Release 1.02

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 00:55 -- BlueWinds
Female player, female character
11% (71 votes)
Female player, male character
3% (23 votes)
Male player, female character
47% (317 votes)
Male player, male character
37% (251 votes)
Other (explain in comments)
2% (11 votes)
Total votes: 673

I'm sure many people tried out both genders, but just answer the one you consider "primary". The "other" section is mainly for people who don't identify with the gender binary.


This release is bugfix only. It contains many spelling and grammar corrections, as well as the ability to actually hire Katri. Thanks to everyone who reported issues - even one-letter nitpicks (correcting typos) are much appreciated.

Development Snapshot: 


Frankieo on

Nice to see that I am not the only dude who usually plays female characters in games, escpecially games with sexual content ^^

But for those games that do require the player to be a male, I tend to use my name, and  imagine that I myself am doing the stuff that the character is doing :P

Conrad (not verified) on

I take it it's never going to work in IE11?  Crappy deal.

BlueWinds on

Let me turn that around for you: it's a crappy deal that IE11 can't run modern websites, but I try not to let crap weigh me down.

Fly free, internet, fly free!

Frankieo on

Haha, kind of rude answer, but humorous one even so xD

And it's true, IE does suck, only reason i use it a few times, is cause it's sometimes better for playing internet radio than Opera ^^

BlueWinds on

The comment came across as a little demanding (it's hard to read tone on the internet, but I'm assuming that wasn't what was intended), so I responded with a bit of sass.

  • Alison: Proud of me, rubbing her hands, but wouldn't have moderated her temper.
  • Antinua: Wouldn't have responded at all.
  • Hathawa: Looking around nervously to make sure I didn't offend anyone.
  • Hilde: Looking to make sure no one is actually upset, waiting to sooth any ruffled feathers.
  • Katri: Laughing at the joke.
  • Wend: Ignoring us. Watching a pastry wistfully, but will deny she wants it if asked.
Conrad (not verified) on

Demanding?  I was just lamenting the fact that there's only one website on the internet I can't use.

Was definately not my intention to sound that way anyway.

Anyway, I'll just play it every so often when I feel like installing and uninstalling another browser then.  (And yes, this is the first IE that's decent in so long I don't remember the last time.)

BlueWinds on

To be fair, IE 11 is much better than previous versions - it still takes some effort to make sites work, but not nearly as much.

Mainly, you should be worried about security. "Better" is still not "good." Every day you browse the net with IE is another day you spend increasing the probability that your computer belongs to a botnet.

Conrad (not verified) on

Alas I never meant to start a discussion/argument/whatever happens on the internet these days when you open your mouth it was more a sigh and 'oh well' type post.

While I very much disagree it's not a topic I'm particularly invested in.  Thanks for the game. :)

Malpha on

I play pretty much almost exclusively female characters, even though I'm a guy. It's just something I'm much more comfortable with. I have to really like the character to ever choose a male character. The only exception to the rule is mmo's, and only if people have issues determining my gender. People mistake me for female pretty often, online.

Frankieo on

Aaaw, your so cute! ^^You write and act like a girl on MMO's ^^

Just pulling your leg, tho even if I alway play female characters on MMO's, and I've never been mistaken for being a girl myself xD

Meridon (not verified) on

Trans woman, female character.

blackring57 on

BlueWinds, 1.01 is still the version playable on the site, dispite the fact that it has the hire Katri bug.

When will you put 1.02 on the site?

akuji on

There is a bug when accessing the cave under some circunstances.

terumokou on

Game goes nowhere after saving after orgy scene

AColonyOfAnts on


After a minute's trusting thrusting, you pull out and kneel down, working Wend and Alison simultaneously with your fingers.

It occured to me I never edited any of the final release bits.  I should probably get on that.  Also is there no dialogue between you and Katri?  It's been months since she's been hired and I've never the opportunity to check her stats.

BlueWinds on

Interesting that no one ever commented that there was no option to talk with Hilde.

Despite several months of silence on the subject, I intend to do another bugfix release on sometime soon. It well contain both this typo fix and a couple of talks with both Katri and Hilde.