playing a male PC, streetwalk in the Redlight district at night.  If you're female MC, visit the brothel looking for a guy, and you have a chance to increase one of your sex stats.  

If you can, clean the large 2nd floor room and plant a kitchen in there as soon as possible, $2300 total.  If you've hit $8500 before the first loan payment you're safe to do so.  It's the only stable source of reputation in the game; every fourth day you work in there, you get $150 and +2 reputation.  Every 10 or so reputation raises the max customers for each worker by 2, up to a total of 20 customers for 100 reputation.  While this doesn't affect workers who whore (I've never seen one service more than 6 customers in an evening), it helps bring the baths income up a bit (Most I've seen for baths is ~12-13 customers), and is crucial in bringing the Public Use feature up to speed.

Whoring income, heavily based on sex stats, somewhat on cleanliness.  Baths income, somewhat based on reputation, somewhat on cleanliess.  Public Use income, heavily based on reputation, somewhat on cleanliness.

Avoid the temptation to pick up Alison early on in the game, or pursuing any other blue option other than Onsen -> Work.  If you really, really need an extra worker, pursue Hathawa's questline rather than Alison's.  There are several pros and cons to each:

Alison Pro: Once you've hired her, she's a free worker.  No additional monthly payment.

Alison Con:  Her questline is a nightmare.  You lose ~30 points worth of cleanliness in addition to the nights you spend looking for her, at least -2 points of reputation when she shows up during work hours (and more if you don't quickly assign people away from the Baths), her questline costs $400+$500 to advance, and in the meantime she completely shuts down Baths as a source of income, unless you're willing to trade -2 reputation for $70.  The fastest between having her show up during work hours and getting her to a new body takes ~12 days.

Hathawa Pro: Her questline isn't as tedious as Alison's, and there's no repercussions for putting it on hold.  The University -> Study events happen in the morning so there's no time conflict when initiating her hire sequence.  She doesn't require an almost $1k to move along her hire sequence while you're halfway in and suffering from no bath income.

Hathawa Cons: You'll be spending ~$50 six or seven times scrolling through University -> Study events to bait her out.  Granted, since you're raising your int stat at the same time, you can decide whether or not it's a loss.  Her midgame sequences happen during work hours, she visits and can shut down your end of onsen revenue.  You can still choose to work over inviting her as a guest, though.  Her lategame hire sequence moves into the evening so it doesn't conflict as badly as her events did in the afternoon, but it's still a conflict.  Once she's hired, she presents another monthly payment of $1400.

All in all though, your focus in the first few months is to stabilize your business and maximize your income.  Learn what makes your the most money, and learn what affects it so you can make more.  While that means neglecting blue options in the beginning of the game, you don't want to captain yet another sinking ship.

BlueWinds on

Aw sweet, I have a strategy guide! :D

One very minor correction - reputation does indeed make a difference with whoring. Basically, a worker chooses whichever customers will pay best. So more customers -> more chances to get one that pays well. It's not a huge effect, but it is there. :)